10 Best Places to Travel with Baby as New Grandparents

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The best places to travel with baby If you’re new grandparents might just surprise you. A baby can be happy anywhere, provided you meet their basic needs. But your time together can be extra special if you take them with you on a trip. In fact, “skip-gen” vacations  are on the rise. Keep reading to discover the best places for traveling with your grandchild, and why. You’ll also find helpful planning tips so you can rest assured your vacation will go smoothly.

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What is a Skip Gen Vacation? 

A Skip Gen vacation is short for “skip generation” vacation.  It simply means a grandparent(s) takes their grandchild on vacation without the child’s parents. 

Benefits of Traveling with Grandchildren

This type of travel presents a great opportunity for you to get some special alone time with the grandkids. You can start these trips when your new grandchild is an infant or toddler, and make it a family tradition with lasting memories. 

It allows you to share your experiences and interests–and the world–with them.

At this stage in life, you may have the means to travel in a way that was not possible when your own children were young. Your trip is a special kind of gift that only you can give.

An added advantage is that it also gives the parents some time to themselves for a couples staycation, or alone time with their other children. 

Alternatively, you can plan a multi-generational vacation that includes everyone. Click here to read tips on how to plan a family vacation everyone will enjoy.

Having some bonding time with your grandkids is very important and there’s no better way for it than to have a vacation together. Whether you decide to go with their parents as well or just with your grandkids, here are the best destinations you can visit with the family’s youngest generation.

Best Places to Travel with Baby

1. Maui, Hawaii

beautiful holiday destination

If your grandkids are more outdoorsy, going to Hawaii will be extremely fun to them.

Maui’s lovely beaches and resorts cater both to the younger and older generations so everyone will have something to entertain everyone.

TIP: Look for an all-inclusive resort so meal planning is easier. That’s one less thing to have to plan!

2. Monterey, California

stunning beach scene

Kids love animals!

If you’d like to be a part of your child’s first encounter with a dolphin and other sea creatures, Monterey is a place for you. You’ll find plenty of harbor cruises on Monterey Bay where you can see whales, dolphins, sea lions, and more.

You can also visit the Monterey Aquarium – a perfect place for strolling with your grandchild.

Another great thing about Monterey which may interest grandparents are the beautiful wineries. Imagine relaxing on a shaded picnic blanket in the vineyard with some wine, cheese, and baby.

TIP: Some wineries offer babysitting services so your grandkids will be looked after while you unwind.

3. Orlando, Florida

Disneyland in Florida

Orlando is one of the best cities in Florida for family trips.

Apart from Disney World and Universal Studios parks there are dozens more to choose from.

Amusement parks are designed to be fun and convenient for the whole family. That’s why if you’re worried about feeding your child in the busy park, don’t panic because most of them have safe areas designated solely for that. Whether you’d bring bottles of breastmilk with you or feed them milk formula like Enfagrow stage 3, there’s no need to fret. 

TIP: You don’t need to pack the stroller when you visit Disney Word. You can rent one there – even a double stroller, if you have more than one tot with you.

4. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Colorful cottages on Martha's Vineyard

When you travel with your grandkids, it’s important to have every moment captured.

In Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod you wouldn’t have to worry about that since there are photographers which offer photos as souvenirs. The scenery of this picturesque destination is wonderful and the food is exquisite too.

TIP: You’ll find plenty of family-friendly hotels in Martha’s Vineyard. But if you can swing it, opt for a cottage with a fenced yard. That way, you can enjoy a relaxing day at “home” with your grandchild when you need a break from exploring.

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5. Grand Canyon

Woman with child in backpack

Every national park is an excellent idea for the youngsters because they have so many opportunities to learn.

However, Grand Canyon may be the best option because of their educational Junior Ranger program which will teach your grandkids about natural sciences and history. Even if your grandchild is just a baby, you might learn something for yourself!

If you opt for a national park, don’t forget to pack your comfortable walking or hiking shoes, though!

TIP: Don’t forget to bring a comfortable baby backpack so your hands are free for taking travel photos of this amazing destination.

6.Disney Cruise

cruise ship deck at sunset

If you’d like to have a Disney experience but you’re not too keen on theme parks, you should consider booking a Disney cruise.

Cruising is one of the most popular vacation ideas for seniors while the Disney component will make it thrilling for the youngsters.

It’s also very important to encourage the kids to make friends if they are old enough, and the cruise is a perfect place for that!

More importantly, Disney cruise makes traveling with a baby easy. On request, they’ll provide you with complimentary diaper disposal units, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, cribs and playpens.

TIP: Most cruise ships require babies to be 6-months or older by cruise day, so double-check the calendar when you plan your trip.

7. Kiawah Island, South Carolina

grandfather holding smiling grandchild

Camping is one of the best ways to bond with your grandkids, whether camping in a cabin or if you’re thinking of purchasing an RV.

Kiawah Island is a great place to camp. This resort community near Charleston, South Carolina offers the best of both worlds: a natural habitat of woodlands and beach, and world-class golfing and shopping centers.

To spice up your camping experience, you can go kayaking or indulge in a few holes of golf.

TIP: If you’ll be kayaking, inquire about the availability of an infant life jacket, or order an infant life jacket before your trip.

8. European River Cruise

river cruise boat aglow

If you’d like to treat yourself and your grandkids with a trip to Europe, one way to get the most out of going overseas is to book a river cruise.

This way you can visit multiple countries and get acquaintance with many different cultures. The best thing? The ship travels to the next city overnight while you’re sleeping.

These cruises also offer a lot of kid-centered programs ensuring your grandkids will enjoy the voyage.

TIP: Some river cruises provide that each child age 2 to 15 sails free with an adult!

9. Rocking Horse Ranch, New York

woman with two children feeding horse

Kids adore horses and will be thrilled to have a vacation at a horse ranch.

Rocking Horse Ranch is an all-inclusive, 500-acre ranch located in Highland New York, a hamlet on the Hudson River.

Apart from horseback riding at Rocking Horse Ranch, you can visit the zoo, and have a bandwagon ride. Plus, there are several state parks less than 5 miles from the ranch.

When you’re ready to come in from the outdoors, you and the little one can enjoy some splashing-time in the indoor water park.

Or, seek out the ranch’s Tykes Counselors, who will supervise children from newborn to age 5 for a low hourly rate. The counselor to child ratio is 1:3, so you can be sure your grandchild will be in good hands if you need a quick break.

TIP: Look forward to relaxing with a complimentary glass of wine after a full day on the ranch!

10. China

woman showing infant cherry blossoms

If you’d like to experience something completely different to the western culture, book yourself and your family a trip to China.

The kids will be amazed with the pandas, the bright colors of traditional architecture, and the cherry blossoms. And you’ll get to appreciate China’s tea culture and so many other wonderful things that this country has to offer.

TIP: You will need to get your grandchild a Visa, even if he or she is an infant. The good news is, it’s valid for 10 years!

Final Thoughts on Best Places to Travel with Baby as New Grandparents

Children grow up so fast and life is short.

That’s all the more reason to plan a special trip together.

If you were uncertain about the best places to travel with your grandchildren, now you have 10 great ideas for a multi-gen or skip-gen vacation. With a little planning, it’s sure to become a favorite past-time everyone remembers and looks forward doing again.

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