How To Have A Safe Summer In Chicago This Year

Summer in chicago

Summer in Chicago is a season like no other. From its beautiful beaches and iconic skyline to its bustling outdoor markets and festivals, there’s no shortage of things to do in the Windy City during the warmer months.

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, Chicago comes alive with a vibrancy that’s all its own.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor this year or a seasoned local, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the city during the summer season.

Read more below about the essential tips before you pack your bag for a Chicago trip this summer.

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Best Vacations for Foodies in the US: Visit These 8 Tasty States!

best vacations for foodies | Enjoy Travel Life

Some of the most drool-worthy vacations for foodies are right here in the United States.

But which states top the list for food-lovers?

You might guess a few of the contenders, but other US foodie destinations on this list might truly surprise you!

To find out which are the best states for foodies, continue reading.

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Best U.S. Road Trips: From Chicago to California (LA) on Route 66

chicago to california road trip | Enjoy Travel Life

If you’re thinking of a Chicago to California road trip, the most iconic experience will be to travel on route 66. This is one of the best US road trips and perhaps the best road trip from Chicago.

It’s southern route goes through eight states with many must-see attractions along the way. Find out what you should know to begin planning your trip from Chicago to LA, below.  

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Travel Tips for Chicago: 9 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Chicago

Travel tips for Chicago | Enjoy Travel Life

These travel tips for Chicago will serve you well, whether you’re planning a trip to Chicago for the first or the twenty-first time. Make the most of your visit to Chicago by learning all that this amazing city on the southeastern tip of Lake Michigan offers. Start with these 9 useful tips you should know before you visit, below. 

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Top Sailing Vacations for Couples | 3 Romantic Sea Adventures for Empty-Nesters

Sailing Vacations for Couples | Enjoy Travel Life

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking sailing vacations for couples, there’s no better time than when you become an “empty-nester.” Now that the kids have grown and you have a little extra money in your pocket, it’s a perfect opportunity for an adventure.

It’s also time to rekindle your relationship. 

When you’re surrounded by the beauty of the sea, caressed by gentle breezes, and aboard a luxury sailboat, it’s hard not to be charmed. Below, you’ll discover three sailing experiences to take as a couple, from a short day sail to a more immersive trip. Not only will you have the carefree time of your life, but you just might fall in love all over again.

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Planning A Trip to Chicago in Summer: 8 Must-See Attractions & Travel Tips

planning a trip to chicago skyline | Enjoy Travel Life

Planning a trip to Chicago in summer is a great adventure, especially when you know what the must-see attractions are. You can book a stay in a Chicago hotel, ranch, house, or condo to take advantage of the beautiful sunny season. Simply follow these travel tips and you will thoroughly enjoy visiting the “Windy City.”

planning a trip to chicago skyline | Enjoy Travel Life

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