Gift Guide: Best Gifts for College Boys

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I’ve found that boys (at least mine!) can be a little different from girls when they are away at college for the first time. That’s why, shopping for gifts for college girls and choosing gifts for college boys are two entirely separate things. 

Read on to discover which of these great gifts for college boys is right for your son.

College student looks at a book in campus library overlooking the city
College boys are rapidly transitioning into strong, motivated, and inspired young men.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will discover 19 best gifts for college boys including:

Here are the Best Gifts for College Boys

In my experience, college boys are rapidly transitioning into strong, motivated, and inspired young men. They are vibrant Individuals who sometimes appear to be infinitely more confident than they really are. 

If you dig a little deeper, you might find a sometimes scared, little boy who is looking for a bit of guidance and encouragement from family and friends. Or, you might see a young man who feels alone at times and yearns for a bit of the safety and comfort he once felt at home. 

So, make your son’s transition into college–and eventual adulthood–easier with this list of the best gifts for college boys. It’s filled with a wide array of fun and engaging items you’re your son will actually want. These are gifts that will also help him learn important life skills like how to:

  • Cook a healthy dinner
  • Entertain himself
  • Take care of himself
  • Stay focused, and more. 

He’ll Learn to Cook for Himself

One thing most parents worry about when they send their son off to school is whether or not he’s eating right. It’s true that college students are known for drinking copious amounts of beer and inhaling extra-large, double cheese pizzas every night of the week.

How can you blame him when he finds bland, drab food in the college cafeteria? Even the “best” college cafeterias leave something to be desired.

So, give your college-aged son the gift of food by sending him one of the best gifts for college boys. Whether you send him a bountiful care package full of goodies or a ready-made meal kit he can prepare for himself, he’ll definitely find something he’ll genuinely love eating. And who knows, he might even become a culinary aficionado in the process. 

1. CollegeBox Care Box

The College Box Care Box, filled with delicious snacks from Amazon.
The CollegeBox Care Box, filled with delicious snacks from Amazon.

When you’re alone at college for the first time, homesickness can be a very real thing.

To help your college-aged son feel surrounded by the warmth, love, and comfort he had at home, send him a CollegeBox Care Box.

Starting at $23.45 per box, this care package is the perfect way to show your son just how much you care, even if you can’t physically be there. It is also brimming over with 45 different high-quality, brand name snacks that even the pickiest of eaters is sure to love.

He’ll find snacks that include things like Oreos, Fun Dip, Rice Krispies Treats,  Airheads, Goldfish, and more. It may not be the healthiest option, but it’s filled with pure comfort.

So, order this amazing college care box today and give your son just one of many amazing gifts for college boys 

2. Hello Fresh

The Hello Fresh interface.
The Hello Fresh interface where you can choose your meal plan.

With exams, late night parties, and extra-curricular activities, the last thing any college student wants to worry about is cooking. However, continually enduring the drab meals that are on offer at the campus cafeteria can get a little tiresome.

And dining out? Well, that isn’t particularly feasible with the limited budget that most college kids are forced to live on.

Which is why Hello Fresh really is one of the best gifts for college boys. With this popular, meal kit delivery service, you son can quickly and effortlessly prepare delicious, home-cooked meals in as little as twenty minutes. This is good food!

Dishes start at just $7.95 each (depending on the plan you choose) and are made of healthy, high-quality ingredients you can feel good about sending him.

If you choose your preferred plan today, your son will discover that in each meal kit he receives includes step-by-step recipe guides with clear nutritional information, a wealth of delicious farm fresh ingredients, and compact kits that will fit perfectly into a small fridges.

This way, your son can enhance his cooking skills in a fun and engaging way, as he perfects incredible dishes like BBQ Cheddar Pork Burgers, Honey Drizzled Paprika Chicken, and more!

Get Hello Fresh and you’ll know he’s well-nourished!

He’ll Learn to Entertain Himself

Regardless of who your son is or where he is from, one thing that perpetually unites college kids all across the nation is the fact that they are perpetually looking for something fun to do. So, if this seems like a problem that your child might face, here are some of the best gifts for college boys that will help keep him entertained. Check out these amazing items like headphones, turntables, and darts that will transform his dorm room into a veritable oasis of fun. 

3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose Quiet Comfort, Noise Cancelling Headphones in black.
Bose Quiet Comfort, Noise Cancelling Headphones in black.

Anyone who knows and loves music is familiar with Bose’s reputation for impeccable sound quality. That is also why these Bose noise-canceling headphones are a pricey — but well worth it! These enviable headphones offer style, world-class sound, and an ability to protect the listener from surrounding, ambient noise. (College roommates are noisy!)

Other fantastic features of these premium headphones include:

  • Alexa-enabled access to music
  • Noise rejecting dual microphone system for enhanced sound
  • Valanced audio performance at any volume
  • Easy pairing with Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in compatibility with iPhones, iPads, and android devices.  

These Bose headphones on Amazon are an awesome gift for your college son, who will be super-excited to have these!

4. Turntable and Speakers

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X Gunmetal Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable with Studio Monitor and Care System Package Bundle.
Audio-Technica AT-LP60X Gunmetal Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable with Studio Monitor and Care System Package Bundle.

Turntables and vinyl records have made a comeback. In fact, a turntable and a high-quality set of speakers is one of the best gifts for college boys, especially if they appreciate music. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, check out this amazing turntable and speaker set from Audio Technica. They are a trusted name in the hi-fi industry.

Optionally priced with affordable payment plans (for six months available), this fantastic bundle includes:

  • A fully automatic belt-drive stereo turntable
  • A Presonus 2-way near field studio monitor
  • A vinyl record care system package. 

…All of which can easily be used to keep the party going all night long. It’s a pretty reasonable price for what it offers.

So, purchase this package today and enjoy the sleek modern design of this turntable.

It pairs perfectly with the exquisite, classic sounds of a vintage, vinyl record player. Plus, it will be fun for your son to scout out some old (or new!) vinyl in the vintage shops.

But perhaps the best news is it ships quickly from Amazon.

5. Echo Dot

The Echo Dot 3rd generation.
The Echo Dot 3rd generation.

There are a lot of uncertainties in life. But, I think the one thing that most parents can be fairly certain of is that their children will always be asking them questions. So, when you can’t be there to answer all of life’s most pressing questions (like how hot it is outside or where to find some clean socks), just give them the new and improved, Echo Dot.

Affordably priced, the Echo Dot smart speaker’s LED powered light display shows the time and temperature.

It’s also small enough to fit on a nightstand.

Plus, it includes the Alexa feature, so “she” will happily answer all of your son’s most pressing questions. You can also use a built-in voice control feature to stream live music through the Echo Dot’s high-quality, stereo sound speaker.

So, instead of saying “Hey, Mom?” he can start saying “Hey, Alexa!”

Simply get him the on-demand answers he needs here.

6. Darts

LinkVisions Dartboard with Staple-Free Bullseye.

LinkVisions Dartboard with Staple-Free Bullseye.

I don’t know about you, but I have fond memories of hanging out in a local dive bar and playing darts. (Yes, I was young once.)

So, why not bring some late-night fun into your son’s dorm room with this amazing set of darts and dart board?

Starting at just $49.95, this LinkVisions Dart Set features:

  • A staple-free mounting board kit (so he won’t ruin the walls putting this thing up)
  • An easy to read bullseye
  • 12 steel tip darts with durable elastic handles
  • A target with official tournament size measurements
  • A removable number ring for better board rotation

This gift is also a great stress reliever for an over-stressed college son!

Lighten up a bit with this fun Dart Set: who’s turn is it, anyway?

He’ll Learn How to Take Care of and Take Pride in Himself

Self-care is a concept that many adults struggle with. Likewise, many men in college have a difficult time listening to their body and giving it exactly what it needs to function properly.

This selection of gifts for college boys will help your son learn how to take better care of himself and develop pride in his appearance. These gifts are not only practical, but he’ll be incredibly enthusiastic about receiving. 

7. Sports Flask Water Bottle

The Iron Flask sports water bottle in black.
The Iron Flask sports water bottle in black.

This Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle is perfect for anyone who wants to stay hydrated while on the go, especially if your son is headed to the gym. Retailing for $24.95 each, this high-quality, exceptionally durable, vacuum double wall insulated, stainless steel water bottle comes with three distinct lids.

It is also available in six different sizes (bottles range in size between 14 ounces and 64 ounces) and eighteen different colors.

Each of these premium water bottles also features an incredibly functional, sleek design that is:

  • BPA-free
  • Includes a slip-free powder coating
  • Made of sustainable metal
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Simply hand wash in warm water and it’s ready to refill.

And rest assured, he’ll stay hydrated and quenched when he has this excellent water bottle.

8. The NutriBullet (Blender)

The Nutribullet blender.
The NutriBullet Blender

Finding time to eat well can be incredibly difficult when you’re in a dorm room.

Your son is constantly rushing to class, and may only use a mini-fridge and small microwave to prepare meals. This is why a NutriBullet blender really is one of the best gifts for college boys.

This high-powered, stainless steel, individually sized blender is a great gift. And, it comes with a handy container that students can quickly affix to and take with them on the go.

This way, students can almost instantly create a delicious and healthy fruit or vegetable smoothie–and you can actually feel good about them eating.

Other fantastic features include:

  • A powerful 500-watt motor
  • Refined nutrient extraction blades
  • BPA-free plastic cups
  • An easy twist off cup that can be placed in the dishwasher

You didn’t hear it here, but the NutriBullet blender may or may not come in handy to blend up a quick single-serving frozen drink, too.

9. At Home Workout Kit

Whatafit Resistance Bands 16 piece set with door anchor.
WhatAFit Resistance Bands 16 piece set with door anchor.

As we all know, the dreaded “freshman fifteen” is a fairly universal problem that affects many college students who eat a bit too much pizza and who play a few too many video games.

So, to help your child get back in shape and feel his best, give him the WhatAFit at-home workout kit.

Starting at under $40, this package includes:

  • A series of eleven exercise bands
  • Door anchors
  • Handles
  • Leg/ankle straps

All of these can be used to create a high resistance, low impact workout that is perfect for confined spaces.

This way, your son can instantly transform his dorm room into an at-home gym.

And once his daily workout is complete, all of his new equipment can be conveniently stored inside the waterproof carry bag that is included with the product.  

10. A Fossil Wrist Watch

Fossil Men's Grant Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch
Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and purchase something that your son will absolutely adore, like this quartz, stainless steel, chronograph, Fossil men’s watch. It’s a true statement piece that starts at just $79.99. It is also meticulously crafted by one of the premier manufacturers of timepieces in the world, Fossil.

Fossil is a name that you can trust since this beautiful time piece features:

  • Quartz movement with an analog display
  • A round stainless steel case with a red sun-ray dial with roman numeral indices
  • A durable stainless-steel wristband with a secure fold-over clasp closure.

Thankfully though, this watch is almost as varied as the men who attend college, which is why it is available in fourteen distinct designs, all of which are water resistant up to 165 feet (or 50 meters and not suitable for diving).

Your son will feel like a million bucks wearing this wrist watch!

He’ll Learn Things Guys “Should” Know

At the end of the day, all any parent really wants is for their son to be a responsible, healthy, happy, and productive member of society. Someone who can stand on their own two feet and who can actually take care of themselves when emergencies arise. 

So, to help them achieve independence and become the man they’ve always wanted to be (even if they don’t know it yet), here are some fantastic gifts for college boys that both you and your son will love. 

12. Roadside Emergency, First Aid Kit

First Secure Emergency Roadside Kit.
First Secure Emergency Roadside Kit

As many parents know all too well, life happens when you least expect it. So, to help your son be prepared for life’s little inconveniences, like a dead car battery or a flat tire, here is the perfect roadside emergency first aid kit.

Unlike many safety kits out there, this well-stocked package of gear is brimming over with a selection of premium, durable, extra-strong tools like:

  • Jumper cables
  • A 7-piece tire repair kit
  • A tow rope
  • A window breaker
  • A portable air compressor
  • 46 piece first aid kit, and more.

So, help your son prepare for the worst and give yourself a little piece of mind with this toolkit – the only roadside assistance gear he will ever need, and all for just $49.95 each. 

13. Manual to Manhood

The cover of the Manual to Manhood book.
The cover of the Manual to Manhood book

Available for $13.29 each and in multiple formats (including audiobook, paperback, and Kindle versions), this tongue-and-cheek book is fun to read and filled with plenty of actionable, easy-to-understand tips that will help your son survive as an adult.

Written by Jonathan Catherman, Manual to Manhood is a book designed to help your son figure out how to do things like:

  • Cook the perfect steak
  • Change a tire
  • Impress a girl
  • and ninety-seven other essential life skills

It’s fun for anyone to skim, but in truth, it’s important knowledge that he’ll need as he grows into manhood and becomes his own person. 

This book will help guide him.

He’ll Learn How to Stay Focused

When you’re away from home for the first time and are continually bombarded by a wealth of exciting things to do, both on and off campus, it can be a real challenge to stay on task and keep focused. And, you know, do mundane things like homework and attending classes.

That’s why your son might need some of these “best gifts for college boys” to help him stay on track when it comes to his studies. This selection of handy organizational tools will keep his daily schedule well-organized and his life moving forward like a well-oiled machine (or at least that’s what all parents like to think). 

14. White Board

Arteza Framed Magnetic Cork Whiteboard Set.

Arteza Framed Magnetic Cork Whiteboard Set.

Many college students find it challenging to stay organized and keep on top of daily appointments, especially with so many different activities happening on college campuses today.

So, to help them stay on track.

You can give them one of the best white boards for students on the market today.

This Arteza Framed Magnetic Cork Whiteboard Set is just 12 by 14 inches in size and can easily fit inside the cramped quarters of any college dorm room. Priced at $37.99, this fantastic set also includes:

  • A dry erase board
  • A cork board
  • Dry erase markers
  • Magnetic erasers
  • Push pins
  • Board magnets

This way, students can quickly visualize their schedule and see exactly what they need to do next.

Bonus: This board also has two versatile hanging options that will prevent any potential damage to dorm room walls. 

15. SD Card(s)

The SanDisk 256GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I Memory Card
The SanDisk 256GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I Memory Card

Sure, it may not be the most stylish gift for college boys on this list, but a good SD Memory Card makes a great stocking stuffer.

And an SD card is an incredibly practical gift that is particularly useful when it includes an adapter and 256 MB of storage.

I mean, what’s worse than pulling an all nighter to complete on a project? Losing it. 

That’s why you should give your son this SD Card to your son today.

This way, he can seamlessly integrate it with a whole suite of electronic devices, including iPhones, Androids, Macs, tablets, drones, computers, cameras, etc. and keep his important stuff backed up.

He’ll Learn to Love Comfort & Cozy Things

Regardless of what your college student says, he probably misses home–even if he won’t admit it. Give him something cozy that feels a little bit like home; an item that shows him just how much they are missed and loved by their entire family.

So, here is a selection of gifts for college boys that will demonstrate just how much you care. These expertly curated list of items infuse love, warmth, comfort, and safety into your college student’s sometimes chaotic, college life. 

16. Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker in Black
The Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker in Black

If there’s one thing that most people can’t live without, it’s coffee.

So, give your son the gift of a high-octane, well-caffeinated morning with this amazing cold brew coffee maker from Takeya. It retails for just $21.95. Here are some of its great features:

  • Brews up to a full quart of coffee at a time (there’s also a two-quart option available as well)
  • Made of durable BPA-free plastic
  • Has a silicone, non-slip handle.

The great thing about cold brew coffee, which is a New Orleans delicacy recently made popular by Starbucks, is it stays fresh for 24 to 48 hours in the fridge.

He’ll have the comfort of knowing a great cup of cold-brew is waiting for him whenever he wants it–without paying cafe prices.

This cold brew coffee maker also comes with a fine-mesh coffee filter and can withstand high temperatures, just in case your son wants to make a nice hot cup of coffee

17. Carhartt Wool Socks

Carhart wool socks. 1 1 | Enjoy Travel Life
Carhartt wool sockss

Known for their high-quality, extra-tough outerwear, Carhartt wool blend socks are the perfect gift for anyone who needs a durable pair of socks to get them through a long winter’s night. 

Available in six different designs, each package of four Carhartt socks costs just about $15. They are machine wash friendly, made of an insular poly-wool blend, features fast dry technology to wick away excess moisture (and odor), and is cushioned for extra comfort. 

These Carhartt wool blend socks will keep your college son’s feet warm, dry, and super comfortable wherever he roams on campus.

Then, you can be assured his feet are comfortable and warm with these socks.

18. Herschel Duffle

The Herschel men's duffel bag in black.
The Herschel men’s duffel bag in black.

If your son wants to come home for the weekend or visit a friend, he’ll need an amazing Herschel Duffle bag to carry all of his essentials for any upcoming trips.

A strong and durable bag, Herschel brand products retail for around $69.95 each and feature reinforced carrying handles, removable padded shoulder straps, and a two-way waterproof zipper – making this the ideal travel companion.

These high-quality, Canadian duffle bags will also help your son stay organized with additional features like:

  • A signature shoe compartment
  • A custom fabric liner
  • An internal storage sleeve

Plus, you can trust the Herschel name since they have been producing top-notch, durable, detailed oriented, exquisitely designed bags since 2009.

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for College Boys 

In spite of what many people may tell you, shopping for your college-aged son really doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Just use this list of gifts for college boys to guide you and you’ll quickly find something that your son will love. Because regardless of what your son’s interests are, there’s an ideal gift for him on this extensive list.

So, whether you’re doing a bit of holiday shopping or want to make his birthday extra special, you can use this expertly curated selection of gifts to make the perfect purchase for your son, every single time. 

And if you have any other ideas about some of the best gifts for college boys, please let me know in the comments below because I always love to hear from my readers. Which gift or gifts are perfect for your son?

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