Moving to Athens Greece: 5 Important Tips You Must Not Overlook

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If you’ve ever vacationed in Athens, you’ve been tempted to stay. After all, moving to Athens Greece is not all that far-fetched. It’s a tourist-safe city, blessed by good weather, delicious food and culture, and a ferry from the gorgeous Greek islands. Plus, if you do relocate to Greece, you’ll be rewarded by an affordable cost of living and an amazing quality of life! 

But before take the plunge, you’ll want to consider these important tips, below. That way, your move to Athens is more likely to be a piece of Greek honey cake.

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CONTENTS: In this article you will learn the most important tips to consider when moving to Athens, Greece, including:

5 Tips for Moving to Athens

Moving to another city – let alone another country – is something that none of us will ever forget. Whether you were inspired to move so you could be close to a certain college, accept a job change, or it’s a life-long dream to live abroad, starting over in a new country remains a complicated process. If you have never moved to another city in your life, you know the decision to do so is challenging. But there are so many choices of cities and countries out there that can make your life better.

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Definitely one of these options is Athens, the capital of Greece, with its enchanting beauty, excellent climate, and the numerous exciting activities to do

As wonderful as the idea of ​​moving to this remarkable city may seem, you need to know a few things before you take this vital step in your life. Below we present some factors that will help you take the action you need.

1. Carefully Choose Your Health Insurance 

Choosing Healthcare in Greece | Enjoy Travel Life

An essential part during your move to Athens and in Greece, in general, is the provision of private health insurance

Of course, there is always public health insurance. But what you will notice during your stay in Greece is that the country’s national health system is not the best possible. 

Especially in a time like the one we live in now, you need to pay close attention to the health system you choose in order to receive the best possible care in the event of an illness.

2. Learn the Language

Learning Greek Language | Enjoy Travel Life

When you move from another country to the city of Athens, you will definitely be concerned with the problem of communication, especially of learning a new language

Greek as a language can be considered difficult, but with a bit of practice and attention, you can learn some expressions that will facilitate your various interactions. 

The local Greeks will appreciate your effort and try to effectively convey the message you want to communicate.

3. Explore Your Transportation Options

Public Transport Greece | Enjoy Travel Life

As Athens becomes your new home, you need to know the ways in which you will move through this big city. 

You’ll find there is public transportation, but it will definitely take you a while to learn the distances and the various means you can use. Public transportation in Athens includes:

  • Buses
  • Trams
  • Trolleys

Using these means is the most popular and safest option, but you can also drive your own car. That said, bear in mind that Greeks drive recklessly and that parking spaces, especially in the city center are minimal to none.

4. Select From The Best Neighborhood in Athens

Living in Greece | Enjoy Travel Life

Athens rich history reaches back more than 3,400 years. The municipality of Athens is about 15 square miles (39 km2), with greater Athens spanning 159 square miles (412 km2). It also has the largest passenger port in Europe, and the second largest in the world – Port Piraeus.

When you start looking for places to stay, you’ll discover there are so many wonderful neighborhoods in Athens, some better suited for expats in Athens. Our advice is to begin narrowing your search to find your new home, selecting from the best neighborhoods of Athens.

Top Neighborhoods in Athens Greece

Of course, only you can decide where is the best place to live in Athens Greece based on your interests and needs. But in our opinion, here are the top 12 Neighborhoods in Athens for Expats to start with, listed alphabetically. 

  1. Gazi – revived from industrial beginnings, art and concert spaces, fusion food, LGBT friendly, buzzing nightlife.
  2. Glyfada – excellent restaurants, shopping, part of the Athens Riviera, largest of Athens’ southern suburbs.
  3. Kifisia – one of the most expensive northern suburbs, home to rich Greek families and politicians, once a retreat for famous philosopher, lots of parks and green spaces.
  4. Kolonaki – fashion center, boutiques, book displays, and so many shoe stores! Close to the university district. 
  5. Monastiraki – near the Agora and Roman Forum, daily flea markets, streets lined with cafes and shops.
  6. Plaka – below the Acropolis, heavy tourism, narrow medieval streets, plenty of restaurants, charming vibe.
  7. Psirri –  part of the commercial district, trendy and chic, great nightlife, music, small plates, galleries.
  8. Psychiko – strictly residential, northeast of the city center, formerly the home of aristocrats and Greek officials, one of the wealthiest suburbs of Athens.
  9. Syntagma – government center, neoclassic architecture, traditional soldiers and occasional bands on Sundays, public gardens.
  10. Thissio – restored neoclassic architecture, views of the Acropolis, great city hangout, surrounded by hills and historical sites.
  11. Voula – southern suburb on the Saronic Gulf Coast at the foot of a mountain, home to the largest hospital in Athens.
  12. Vouliagmenis – seaside suburb with many prestigious hotels and beaches, expensive real estate, marinas and clubs, award winning for environmental excellence.

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5. Get a Legal Advisor

Greek Legal Services | Enjoy Travel Life

When you settle in Athens, it would make good sense to contact a legal advisor who will guide you through all the bureaucratic and legal procedures of your legal settlement in the country. This is especially important in immigration cases from a foreign country. 

A legal advisor will advise you on the steps you need to take to find your home and then to find a job. 

In this case, you can think of a lawyer who works more as a consultant than as a professional lawyer. 

Of course, in any other case of legal disputes and crises, a law firm in Athens can defend you effectively as they have been doing for many years for domestic affairs.

Final Thoughts on Moving to Athens Greece

Once you’ve addressed and researched each of these important points when planning your move to Athens, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy your new life in Athens Greece. Now, you can hire a reliable moving company like Three Movers, who can safely help you move your belongings to Greece on a shipping container.

Of course, you’ll have more detailed tasks and decisions to make. But you can rest assured, most of the heavy lifting has been done.

And if you’re not sure about making a permanent change, you can always just plan your next trip to Greece, instead.