Starting A New Life Abroad: 3 Great Countries to Pick

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When you’re starting a new life abroad, you can potentially live anywhere. But when there are so many amazing places in the world as options, how to you pick? Well, that’s what we hope to help with in this article.

We’ve chosen 3 great countries we think you’ll love so you can begin narrowing down your choices. Read on to find out why they are ideal destinations to begin a new chapter, for whatever reason you may have.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn about 3 great countries that are perfect for starting a new life abroad, including:

3 Magical Places You Can Move To for Your Next Chapter

If wanderlust is part of your DNA, chances are that it has only increased during lockdown.

Like many of us, you might be planning an extra-long overseas adventure once things finally settle down and you can travel safely internationally.

But have you ever thought of living abroad for a few months, a year, or even permanently?

Restrictions permitting, that dream might not be as out of reach as you think. You may even be able to teach English abroad to shore up your savings.

Read on to discover three magical places where you can volunteer, work, or simply soak up the sunshine and good vibes.

Your plans might be in the future at the moment, but it’s never too early to start planning your move abroad!

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Should You Move to South Africa?

Soaring Mountains, river, and coast in South Africa

If you’ve never been to the Rainbow Nation* before, you’re in for a real treat. 

South Africa is on the southern tip of the African continent and includes nine provinces from which to choose. Which one you choose to settle will depend on the type of experience you’d like to have.

For instance, if you love nature, wildlife attractions like the Kruger National Park are iconic. This preserve covers over 7,511 mi² ( 19,455 km²) and spans two of South Africa’s nine provinces.  

There, you can see:

  • Lions
  • Buffalo
  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • and more!

What’s even better is in this protective expanse, you’ll see the wildlife in their natural surroundings. 

If this adventurous environment sounds like a good fit for you, you might opt to rent a holiday home for the long-term right within one of the private reserves.

A more cost-effective option here would be to buy a house or apartment on The Umbabat or other game reserves.  

*Archbishop Desmond Tutu coined “Rainbow Nation” for post-apartheid South Africa after the country’s first full democratic election in 1994.

A Different Kind of Adventure

If you love the seaside, Durban is delightful.

The third largest of South Africa’s cities, Durban on the east coast of South Africa, overlooking the beautiful (and warmer) Indian ocean.

Relocating to Durban offers a different kind of adventure, with long beach strips on “Golden Mile,” cafes, theme parks, and beach slides. You’ll also want to explore Florida Road, a trendy thoroughfare just a mile from the beach. 

Cape Town is another excellent option you might like to call home.

The captivating Table Mountain, named for its unusual flat-top, is ever present over the city. Furthermore, Cape Town has a magical melting pot culture of unique tastes and sounds.

If you’re hoping to connect with others in Cape Town who have also relocated, you’ll find the most American expats living in the southern Cape Town suburbs. 

Working for a charity will help you get involved in the community and also allow you to stay longer term. One excellent source of information about visas is Le Roux Attorneys Inc. – they can share the lowdown on getting a volunteer visa for South Africa

Making A Move to Aruba

Reclining chairs by the water in Aruba

How does working on your laptop from a deckchair on a soft, sandy beach lapped by the turquoise Caribbean sea sound? 

Pretty good, right? 

Aruba really is a tropical paradise.

This Caribbean island is just 20 miles (32 km) long and 6 miles (10 km) across, You’ll find beautiful weather year round, a slower pace of life, and frankly, the beaches are hard to beat.

Still not sure if you want to move there permanently? Why not apply for a three month Aruba Workation visa

According to the official site, you can: 

  • ‘Live like a local’ for the duration on this picture-perfect paradise island
  • Enjoy excellent Wi-Fi
  • Take advantage of discounted accommodation rates
  • Even bring your cat or dog! 

The only problem with this type of working holiday is that you probably won’t want to return at all.

But to lessen the blow, you can island hop to another lovely location for a short break before heading home.

And if you do decide that living in Aruba is right up your alley, you can take additional steps to call it home. It’s all the easier if you’re over 55 years old.

Once you prove that you have a sufficient pension (so you won’t be a burden on Aruba’s economy), have a place to live, and no outstanding criminal history, you can apply to retire in Aruba.

You’ll just need to make a few adjustments to your budget.

While it’s relatively inexpensive to rent in Aruba but more expensive to purchase property. Food, utilities, and water will probably cost you more than you’re used to and some have specific allotments. 

Once you’re settled, you can enjoy relaxing at the beach or visiting the thriving restaurant, bar, and entertainment scene. 

That may just be a fair price to pay in order to live in Paradise.

Relocating to Portugal 

Coast of Portugal

Positioned perfectly between Spain, the rest of Europe, Africa and the Atlantic, Portugal punches above its weight in many ways.

To name a few reasons you should relocate to Portugal:

  • Portugal’s cuisine is mouth-watering – and relatively inexpensive, too!
  • Its architecture is incredible.
  • The beaches are blissful.
  • You’ll find incredible cities steeped in history and culture. 
  • It offers a fantastic wine country in the north
  • The people are so friendly!

Plus, did I mention that it’s a great romantic destination, if you want to rekindle your life together?

I’d say it’s hard to make a case against Portugal. 

From the Algarve to the Silver Coast and Lisbon to Braga (and everywhere in between), Portugal is a brilliant place to live and work.

And there’s a citizenship by property investment scheme that makes it perfectly possible. Find out more about the Portugal Golden Visa from experts like Property Lisbon. 

If you’re moving your business, you could also look into language translation services to make the transition easier.

You might wonder how to gauge the size of Portugal relative to the United States. 

While it’s somewhat similar in shape to California and follows the coastline, Portugal is about 4.4 times smaller than California, just 28% in comparison.

It’s even smaller than New York by about 75%.

The closest state to Portugal in terms of area is Indiana. 

It’s really not all that big, but its reputation as an amazing place to visit and live is larger than life.

Final Thoughts on Starting a New Life Abroad

So there you have it – a triad of terrific places you can move to post-Covid or any time you’re ready. 

Maybe this pandemic has made you see things from a completely different perspective. Perhaps you’ve reassessed your priorities and reckon it’s time for a move, whether temporary or permanent..

Or maybe you’ve been looking forward to empty-nesting for years and moving to one of these three countries marks the beginning of a new chapter.

Either way, you could do worse than choose from our travel hat trick. 

If you start planning now, you’ll have everything in place as the world opens up again! 

And if you’re serious about starting a new life abroad, click through to this article for what you need to know about starting over in a new country. Then, continue reading to learn to stage your home so it sells fast and you’re ready to begin anew.

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