5 Easy Steps to Plan A Road Trip Before Summer is Over!

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Road trips are great fun! Follow these 5 easy steps to plan a road trip to make your travel planning go smoothly. That way, you can fit in another road trip (or two!) to the coast before the summer is out.

Here’s how to do it, step-by-step.

Steps to Plan A Road Trip

CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn 5 steps to plan a road trip this summer, including:

  • Step-by-Step Road Trip Planning
  • How to Plan Your Route
  • Decide What Vehicle You’ll Take
  • Book Accommodations Ahead
  • Figure Out Your Dining Options
  • Be Prepared for Emergencies
  • Final Thoughts on Steps to Plan a Road Trip
  • Next Steps

How to Plan A Road Trip, Step-by-Step

If travel for you usually involves hopping on a plane and going overseas, why not consider something a little different? 

Road trips can be a great way to see new places and experience new things.

If you’re road tripping in the country that you live in it can give you a whole new appreciation for where you’re from. 

Compared with the cost of flights it can be a more inexpensive way to travel, but you can make this kind of trip fit any budget. 

So, what are the steps to plan a road trip? Here are the 5 simple steps to plan a road trip to guide you.

1. Plan Your Route

First things first, where will you go

Road tripping is very much about the journey rather than the end destination. Even so, you’ll of course want to have an idea in mind of where you’re travelling to. 

You can start with an idea of how far you’d like to go, or with a certain destination in mind.

Once you figure out your end point, make note of any points of interest along the way that you want to stop at. 

This could be things like natural scenic areas, beaches, or tourist attractions. 

Then, decide how many hours or miles you can safely cover in a day to break down your itinerary. One of the best things about taking a road trip in the summertime is it stays light late!

That gives you more opportunities to break up your day or drive later without it being dark.

2. Decide What Vehicle Will Get You There

Then next question you’ll want to figure out is what you’ll be driving.

Will you be driving your own car, geting a rental car, or renting an RV/ campervan? You could even ride a motorcycle if that’s your preference.

If you’re planning on driving your own car, is it up to the task? 

Sites like Edmunds have new and used vehicles available to browse if you’re considering an upgrade before you go. If you’ll be on the road for long periods, ideally you’ll want something spacious, comfortable and that has good fuel economy. 

Be sure to do some checks of your car before you head off.  Ensure the lights are working, top off any fluides, wash the windows to avoid night-glare, and make sure the tires are at the correct pressure. 

For a long trip, you may even want to give your car a quick tune-up before you go.

And make sure your car insurance and registration are all current.

3. Book Accommodations Along the Route

If you’re not staying in an RV and your trip will cover several days of travel, you’ll need to consider where you’ll be sleeping. 

This could be anything from pitching a tent at campsites, or booking luxury hotels depending on your budget. When possible, pick accommodations that will be a memorable part of the journey.

If budget isn’t a concern, don’t underestimate how refreshing an overnight in a 5-star hotel can be. That’s especially true when you’re spending long hours in a cramped car.

Work these stops into your plan so that you have time to stop and rest up.

That way, whoever is driving won’t get too tired. 

4. Figure Out What Kind of Food You’ll Want to Eat

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When you head out on a road trip, you want to make sure you stay nourished along the way.

You could fill up a cooler with food from the supermarket and other road trip snacks for a picnic, or plan to stop at fine restaurants along the route. 

If you’re not fussy, you could stop at rest stops, service stations, and welcome centers while you’re on the road.  

Whatever you choose, it’s something worth having in mind ahead of time. 

If you’re travelling through a place that’s well known for particular cuisine or its restaurants. then enjoying the food could be a great way to experience the place.

 Making stops along the way give you a break from the car, and a chance to stretch your legs and use the restroom.

5. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Finally, always be prepared for emergencies. 

From accidents and injuries to car breakdowns, make sure you have the right supplies, coverage, and insurance in place just in case anything happens while you’re away. 

Hopefully you’ll never need them.

But, you never know – so it’s something to think about when you’re planning any trip.

Final Thoughts on Simple Steps to Plan A Road Trip

More and more, people are taking road trips to explore destinations along the way. That’s because it’s really a great way to travel!

And with these simple steps to plan a road trip, you can easily squeeze in several before the summer is over. 

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