These 9 Unmissable Mexico Experiences Will Uplevel Your Vacation

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The best Mexico experiences include more than just sandy beaches and tequila shots.

With the rise of luxury all-inclusive resorts, travelers can now indulge in the finer things while basking in the beauty of this exotic destination.

That creates a perfect scenario for enjoying these unmissable experiences in Mexico. Read more about them, below.

Mexico experiences
Explore ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico.

CONTENTS – In this article, some memorable Mexico experiences will be shared with you, including:

Discover Mexico and Discover Luxury Resorts

Mexico experiences
You can stay at an all-inclusive luxury hotel within this tropical setting.

When you think of all inclusive resorts you maybe thinking of the lower end of vacations.

They don’t have to be that way, however, as it is possible to combine luxury with all inclusive.

This gives you the class and quality you’d expect staying in a luxury hotel while giving you the carefree feeling of enjoying high end food and drink.

Best of all, you’ll find luxury all inclusives in some of the most exotic locations in the world, such as Mexico.

For more information on this, check out Iberostar’s best hotels in Mexico. The luxury resorts on offer are perfect for vacations, weddings, and business conferences and seminars.

Many even have their own private beach and a concierge service. In short, you have the trappings of luxury.

So now you have your accommodation down, let’s explore the best of this great land that is Mexico.

Cancun – Mayan Ruins and White Sand Beaches

Mexico experiences
Behold the turquoise waters at Playa Tortugas (Cancun)

Head to the Yucatán Peninsula and you’ll find one of the beautiful region of Cancun.

Facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, over 600,000 people visit the region, year in year out. That’s because this part of Mexico has a lot to offer.


  • Visiting stunning and iconic Mayan ruins – Visiting the pyramid ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba are simply bucket list events.

    Representing some of the best archeological finds in the world, these cities are breathtaking. You can’t fail to be fascinated and awed at what the Mayan civilization must have been about.
  • Spend a day (or several!) at the beach – For relaxation to entertaining your children, to water sport activities, to simply taking a dip in the clear turquoise sea, the white sand beaches of Cancun are stunning.

    There is plenty of choice. If you want to entertain the kids think Playa Tortugas, for more of a relaxed vibe, think Playa Delfines.
  • Cancun comes to life at night – If you want vibrant nightlife then you’re in the right place. Bars and clubs offer entertainment a plenty!

    You can’t help but be enthralled by the colors and sounds of Mexico in general – and this goes up a gear when the sun goes down.

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Riviera Maya – From Jungle Tours to Refreshing Cenotes

Mexico experiences
Jump into a cenote in Riviera Maya!

Like Cancun, Riviera Maya is part of the Yucatán Peninsula. This part of the region is surrounded by a lush jungle. This brings opportunities to explore the country if you’re more of an adventurous character.

Like much of the region, you’ll find that you can craft your Mexico experience as you want it from a Riviera Maya stay.

  • Jungle tours bring out your adventurous side – With a resource like a jungle on your doorstep, it is no surprise that several companies offer tours of this spectacular part of the Yucatán Peninsula. All kinds of tours are available and many are activity orientated.

    Why not zip line through jungle treetops? Or simply see the amazing parts of the jungle and the unique wildlife and fauna that is home to.
  • There is nothing quite like cenote swimming – Cenotes are unique to the Yucatán Peninsula. They are naturally occurring sinkholes which you’ll often find deep in the jungle surrounded by lush vegetation.

    In fact, many tourists have taken up the art of cenote swimming. Give it a try!
  • Have fun in a theme park – The region is blessed with theme parks. Xcaret and Xel-Ha are two you won’t forget. Known for their water sports activities they also offer cultural shows which are unique to Mexico.

Cozumel – Crocs, Shots, and More!

Mexico experiences
Catch a glimpse of crocodiles in Chankanaab National Park.
Mexico experiences
Enjoy excellent tequila in Cozumel.

Mostly undeveloped, Cozumel is a small island around 20 km off the Yucatán Peninsula coast.

It is truly beautiful, with plenty of national parks that cater for scuba diving and similar water based activities. To this end, divers often find submerged sculptures and the natural coral reef gives Cozumel an exotic touch.

  • Tequila! – Cozumel is home to a very good Tequila tour where you can try the country’s national drink and discover how it is made. It is quite the eyeopener and perhaps best of all you can sample the best brands in the world.
  • Discover the Mayan religion – Head towards the San Gervasio Mayan Ruins and you’ll discover what was once a cultural religious center of the Mayan civilization.

    Its rich history will give you great insights into the Mayan belief system and how it shaped the lives of all those that lived at the time.
  • Visit the crocodiles – If you fancy a different approach to your Mexican experience why not take a tour of Chankanaab National Park. Among other wildlife, it’s home to crocodiles and sea turtles.

    When you’re ready, you can also take a tour of the botanical gardens or take a snorkel in the lagoons.

Final Thoughts on Mexico Experiences

Mexico is an amazing country, but the Yucatán Peninsula holds special beauty in particular. It is the kind of place that you need to visit more than once to get the full experience.

From exploring ancient ruins and vibrant cities to indulging in delicious cuisine and relaxing in breathtaking natural landscapes, Mexico offers a wealth of experiences for all types of travelers.

And with luxury all-inclusive resorts, you can experience the best of this enchanting country without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

So why not start planning your Mexican getaway today? With so much to see and do, the possibilities for unforgettable experiences are endless.

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