Great Tours of Copper Canyon Mexico: How to Plan Your Trip

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Looking for the best tours of Copper Canyon Mexico?

This stunning region located in northern Mexico is renowned for its gorgeous natural scenery and adventurous experiences.

To put things in perspective, Copper Canyon is seven times larger than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This makes it a popular destination for travelers seeking excitement – although not everyone has heard about it.

If you’re ready to explore Copper Canyon to its fullest, read this article below for detailed information about booking tickets, choosing tour activities, and how to best enjoy Copper Canyon.

Let’s begin the journey!

panoramic view of Copper Canyon in Mexico
Tours of Copper Canyon Mexico offer incredible beauty!

CONTENTS – In this article, you will find useful information about planning tours of Copper Canyon Mexico, including;

The Guide To Experience The Copper Canyon In Mexico

You’ll find the expansive Copper Canyon in northern Mexico – and you don’t want to miss this. It’s one of the best Mexico experiences you’ll have!

It’s a popular tourist destination, but even so, you’ll want to take some time planning your adventure well.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide.

It will simplify many things for you so you can have a safe and incredible experience when it comes to tours of Copper Canyon Mexico.

Let’s start with getting there.

How to Get on Board?

Though this spectacular area is a favorite among many, it is still difficult to reach.

But don’t worry, as we have Copper Canyon tours from our special picks to help you get on board.

To get to Copper Canyon, you have multiple options to reach the “Grand Canyon of Mexico,” including:

  • Bus
  • Plane
  • Self-driving
  • Train

We suggest getting an El Chepe train ride. This train is reasonably priced and runs from Chihuahua to Los Mochis.

The train makes multiple stops along the way, so you’ll have a chance to explore the small cities if you choose. That way, you’ll have a train journey without boredom.

What Services Does El Chepe Offer?

El Chepe train and tunnel

Well, El Chepe has two trains.

The cheaper one is the Chepe Regional, while the more sophisticated one is the Chepe Express train.

The only difference is the expensive one will stop at any of your preferred stations within the route, while the cheaper one will only stop at 3 different stations.

The El Chepe train also offers panoramic views of the Copper Canyon and its surroundings, making it an even more enjoyable experience.

You will be able to take in the beauty of the mountainous landscapes and the lush vegetation that covers it.

For the best tours of Copper Canyon Mexico, we recommend you start from Los Mochis. If you’re traveling west to east, be sure to sit on the right-hand side of the train.

This tip allows to you watch the most incredible view throughout the journey. (You can thank us later.)

Which Hotel to Choose?

For your best experience, our top 3 suggestions for accommodations are:

  • Hotel Mirador at Barrancas
  • Hotel Mission at Cerocahui
  • Posada del Hidalgo at El Fuerte

Among the three, the El Fuerte’s hotel is at a medium rating, and the other two have a simple rating.

You can book one of these hotels based on your budget, though all three hotels will provide you a comfortable stay with amenities.

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Is it Safe to Travel Solo in the Copper Canyon?

Since the land is popular for marijuana and is getting infamous for recent drug incidents, we recommend you travel in a group for safety.

It would also be better if you had a Spanish-speaking guide with you.

Which Places to Visit?

El Fuerte in Mexico

El Fuerte

Want a picturesque view for your Instagram post? El Fuerte is your stop. You will get to the the essence of history right here.


In Creel, you must enjoy horseback riding here! You’ll also find caves where Tarahumara families live.


You can enjoy some incredible hiking at this station, though worth noting that it is a bit costly at Divisadero.


Now this place is worth exploring! The Raramuri families living here make the place lively and joyful, making your experience richer.

Final Thoughts on Tours of Copper Canyon Mexico

Despite its beauty, it is advisable to be cautious when visiting due to the high incidence of drug-related crimes in recent times.

Traveling with a group and a Spanish-speaking guide can greatly enhance your safety and ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local customs and laws to avoid any misunderstandings. With a little caution and preparation, you can still enjoy the natural wonders of the region.

Before you depart, look for the best guide to experience the Copper Canyon in Mexico.

Enjoy the incredible beauty at Copper Canyon, and do let us know how your trip goes!

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