Happy Home Interior Design: 7 Comfort Decorating Tips for a Joyful Home

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For a happy home, interior design plays more of a role than you might think. After all, your home is supposed to be your soft place to fall. That’s why the trend of “comfort decorating” has become so popular. 

If your home is not feeling as joyful as you think it could be, try incorporating these easy design tips that follow.

happy home interior design

CONTENTS – In this article, you’ll discover how you can easily bring comfort and joy to your home. These happy home interior design tips include:

How to Create a More Positive Atmosphere at Home

You might have a picture in your head of what you want the interior of your home to look like. Perhaps you even imagine how it will feel and what kind of atmosphere it will radiate – one of joy and comfort. 

But sometimes, after living inside for a few years, that initial vision begins to fade away from reality. The truth is, there are easy ways to make your house more joyful and they don’t require you to spend a lot of money or hire an expensive designer! 

Keep reading to discover simple steps on how you can create the perfect space for yourself and your family. It will get you closer to having a happy home interior.

What is Comfort Decorating?

Comfort decorating is a recent trend that focuses on interior design that makes you feel good and has less of an emphasis on aesthetics. It means selecting paint colors, furniture, art, and accessories that create a certain feeling of familiarity, nostalgia, or joy.

This trend especially came into play during the pandemic as homeowners and travelers stayed home and needed a place of comfort during difficult times.Those things that make you feel good, or “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo puts it, affect your overall feeling of well-being.

Even as we put the pandemic behind us, it still makes good sense to make your home a happy place. 

Here’s how.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

The first step to making your home interior radiate joy and comfort is to eliminate clutter.

Clutter refers not only to dirty clothes overflowing from a laundry basket or stacks of old newspapers. Clutter can also include decorative items that you don’t really need. 

It might be challenging at first if you’re someone who likes having things around, but it will make such a huge difference in the long run. Remember, you don’t want to get rid of things you love. Just eliminate those things that aren’t really meaningful.

To do this, it’s essential to create an open space for yourself so you feel free from distraction and can think clearly when you’re inside your own home. This way, you won’t be stressed about where everything goes anymore because you’ve resolved that problem with one simple decision: let go of what isn’t necessary.

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2. Incorporate Light Colors Throughout your Home

The next step to making your home interior radiate joy and comfort is to incorporate light colors throughout the space. 

Although you might be partial towards a certain color, it’s important that you place other tones in various parts of your home. Otherwise, everything will feel more full than it needs to be.

One way you can maintain this balance without having too many variations is by choosing neutrals for most of the furniture inside the house. Then, use one bold accent piece (such as an armchair or sofa) where there might normally be two matching pieces instead. This simple decorating trick keeps things visually interesting while still maintaining harmony.

When you’re decorating with neutral colors, try using white when possible because it reflects natural light better than any other color out there. If you want to go for something bolder, use a warm shade like yellow or orange, which always brings joy. 

Creating a happy home interior that radiates joy and comfort requires a balance between calmness and fun. Using these simple steps will ensure that your space is one you can truly enjoy living in day after day.

3. Give Extra Attention to Your Bedroom

relaxing bedroom

The final step to making your home interior radiate joy and comfort is giving extra attention to the bedroom. It’s important that you feel comfortable sleeping at night, which means having a good mattress. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you choose bedding with an appealing design such as polka dots or stripes – but think of how much more restful sleep will be on top of something soft and soothing like flannel sheets during wintertime. 

Don’t forget to look at some design ideas for small nurseries if you want to give the little ones’ sleeping space a makeover for when they visit, as well.

Another way to create a dreamy atmosphere inside your bedroom is by decorating with light-colored textiles throughout. If possible, use white curtains for a wide window because this color tends to reflect sunlight better than any others. Plus, whenever the sun does shine in through the window, it will instantly brighten up the entire room!

4. Introduce Plants into Your Interior 

Another way to add a touch of nature into your home is to introduce plants

Living, green plants have been associated with well-being and happiness for centuries. Unfortunately, not all people like them, though – and that’s okay. They also require some maintenance which it’s hard to provide if you’re constantly on the go or traveling often. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives: Consider artificial plants.

They look real but don’t need any care whatsoever, which makes them an excellent choice. Especially when you’re moving into a new place where everything’s fresh, and you don’t want to bother with anything extra. 

Another low-maintenance option is to buy a cactus or aloe plant because it requires little care. Remember all houseplants add something special – even if it’s just providing some fun color. 

If you like plants, try growing flowers inside since they can brighten up any room in an instant; but choose ones with petals of pastel colors rather than bold primary shades like red and pink (which some people may find too overwhelming).

As for greenery, go for things like ferns and ivy because these tend to come in various shapes, such as hanging vines which will soften vertical lines by covering them up. Plus, having a bunch of greenery in your living room will make you feel like you’re on a tropical escape!

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5. Bring Calming and Uplifting Smells into Your Home

Another easy trick to make your home interior radiate joy and comfort is to introduce smells that bring calmness and ease into the air. 

You can do this by burning scented candles or incense sticks

But if you’re not a fan of these, or find them messy, you might try using essential oils. Make sure you use pure ones, though, as they tend to be more potent than anything else. 

Here’s how.

Just put some drops onto cotton wool balls, place those in small bowls around your room, and voila – now, every time someone enters, it’ll feel like they’ve walked into a spa salon. 

Depending on what kinds of moods/smells you want in your living space, choose between lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, and ylang-ylang, among others.

You can also opt for room sprays or diffusers with these same fragrances, which work just as well. Keep in mind the amount you apply because too much of it might be overbearing, especially if your nose is sensitive. 

Plus, some scents are more effective than others depending on a person’s body chemistry. Do some experimenting first before going all out with scented sprays and diffusers, since there’s no point investing if something you don’t love.

Finally, baking and cooking are a great way to add homey scents to your home. Think apple pie, fresh-brewed coffee, holiday cookies, and home baked bread.

6. Hang Some Art

Last but not least, don’t forget about art. Whether it’s a painting or drawing on the wall, framed photos of your loved ones, or even some decorative crafts, adding something artistic will make any room feel cozier and inviting.

Especially if you’re decorating with neutral colors like white, which can sometimes look cold (even when they aren’t), make sure to add warm earthy tones such as browns and beiges. Plus, a few splashes of color here and there for contrast won’t hurt either.

7. Add Personal Touches | Comfort Decorating

vinyl record collection | Enjoy Travel Life

A big part of the comfort decorating trend means incorporating things into your interior design that make you feel happy.

That might be:

  • A photo collection of your grandchildren
  • Souvenirs from your travels
  • Favorite childhood board games
  • Your vinyl record collection
  • A fluffy white throw blanket you can cuddle up with

Include whatever comfort items that will make your home feel more like your personal sanctuary.

Final Thoughts on Happy Home Interior Design Tips

As you can see, these decorating tips are kind to your budget and don’t take long at all to put in place. With some intention and a few small touches, your home can be just as joyful and comfortable as you’ve envisioned. Happy home decorating!

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