13 Best Family Places in Florida to Visit with Grandkids (By Age)

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Some of the best family places in Florida are also ideal for visiting with your grandchildren.

But it’s important to know which activities are most suited for different ages. That way, you’ll know your grandkids will have a good time — and therefore, so will you!

Continue reading below to find out what to see and do when you and your grandchildren are visiting Florida.

best family places in florida with grandkids

CONTENTS – In this article, you will discover some of the best family places for in Florida great places to visit with your grandchildren, including:

Where To Visit in Florida With Your Grandkids?

Your grandkids are the next generation of your family. Spending time together will allow you to impart your values and traditions as well as enrich their viewpoint of life. 

The best way to do so is to go on vacations and road trips together.

One such budget-friendly destination is Florida. 

There are plenty of options for both generations to enjoy yourselves.

Here we talk about the must-see sights this beautiful state has to offer. 

Best Family Places in Florida to Entertain Toddlers

Toddlers are the fussiest and easily distracted age group to deal with.

In fact, it may be hard for you as a grandparent to keep up with them! But most likely, reactivating parenting skills will kick in like riding a bicycle. 

Even so, here are some travel suggestions in Florida to keep your little tots occupied.

Destin, Florida

What better way to beat the humid Florida summer than hitting the beach, right? 

The Emerald Coast panhandle, so called because of the white, sand beaches that meet the brilliant green water, makes for a stunning view.

You can choose to make sand-castles, wade in the water, or make a space for napping under a beach tent with a toddler in tow.

Or, enjoy banana boats, paddling, or even just walking along the beach together.

Just pack up a bucket and sand toys, some blankets and umbrella, water and some healthy snacks. And don’t forget to make sure the little one’s skin is protected from the sun.

However, make sure to not miss the breathtaking sunsets on Destin beaches.

If you don’t feel like visiting the beach, there are many other things to do with kids while in Destin.

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Charnow Park

Located right in Hollywood Beach Boardwalk in Broward County, this stunning splash park with a beach view is the perfect summer retreat. 

At Charnow Park, your grandkids can enjoy playing in the Splash Park or building sandcastles in Sandcastle Central.

Then, you can enjoy chatting with other families and eating in the picnic area afterwards.

You can also rent out Gazebos. They are perfect for hosting birthday parties and reunions!

Amelia Earhart Park

Be prepared for squeals of delight and great photo opportunities in the petting zoo while your grandkids interact with the goats, sheep, and pigs in the barn at Amelia Earhart Park.

They can also enjoy the enormous playgrounds to burn off all that toddler energy.

You can also invite your entire family to the park and host a BBQ and grill, connecting over meat and veggies. 

Alternatively, walk around or cycle (with a toddler seat) on the nearby trails. You can stop along the way and let the young ones explore nature.


One of the biggest attractions in the world, Disneyland is a symbol of dreams for the younger generation. It’s also a source of nostalgia for the older generation.

The 27,000 acres wide park has:

  • Two water parks
  • Four theme parks
  • A camping resort
  • Several vacation villas
  • Multiple entertainment venues 

With festivals and events occurring year round and the multitude of rides, you and your grandkids won’t run out of options to have fun.

Universal Orlando Resort

Seeing the sets you have only watched in movies come alive is a majestic experience.

The Universal Resort offers just that.

The resort has three sections each with fun activities to offer. 

Universal Studios offers shows, and theme lands, while the Universal Islands of Adventures have numerous thrill rides to get your blood pumping. 

If the kids are looking to cool off in the pool, then Universal Volcano Bay offers plenty of fun in the water park.

Children under 3 are free, and you’ll find a variety of play areas that are specifically tailored to toddlers.


If you are vacationing in Orlando, Legoland Park is only 45 minutes away in Winter Haven.

The park offers more than 50 rides and shows among other attractions.

You’ll also discover restaurants and even a botanical garden

This is the perfect family-friendly place for a weekend outing and a chance to make long-lasting memories.

The best news is, toddlers can go on most of the rides here.

Before you plan a trip to any theme park, make sure you consider these important theme park tips.

Keeping Up With the Young Kids

Young kids are inquisitive and restless by nature.

So, you’ll want to introduce them to things that can hold their interest. 

Florida has plenty of places to be explored and many of them are educational. 

This will not only help broaden their young minds with you, but also cultivate an interest in the sciences and arts from an early age.

St. Augustine

st augustine fla | Enjoy Travel Life

With 450 years’ worth of history etched into the brick-lined walls and streets, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the nation. 

From Spanish-style homes to horse-drawn carriages, this city is a vision to behold.

The legendary Fountain of Youth, allegedly discovered by Ponce De Leon and fabled to restore youthful appearance is another popular tourist attraction. 

You can also visit the archaeological park to enjoy the exhibitions and historical attractions.

Don’t miss out on the rich North American Heritage through the Native Timucua Village of Seloy, while you’re there.

Kennedy Space Center

Build up your grandkids’ interest in outer space and rockets by taking them on an intergalactic adventure at the Kennedy Space Center.

They can experience being an astronaut firsthand with a space shuttle simulator on Atlantis. Or, time it right to watch a shuttle launch!

Either way, your young grandchildren will learn tidbits about astronaut life, and more here.

You can even buy souvenirs as a memento of the experience. 

Things to Do In Florida with Teenager and Older Kids 

Older children can be a difficult bunch to please.

It most likely has nothing to do with you, so try not to take it personally.

But the captivating wonders that Florida has to offer can easily mesmerize the most unimpressed of teenagers.

Everglades National Park

If you are on a road trip in South Florida or visiting Miami, this World Heritage site is a must-visit place on your bucket list. 

Everyone should see visit Everglades National Park at some point in their life!

The manatee, Florida panther, and the American crocodile are only a fraction of the endangered species that call this International Biosphere Reserve their home.

The park stretches across 1.5 million (yes, million!) acres.

One of the best experience is take airboat tours through the mangrove waterways and grasslands. 

Alternatively, you can choose to bike the Shark Valley Trail.

Or, hike through the Mahogany Hammock Trail which leads to the largest living Mahogany tree in the country.

Key West Butterfly And Nature Conservatory

Enjoy the colorful flight of thousands of butterflies among the blooms and exotic birds that grace this conservatory.

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a learning center that provides a glimpse into the lifecycle of butterflies and moths. It chronicling their metamorphosis, feeding, and breeding habits. 

The kids are sure to cherish the trip as one of their favorite memories.

Plus, we know you’ve been wanting to get to Key West.

Bok Tower Gardens

The fact that this botanical garden and the natural park were designed for the younger generation makes it a popular family-friendly destination. 

The serene gardens and trails of Bok Tower Gardens are perfect for hiking, cycling, or birdwatching.

This is also a great backdrop for the older kids to take pictures for the ‘gram’. 

On the other hand, the young ones can spend time in the Hammock Hollow Children’s garden to build forts from sticks, crawl through tunnels, climb trees, and more. 

This creates a opportunity to strengthen their bond with nature..

Florida Freshwater Springs

Home to the largest number of springs in the world, Florida has some stunning freshwater springs

This fact, coupled with the hot, humid weather Florida is famous for, makes the cool spring waters a welcome reprieve. 

A few popular choices include:

  • Manatee Springs
  • Crystal River
  • Wakulla Springs
  • Fanning Springs

Beat the summer heat kayaking, tubing, diving, and snorkeling with manatees and turtles.

Highland Hammock State Park

The lush forests with centuries-old oak trees, hardwood swamps, evergreen Flatwoods, ferns, and shaded canopies are things out of a Studio Ghibli film. 

At Highland Hammock State Park, you and your grandchildren can enjoy walking through the Cypress Swamp Trail, or even try the tramp tour. 

The majestic beauty of the first state park in Florida is not to be missed. 

Let the kids get closer to nature for a change from the hubbub of urban life and advanced gadgets. 

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

john pennekamp coral reef | Enjoy Travel Life

The first undersea park in the U.S brings in visitors from around the country to go snorkeling and diving among the coral reefs and marine lands.

Enjoy a different perspective of wildlife underwater through the Coral Reef State park at John Pennekamp.

You can enjoy glass-bottomed tour boats, if you don’t know how to snorkel. 

Additionally, the kids can enjoy kayaking through the mangrove swamps. 

Other Fun Places for Kids in Florida

If you still have time on your busy road trip, here are a few more suggestions to keep your grandkids occupied. 

There’s always a good excuse to spend more time enjoying Florida.

Nature Walks At Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

For those in Naples, Florida, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is teeming with wildlife and plants waiting to be explored. 

The terrain changes from flat pinewood to a wet prairie. A marsh within only two miles leads to the largest Bald Cypress forest in North America!

The boardwalks offer easy navigation, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. 

Be sure to keep your eyes open and alert to spot:

  • White-tailed deer
  • Otters
  • Red-bellied turtles
  • Alligators. 

The Sanctuary is also home to numerous songbirds, raptors, and the famed Painted Bunting. 

Take your grandkids and keep your camera ready for an educational and spiritual experience of natural Florida.

Eating Out At Family-Friendly Diners

No outing is complete without filling your stomach. 

Food is an important aspect of the vacation experience, and Florida has the finest delicacies to offer for your tastebuds. 

If you are visiting Naples, Fifth Avenue South, Third Street South, and shopping centers such as Mercato, Waterside Shops, and Venetian Village are some of the popular choices.

They offer everything from breakfast to snacks and desserts. 

You can discover new delicacies or enjoy old favorites. The good think is you will simply be spoiled for choice!

Final Thoughts on Best Family Places in Florida for Grandkids

Grandkids are a source of joy in any household. 

A family excursion with the little ones around can make even the most mundane places fun and enjoyable. 

Florida has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing all across the state. We have only mentioned a handful of places to make the most out of your trip with your precious ones.

So be sure to explore this beautiful state with the younger generation of your family.

They may just be the most memorable moments of your life.

Next Steps

If you’ve enjoyed learning the best family places in Florida to visit with your grandchildren, consider taking other trips with them.

In fact, don’t be surprised if the kids start asking to have summer vacation with grandparents!

The best part is, you’ll discover plenty of places to take your grandchildren. “Skip-gen” vacations are on the rise.

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