How To Plan The Perfect Family Sailing Holiday In 7 Easy Steps

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When you plan a family sailing holiday, you want everything to go perfectly. And that’s possible when you follow these 7 easy steps. You’ll learn how to choose the right boat, plan your itinerary, pack the supplies you’ll need, and more.

Keep reading for more details so you can get planning!

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn 7 easy steps to plan a family sailing vacation, including: 

Why Take A Sailing Vacation?

Sailing is a great way to see new places, swim with sea life and immerse yourself in local culture. This type of getaway is the perfect choice to explore amazing corners of the world with family and friends. 

From pristine beaches to beautiful coastal towns, there are many benefits to planning a sailing holiday. Moreover, if you are new to sailing, there are a lot of new skills you can learn and have one of the most rewarding travel experiences. 

However, preparing to embark on your next adventure may seem daunting, as you need to consider a variety of factors. To ensure you have everything you need, let’s cover key tips to plan the perfect sailing getaway in 7 easy steps.

Easy 7-Step Plan for A Perfect Family Sailing Holiday

So, how do you plan for a sailing trip? Begin by following the steps below.

1. Choose the Right Boat

The first step is arguably the most important one of your sailing holiday. You’ll need to make various considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect sailing vessel for your needs. 

To make sure your sailing holiday goes smoothly, you can invest in one of these boats and reap the benefits of owning a luxury yacht. The Yacht Market is a great place to begin your search and browse a range of boats for sale. 

You can explore their extensive offer of luxury yachts, so that you can make a decision based on your personal requirements. A luxury yacht will also enable you to recharge, spend more time with family and friends, and master new skills.

Alternatively, you can look to renting a boat from a reputable dealer, or even borrowing a friend’s boat to get started. 

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In order for it to be well-suited for living aboard, you’ll want something that’s a minimum of 35-45 feet (10.5 – 14 m). That way, you’ll have a fast enough hull speed and will handle well in high-waves, which is important if you’ll be out on the ocean. Plus, you’ll have enough storage space in the cargo for plenty of food and water.

If you don’t already have experience sailing, of course you’ll have to learn how to sail. Any sailing vessel with a length greater than 9 meters will require you to get a Small Vessel Certificate of Competence. Check with your local harbormaster for local requirements.

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2. Plan Your Itinerary

Owning a luxury yacht will provide you with the most freedom and flexibility to design your own trip and itinerary. This means that you can sail to whichever sailing destination you prefer and spend as much time there as you wish.

The time you plan to spend on this sailing holiday will largely dictate your itinerary. Whether you’re going on a weekend sailing adventure to Komodo with your grown kids or spending several months away with your school-aged children, map out your stops.

Once you have chosen your destination(s), it is important to do proper research about:

  • The coastline
  • Local harbors
  • Bays
  • Islands and 
  • Coves

This will help you prepare your family sailing route more effectively so you can arrive safely. That way, you can thoroughly enjoy your trip in confidence.

If you are traveling with younger children or even traveling with grandchildren, you’ll want to plan shorter trips or break each day into two smaller chunks. 

Also give some thought as to how much food and water to bring along, and good stopping points to restock provisions, including fuel and propane. 

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3. Prepare Medical Supplies

Packing a medical kit is essential to staying safe on your sailing getaway. Ensure you have prepared all the medications that you would usually need. 

Alongside this, remember that there are some medical problems which can occur during sailing. To make your holiday run in the best possible order, you will need to prepare properly with pain and fever medication, insect repellent, sunburn treatment, as well as bandages that adhere well in wet environments. 

Also, accidents may occur, so it is important to prepare a first-aid kit and life jackets in case of an emergency. It may also be beneficial to learn more about first-aid techniques.

Hopefully you won’t need to use these things, but if you do, you’ll be prepared.

4. Pack Proper Clothing

You should also pack appropriate clothing to ensure you are fully prepared. In addition, remember to check the weather forecast regularly to ensure you have a pleasant sail. 

If you are going to a warm and humid destination, it may be useful to pack light cotton clothes so you keep cool. Natural fibres are almost always preferred over synthetic, as the wear well and wick away moisture. 

Apart from packing swimming gear and sun hats, you can also add a waterproof jacket and a long pair of trousers to your suitcase. That way, you’ll be prepared for wet conditions and cool evenings. 

Although you will spend most of your time wearing flip-flops or sandals, you’ll also want to bring enclosed shoes. They will be necessary for better footing when you walk around the yacht and explore new places. 

Don’t forget to pack some comfortable sleepwear and undergarments, too.

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5. Bring Some Entertainment

When you are out in the sea, you will find there is plenty you can do away from distractions, such as TV and smartphones. A sailing holiday can be the perfect opportunity to unwind and escape everyday responsibilities and problems. But you’ll still want some kind of entertainment.

For example, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into many great books, while you are lying back on the deck. You can also take:

  • Some board games
  • Card games
  • An MP3 player
  • A camera to capture amazing moments with your loved ones. 

For a creative outlet, you can also pack some sketch pads, coloring, or drawing books.

6. Combat Seasickness

Seasickness can happen to anyone, regardless of their experience. I can last from a few hours up to several days. 

There is no universal medicine that will work the same way for everyone, so it is crucial to prevent seasickness from happening in the first place. 

Some helpful suggestions you can follow are to:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear specialized anti-seasickness wristbands

You will also be more vulnerable to getting seasick if you sail on an empty stomach. 

If you do experience seasickness, beware of the possible side effects and take suitable medications to recover.

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7. Ensure Sun Protection

It is likely that the sun you will experience on your sailing holiday will be nothing like the sun you experience at home. This is why you will need to wear sun-protective clothing, and if you use sunscreen, apply it before you expose your skin to direct sunlight. 

You also need to pay attention to children, as they tend to have sensitive skin regardless of their skin tone. Depending on the strength of UV rays and your skin, you run the risk of sunburn

If you or someone in your party ends up with a sunburn, take care not to further expose it to the sun. To treat sunburned skin, use fresh cold water and moisturize with gentle creams and ointments.

Final Thoughts on Your Family Sailing Vacation

After learning these 7 simple steps, you can see that planing your family sailing vacation doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process. Once you work through the details, you can look forward to some of the most beautiful memories you will make at sea with your family.

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