Yoga By The Beach: 8 Easy Tips for The Best Experience

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The beach is not just a place to go for a refreshing dip. It’s also the perfect place to refresh your mind with yoga by the beach. Imagine the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the sight of nature, and a peaceful environment for your meditation and poses.

Whether you’re on Cape Cod or one of these dreamy island destinations, with these 8 easy tips, you can turn your beach yoga experience into a great stress-busting routine. 

Editor’s Note: This article was updated in May of 2022.

Woman practices yoga by the beach at sunset
Yoga on the beach.

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn 8 tips to help you enjoy yoga by the beach.

8 Easy Tips for Yoga By The Beach

By Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez of, A Nomadic Yoga Blog

The idea of taking your yoga practice outside is one of the best ways of stepping beyond your comfort zone. While beach yoga sounds exciting, certain challenges make it far more different from doing yoga at home or in a studio.

But, you don’t have to turn down an opportunity to go to the beach to do some yoga.

You can do yoga by the beach!

Make your session worthwhile and rewarding with these 8 beach yoga tips.

1. Pack Only What You Need

Woman sits on yoga mat at the ocean doing beach yoga
Pack your beach bag with essential yoga gear, including a yoga mat.

When going out for beach yoga, don’t forget to stuff your beach bag with essential yoga gear, including the following:

  • A good-quality yoga mat
  • A big towel to place under the mat to avoid having sand everywhere
  • Healing crystals for manifesting love or calmness. By holding or wearing crystals during a yoga session, you can help to focus your energy and intention
  • A BPA-Free water bottle – always remember to hydrate yourself because you’ll be practicing under the sun
  • A UV/UPF 50 sun hat – this will come in handy to protect yourself from the sun
  • Sunscreen – preferably reef-safe and toxic-free
  • A bathing suit – you’ll definitely need it to take a swim after your yoga session!

2. Learn How to Practice Yoga Safely On Your Own

When practicing yoga on the beach, you might be doing yoga on your own. Don’t let that scare you! It is one of the most fun ways to advance your yoga practice.

One thing you want to be aware of, however, is to make sure you learn the right modifications for your body.

That will make your practice safer.

For instance, if you have physical limitations, you may be able to do yoga poses with modification. Once you know how to do yoga safely on your own, nothing can stop you from unrolling your mat anywhere and feeling the post-yoga bliss!

For more tips and modifications on how you can do yoga on your own safely anywhere, click here to download a free yoga guide.

3. Practice Safe Sun!

Woman walking in water carrying a straw hat
You’ll want to wear light clothing and a hat for comfort and sun protection.

Remember that you’ll be at the beach where the wind is continuously blowing.

Take advantage of a breeze by wearing naturally cool clothing. For instance, this UPF50+ Cover Up Dress with yoga pants offers good coverage from the sun.

This lets you feel comfortable as well as to connect more with nature.

For further protection from sun damage, you can apply a reef-safe sunscreen before and after your yoga.

More importantly, be sure to hydrate yourself the whole time you do your poses. This should also help cool off your body while performing under the sun.

4. Know The Right Time Of Day for Yoga By the Beach (Hint: Don’t Go When It’s Too Hot!)

It’s best to plan ahead or set a schedule for your yoga by the beach. This way, you’ll know when to go to the beach…and it is definitely not on a very hot day!

The best time of day for beach yoga is to start early in the morning. You’ll want to stay out of the sun by 10 a.m.

Beginning before 8 a.m. has the added benefit of making you feel as though you have the entire beach to yourself. 

However, if you’re not much of a morning person, you can always do yoga in the late afternoon. This will also give you the opportunity to catch the stunning view of the sunset.

5. Take Some Time to Appreciate The Beauty of Nature and Meditate

Yoga on the beach during a colorful sunset
Savor the tranquil moments and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Before or after your beach yoga session, take the time to savor the tranquil moment of being on the beach.

Be mindful, and be grateful for it.

You can take a meditative walk along the beach or rest on your mat. Then, marvel at the beauty of the ocean, the sky, and your surroundings.

Your meditative walk can also serve as your warm-up or cool-down.

It also helps to learn a meditation technique so that you can do meditation on your own. Even five minutes after your practice will have a lasting relaxing effect!

Here are three guided meditations for beginners you can do on the beach!

6. Do It With Friends or Family

You don’t have to be alone to enjoy a session of beach yoga. Make it more fun and practice with friends or family members.

You can either put on some music that you like or just enjoy the sound of the waves. You might find you and your significant other enjoy this peaceful time together and decide to make it part of your daily connection.

Or, maybe it’s a much-needed chance for some “friends” time.

If you can’t meet in person, take an online class with friends or even FaceTime each other to share some virtual yoga by the beach.

7. Learn to Work With The Sand

The sandy terrain may pose a challenge for your practice, so make sure you are careful when executing poses.

You will not only have an uneven surface to stand on, but the grains of sand can also be a nuisance as they tend to go everywhere.

The sand makes standing and balancing postures more unstable. If you intend to practice them on the beach, make sure to bring a sturdy, foldable beach chair to lean on to be sure you don’t fall.

This is a good way of practicing safe beach yoga.

The sand doesn’t have to be disadvantageous for you if you know how to work with it instead of against it. For example, you can create a little pillow of sand for under the knees during relaxation poses or to lift your hips up.

Another tip is to dig into the sand with your feet to give you more balance.

8. Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

You’re at the beach doing some workout that’s good for the mind and body, so why not go have some more fun?

It’s hard to resist the beach, especially if you’re in a beautiful beach location like Costa Adeje, Spain!

So, go right in and enjoy the water after your yoga.

Besides this, learn to welcome any interruptions. Maybe it’s a beach ball that landed in front of you. Simply enjoy the moment and let loose without taking yourself too seriously!

Final Thoughts on Yoga by the Beach

These tips will help you make the most out of your beach yoga session! Wherever you choose to practice, yoga undoubtedly helps us reconnect with ourselves.

The beach is a beautiful place where you can feel in touch with nature while practicing in an inspiring environment.

Don’t just stop there for a yoga session. Stay for a while, connect with your surroundings, and be present in the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Yoga By The Beach

Here are answers to some common questions about yoga and doing yoga on the beach.

Why do people do yoga on the beach?

Many people enjoy doing yoga by the beach because of its scenic beauty. The fresh air, beautiful views, and relaxing sound of the ways can add a whole new positive dimension to your yoga practice. Other health benefits include clearing your lungs, which will boost your energy. Plus, you’ll experience more of a workout, since doing yoga in the sand requires more balance and strength.

How do you do yoga on the beach?

Whether you head to the beach for your own yoga session or join a group doing yoga on the beach, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Among them, you will want a mat for comfort, and water to stay hydrated. You’ll also want to make sure you have some form of adequate sun protection. And, you’ll have to expect distractions in a public setting. However, the beautiful environment and refreshing nature of yoga on the beach are well worth it!

How quickly does yoga change your body?

When you practice yoga, you’ll find your body will respond with mental and physical changes. You can expect the full benefits of physical changes in about 6-12 weeks, assuming you are working under the guidance of an instructor. Each person will vary, depending on their dedication to regular yoga and their metabolism.

What’s Next?

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They will help you gain an understanding and build a regular practice of taking care of yourself. And, let’s face it. You’re so worth the time!


Does yoga by the beach sound like something you would enjoy? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.

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