5 Easy DIY Home Decor Tips That Will Elevate Your Mindset, Fast

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To elevate your mindset, make sure your home atmosphere isn’t bringing you down. Believe it or not, your home decor affects your mood and energy levels more than you might think.

Just making a few small changes can have a big effect on how you feel.

Try any one of these DIY home decor tips—from an airy linen curtain to a gorgeous centerpiece. You’ll find these pick-me-ups are fast and affordable. In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Elevate Your Mindset at Home | Enjoy Travel Life

CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn all about how to elevate your mindset and your home’s atmosphere with these easy and affordable tips, including:

Why Your Home’s Atmosphere is Important

Before we get started, let’s look at why your home’s atmosphere is important.

First of all, what is the atmosphere? 

When it comes to your home, the atmosphere is the feeling or energy of a space, good or bad. You may have a home that feels tense or depressed. Or, you may have one that is light, bright, and cheerful.

Your environment is important to your mental health because it can influence your mood. As a result, your mood can affect:

  • Your outlook on life
  • Relationship
  • Career success 

The other people in your home also affect the atmosphere.

If you share your home with children, this atmosphere is very important to their well-being, too.

So you can see, atmosphere is a very important element when it comes to your living space.

The good news is, you can set the tone and elevate yourself by creating a relaxing environment. That will benefit you and everyone in your home.

So, let’s now look at how to create a positive atmosphere at home through your decor.

5 Tips to Elevate Your Home Atmosphere

Covid-19 forced many of us to spend more time in our house rather than the outside world. 

It may have even felt delightful (despite the circumstances) to indulge in a cozy staycation

But the more you dwell in isolation, the more likely you will feel exhausted and drained by the monotony. That’s true even when you choose to work and play in the best spots inside your home. 

You still may not be able or ready to travel from one place to another as freely as you might like. But when choosing to loosen up somewhere else, you have options.

The easiest way for you to help bring a positive mood back into your home is by rearranging or remodeling the design of the rooms. Then you can really enjoy your time there.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, adding a few inspirational posters is an inexpensive way to cultivate a more positive mindset in your decor.

After all, we understand you may be saving your money up for that epic future trip! 

So when you don’t have the budget for a more substantial home remodel, here are several helpful tips to elevate the atmosphere at home.

1. Let the Sunlight In

linen curtains diy home decor | Enjoy Travel Life

Curtains can take up large spaces in your home. When you have a wide window or a considerable amount of windows to cover, you may be tempted to cover it up. 

Some people just simply pick out a random curtain to cover them all.

But it’s important to handpick the color, fabric, and general quality of window treatments. It can really affect the person living around it.

For instance, a random scheme of color and design or busy patterns could really give you a headache! Worse, an undesirable fabric might also give you trouble breathing because it holds too much dust. (Ugh!)

One great, versatile alternative to both problems is a linen window treatment. 

A linen curtain is favorable among homeowners (and trending right now) because the quality of the fabric is top tier. Not only does it help a room look a lot more luxurious, it also serves an unmatched quality compared to other fabrics. 

Even better for eco-conscious homeowners is the fact that linen is biodegradable, too.

In terms of functionality, linen is breathable and absorbs moisture. So, it can even seem to reduce humidity compared to some synthetic fabrics. 

A linen curtain also has a calming effect in its translucent colors.

They allow the sunlight to stream into the room. This will definitely help a room feel more elevated and provide a healthy amount of light for you!

Not only does the added sunlight help your body produce Vitamin D, but it encourages your brain to produce more serotonin. This powerful hormone has the ability to make you feel more positive, calm, and focused. 

The benefits of sunshine and how it affects your mental and physical health are well-documented.

So buying a linen curtain is an inexpensive change you can make at home with a big payoff. It’s a big win when it comes to elevating the atmosphere of your home.

2. Rethink the Color Scheme

Paint Color Psychology | Enjoy Travel Life

Another factor in elevating your home is color.

It may sound obvious, but the choices you make about the color schemes of your room is really significant. 

Let’s assume you currently have neutral colored furniture. That means your job now is to rethink the paint that surrounds the room. Because your furniture is neutral, you can go with any color you like.

Plus, painting walls is unfailingly fun and relatively easy and inexpensive to do yourself.

Just get yourself some painter’s tape, paint rollers, and brushes. Then, start thinking about a color to enhance your space. 

When you’re picking the right color for your walls, you’ll want to consider that certain colors align best with the activities that you wish to do in certain rooms. This has a basis in psychology, because color can really affect your mood.

To explain, if you decide to paint your bedroom red, you might have trouble getting to sleep.

That’s because red is a color that intrinsically stimulates your brain. It makes it hard for you to relax. In fact, research has shown that the color red actually raises your blood pressure and heart rate.

On the other hand, red is an excellent choice for your dining room. Here, it will stimulate your appetite and encourage conversation.

That’s just want you want to happen in a dining room, right?

Of course, you can always opt for neutral colors. White is a reliable go-to when it comes to creating an elegant and minimalist look

Let’s dig a little deeper into color psychology before you commit to a new paint color for your walls.

Color Psychology | How to Improve Mood and Energy

Here are some guidelines based on Color Psychology to help you pick the best color for each room:

ColorMakes You FeelBest Color for This Room
BlueCalm, Serene, CenteredBedroom, Bathroom
BrownCozy, WelcomeAny room
RedStimulated, EnergeticDining Room, Living Room, Foyer
GreenCalm, Harmonious, JoyousBedroom, Living Room, Kitchen
GreyBalanced, AiryAny room
OrangeWarmth, Energized, EnthusiasticHome Gym, Playroom
PinkCalm, Relieved, SoothedOffice, Bedroom, Baby’s Room
PurpleCreative, Restfl, LuxuriousBedroom, Living Room, Office
WhiteRefreshed, Reset, PurifiedAny Room
YellowUplifted, HappyLiving Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining Room
BlackGrounded, StrengthenedAccents in any room

Now, if you don’t have neutral colored furniture, you’ll be a little more limited in the color palette.

Instead, you’ll want to think about what color goes well with your existing decor. You could choose a color that has a bold contrast or gently compliments your current furniture. 

Or, if you have the budget, you can start replacing your furniture. That can be especially helpful if it’s on the decline and you can choose whatever color you’d like.

Remember, comfort at home is always a smart investment. It has the potential to uplift your mood and the atmosphere of your home.

Play With Fun Textures & Art

Textured Wallpaper | Enjoy Travel Life

A room doesn’t necessarily have to be all white to have a modern look.

But if you opt for an all-white concept—which can be incredibly dramatic at first—it may eventually feel dull and lack-luster. 

Bringing in fun textures and artwork can solve that problem. 

For instance, here’s an easy trick. You can add a wall mirror with a textured frame like this one. Adding texture will break up the monotony of the space while maintaining a chic vibe.

If you think you would enjoy the look of a textured wall, this might also be a good option for you.

You could achieve a textured look with paint, or opt for textured peel-and-stick wallpaper that is so popular right now. 

The key is to make certain parts of the room different but at the same time coherent with the overall interior design.

You can find a company that’s able to take care of those wallpaper installation tasks for you if you’re not sure how to get the job done properly yourself.

Finally, you could introduce a vibrant piece of art into your room. A little color won’t hurt, even in a monochromatic decor.

Adding a colorful accent in this way will finish the look of the entire room. 

That way, your environment is anything but “hum-drum.”

Feature Centerpiece Items

Floral Centerpiece | Enjoy Travel Life

If you happen to have a wide room with extra space in the middle of it, centerpiece items might add some interest that’s lacking. 

Of course, it is understandable to might want to keep the extra space empty. But a too-empty space might be what’s keeping you tired of your environment. 

So, try putting a decorative table in the middle of the expanse and get creative with it. 

You may find placing a vase of flowers in that space interests you better than a still-life of books. Or you might find the opposite to be true.

Another centerpiece option is a mini-statue. Think of perhaps a bust of your favorite philosopher, Buddha, or the Eiffel Tower. 

Don’t be afraid to try fun home decorating ideas that match your personality and interests.

A slight change like this may seem insignificant. But the effect it might have on you is also meaningful. 

You don’t even have to buy a new table. Repurpose a table from elsewhere in your home in a more creative way to create a beautiful aesthetic. 

It might surprise you how much joy such a small change can bring to your home.  

Consider Decluttering

Declutter and Donate | Enjoy Travel Life

The last impactful thing you want to do as a priority is to eliminate unused things. They are probably spread throughout your house. We all have some amount of clutter in our lives – and it seems to multiply!

So, if you find yourself not using something for a quite a while, there’s a good chance that you won’t ever need it.


  • Give it to someone you know who wants it
  • Donate it
  • Repurpose it, or
  • Toss it

When you declutter and clean your home, you’ll feel so much better!.

That’s because a room that’s jam-packed and messy creates a sense of chaos that carries over to our feelings. A neat and minimalist room helps you unwind better and you will achieve a more peaceful state of mind.

Think of when you check into luxury hotels. Part of the reason they are so relaxing is that you have everything you need, minus the clutter.

Plus, decluttering doesn’t cost you any money.

You might even have a yard sale and make a few dollars…which you can put toward your next trip.

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Final Thoughts on How to Elevate Your Mindset at Home

Now that you know these easy tips to elevate the atmosphere in your home, there’s only one thing to do: try a few of them out.

They’re affordable, easy, and an essential part of a calming home decor.

The result will be a living space that promotes a positive atmosphere and supports a healthy state of mind.

If you want to more home design tips, continue reading about bringing your personality into your decor.

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