How to Create A Luxury Outdoor Living Space That Rivals the Best Boutique Inns

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Picture yourself in a beautiful outdoor space, sitting comfortably with a glass of wine and perhaps nibbling on cheese. You’re engaged in conversation or simply savoring a peaceful moment. The stresses of everyday life are melting away. Are you at a posh boutique inn? Possibly. But you could also be at home, once you learn how to create a luxury outdoor living space for yourself.

Read on to discover how you can enjoy all the riches of an outdoor vacation retreat just a few steps from your back door.

Luxury Outdoor Living Space: Blue outdoor couch with pillows, wine and cheese on side table
Enjoy the ideal retreat at home when you create a beautiful outdoor living space.

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn how to create an inviting and comfortable luxury outdoor living space:

Create a Vacation Space at Home

Today’s homeowner spends more time enjoying the outdoors at home. They are doing things like dining, relaxing, and gardening, as part of a trend called “nesting.”

In this home-centered focus, the outdoors have become an extended living space. Outdoor “rooms” will provide you many happy returns. And they can be as inviting and comfortable as those at chic hotels.

Here’s how.

What is an Outdoor Room?

An outdoor room is defined by structures, such as a deck, fence, or hedgerow, or it may simply be an open space in your yard that you use for outdoor living.

Like the interior of your home, you might have different floor plans for different functions. It’s important to decide how you’ll use each.

For instance, a large open deck is ideal for cooking and family dining. However, you might designate more intimate spaces, like a multi-level deck or smaller corners of the yard, for reading or sharing morning coffee.

Just like any room in your home, you’ll want to keep it clean and well-maintained.

So, look into having a professional deck wash from time to time so your outdoor room is an inviting sanctuary that extends your living space.

Luxury Outdoor Living Space: Outdoor living room with fireplace and television
Outfit your outdoor space with comfortable furniture.

Let’s begin with traditionally common uses for outdoor spaces: dining, cooking, and relaxing with family.

1. Al Fresco Dining & Drinks Space

On a hot summer evening, there’s nothing like enjoying an afternoon drink or an entire meal outdoors.

The term al fresco is derived from the Italian phrases meaning “fresh,” as in the fresh air.

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you’ll know what I mean. Outdoor dining is a mainstay of dining in Italy. There, you’ll find plenty of cafe tables lining the streets or overlooking the view.

Even in Boston’s “Little Italy,” you’ll find the tradition of outdoor dining in the North End carries over. It’s a lovely experience to eat outside!

Creating a luxury outdoor living space doesn’t have to be hard. Create your own space in which to eat and drink outdoors by simply putting a picnic table with a white tablecloth under a shaded tree.

Alternatively, you might choose an elaborate dining set with an umbrella and a fully stocked outdoor bar set on the patio.

Or, how about if you tuck a little bistro table in the corner of a secret garden?

Picnic table in garden with colorful table cloth
Create outdoor rooms for certain uses as you would indoor rooms.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one space. You could choose several spaces in your yard to enjoy food and drink in a way that coincides with your lifestyle.

2. Outdoor Kitchen Space

Who wants to light the oven during the hottest months of the year? Most of us don’t want to do that.

An outdoor kitchen in some form can help keep the house—and the cook — from overheating.

Traditionally, the outdoor cook is relegated to a remote corner away from dinner guests. Instead, you could provide bar-height stools and tables by the grill. That way, it’s easier to enjoy the cook’s company over cocktails and appetizers while he or she prepares the meal.

If you love that smokey BBQ flavor as we do, you might opt for a waist-high charcoal grill. This durable Weber Kettle Grill (the one we use) even has a thermometer. It’s available in cheery colors to complement your decor.

You might even indulge in a larger, more elaborate, commercial quality grill or a built-in grill for your luxury outdoor living space.

Savvy cooks will enjoy high-end gas grills that offer three burners, char-less cooking, and granite look cutting surfaces. You can also find rotisserie cookers and smokers for specialized cooking techniques.

Finally, a no-frills timeless way to cook outdoors is a fire pit outfitted with a cooking grate. That’s about as close to campfire cooking in the great outdoors as you can get in your backyard!

Related Articles: Learn how to plan a backyard garden with plenty of veggies for the grill. And don’t forget to preserve your garden herbs for culinary goodness year round!

Rattan chairs and wood table for outdoor dining
Outdoor dining has evolved well beyond the backyard picnic table.

3. Outdoor Living Room Space

Finally, you’ll want to include a space where you can relax before or after dinner, with family or alone.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find comfortable outdoor sectionals, couches, and love seats, as well as accent chairs and rockers. These will help you design a chic outdoor living room.

For the ultimate hotel-style luxury, consider deep cushion recliners, gliders, and loveseats that allow you to relax in stylish comfort. These colorful weather-resistant pillows will complete the ensemble.

Be sure not to overlook functionally: You’ll want side- and coffee tables where you can put your drink down. Add ottomans that will allow you can put your feet up and truly relax.

Providing Sun-Protection

Next, consider the times of day that your living area will be in the sun or shade.

If you need to create more shade, you might consider installing an automatic awning. You could also build a cedar pergola or elegant patio cover overhead.

A gazebo tent or screened-in porch area will provide the ultimate respite from the hot sun.

Just add in an overhead fan for the Casablanca experience!

3 Unique Ideas for Outdoor Luxury Living Spaces

Maybe you’re looking for something more on the unusual side for your luxury outdoor living space. You might consider these unique ideas:

  • An Outdoor Movie Theatre
  • A Beach Area (Complete with Sand and a Fire pit)
  • Outdoor Sleeping Space

1. An Outdoor Movie Theater

How to Create A Makeshift Outdoor Movie Theater

For a cinematic experience at home, it’s easy to create a basic outdoor movie theatre, as follows:

  1. Simply hang a white sheet or expandable screen like this one on your deck.
  2. Get an old-school reel-to-reel movie projector and some old-fashion reel tape. Break out the old home movies for some nostalgia!
  3. Set up a few chairs or get cozy on the outdoor loveseat.

Creating A Seasonal Outdoor Movie Theatre

Or, you can go for the big-time with a little technology investment:

  1. Invest in an outdoor movie screen or large-screen TV protected from the elements.
  2. If it’s a smart TV, stream movies from the internet; Otherwise, mirror your Netflix movie from a mobile phone using Apple TV.
  3. Comfortably enjoy the big screen in your outdoor living space.

Make A Drive-In at Home

The third option for an outdoor movie space recreates a drive-in experience at home.

  1. Using an outdoor movie projector, show a movie on your garage door.
  2. Invite a few friends over to sit in their cars and watch along.

How fun is that, in this age of social distancing?

Now, pop some popcorn for any of these three outdoor spaces and voila! You’ve got an old-fashioned movie theatre at home.

2. A Private Beach Space

Wish you had a beach in your backyard but you don’t live on the water?

No problem! Here’s what you do:

  • Choose a sunny space in your yard.
  • Cover grass and other growth with landscaping fabric.
  • Truck in some sand.
  • Add some beach chairs or a circle of Adirondack chairs.

If you are lucky enough to have a water feature on your property, such as a natural pond, stream, or freshwater spring, consider locating your private beach nearby.

You could also install a water garden, man-made pond, or a fountain to enhance the space with a water element. This is a great way to elevate your outdoors into a luxury outdoor living space.

To maximize the use of this space for evenings, create a ring of large stones for a campfire. Or, get a firepit and you’re good to go.

Just be sure any outdoor fires meet the fire codes in your town. Also, safely locate fire away from your home, trees ,and other flammable structures.

3. Outdoor Sleeping or Resting Space

Some of the best island getaways I’ve visited are outfitted with colorful two-person hammocks for a cozy afternoon nap. This is a very easy option to incorporate into your own outdoor spaces.

Some hammocks are simply tied between two large trees. Others, like this one and this one, come with their own stands.

The most exotic island destinations go as far as offering full-size beds under a canopy or suspended from porch ceilings.

These are the ultimate luxury!

Part of enjoying the boutique hotel experience at home means finding time to relax. Make sure you take time for an afternoon nap or to stretch out, relax, and lose yourself in a good book.

A special outdoor space is a good incentive!

How to Choose Furniture for Your Outdoor Room

Once you decide how each space will be used, comfort and function are key considerations when choosing furniture. The options can be overwhelming, so here are 10 tips to help you design your outdoor room.

10 Essential Tips for The Best Outdoor Decor

Here are 10 Essential Tips to help you design your outdoor room:

  1. Match the style of furnishings to the formality of your home for a more integrated look. For more formal settings, select frame designs such as ornate wrought iron, or sleek classic lines in teak. For a more casual feel, opt for the New England charm of chunky cedar furniture or Adirondack chairs.
  2. Inject some whimsy with a brightly painted chair, outdoor rug, or weathered flea market find. Or perhaps a sundial becomes a side table.
  3. Remember that outdoor furniture blends best with surroundings when it matches or compliments the color of your home.
  4. Fabric choices for outdoor furniture are as varied as for indoor furniture, with dozens of striped, floral, solid, and geometric patterns from which to choose.
  5. Don’t be afraid to buck the design trend. Rattan sectionals in bright Caribbean colors may be popular, but you might prefer teak and more earthy tones like sandstone, taupe, and new shades of green. Allow the outdoor space to reflect your own personal style with confidence!
  6. Rather than just one fabric color, select a matching ensemble, or mix and match complimenting fabrics for a designer look. If you will have several outdoor spaces, seek complementary fabric designs, so a chair in one area may be borrowed for another when family visits.
  7. Consider that an outdoor room in full sun will be subjected to conditions quite different from one in damp shade, or near wind and sea. Consider frames and fabrics that will endure the elements of your outdoor living space.
  8. Arrange furnishings in groupings that encourage conversation or promote solitude, depending on how you plan to use the space.
  9. Remember to capitalize on a spectacular view, detract from any eyesores, or provide a clear view of children’s play areas, if you’ll be supervising little visitors.

5 Ways to Create A Luxury Ambiance

Ambiance is all about the atmosphere or mood of a space. The right furnishings and colors set the stage, but the right ambiance can take things to the next level. But ambiance can be elusive.

Here are four things that influence the ambiance of an outdoor space.

1. Create Special Lighting Effects Outdoors

Lighting is a significant factor in creating ambiance, indoors or out. To create a luxury outdoor living space, you’ll want to include a variety of residential landscape lighting options.


This option can generally illuminate an outdoor space. Opt for warmer toned bulbs over harsh halogens.

We use dusk-to-dawn lights that automatically turn on as nightfalls. (It’s almost like having an innkeeper orchestrating the outdoor lighting.)

Fairy Lights

A sprinkling of tiny tea lights along your deck rail, around trees, or in shrubs at the property line can add magic to the outdoor space. Choose warm-toned bulbs for a gentle effect.

Some fairy light strings can be set to twinkle or flash, depending on the mood you’d like to create.

  • Tea lights that glow steady and are wrapped around the rails of raised deck feel a bit as though you are on a cruise deck.
  • Set in the distance and twinkling, tea lights may achieve the appearance of fireflies in a cozy outdoor retreat.
  • Flashing tealights help set a fun-filled or party vibe for a special occasion.

I recommend getting solar-powered fairy lights whenever possible, as they will go on automatically and you can avoid too many unsightly wires and outdoor extension cords.

String Lights

A cascade of vintage-style lightbulbs strung overhead and about an outdoor space gives the impression of an enclosure and really dresses things up. Keep in mind that in most cases, you’ll need to plug these into a power source.

Lights in Traffic Areas

Highlight walking paths and outdoor stairs with security lights powered by solar power so you can safely enjoy your outside spaces.

Accent Lighting

Whether you set out lantern with wax candles or opt for inexpensive battery-operated candles that won’t melt in the sun, accent lighting plays an important role in outdoor ambiance.

Strategically display a few candles (citronella optional) out on coffee and side tables. You might also consider illuminating a water fountain, potted plants, or garden features with solar-powered uplighting.

FX Luminaire offers a variety of lighting solutions to bring out the best of your outdoor space.

Find a wide array of incandescent lighting to achieve a warm, dreamy glow in your garden. Meanwhile, use LED lighting to get superior illumination with great energy savings.

2. Include A Fire Feature

Luxury Outdoor Living Space: Couch with fire bowl on patio
A fire feature is an excellent addition to your luxury outdoor living space.

There are several ways you can incorporate a fire feature into your outdoor room, including:

  • A Gas- or Wood-fueled Firepit
  • A Chiminea
  • A Fire Bowl
  • A Spanish-style Open Fireplace
  • A Gas Fireplace
  • Tiki Torches
  • Outdoor Heat Lamps

As always, when considering fire, work within local fire codes. Also be sure to keep any open flames a safe distance from you home, furnishings, trees and other flammable structures.

3. Incorporate A Water Feature in Your Outdoor Space

Water features add another dimension to a backyard spaces. Losing yourself in the flow (and sound) of moving water can be such a soothing experience, truly enhancing your luxury outdoor living space.

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  • Potted Bubble Fountain
  • Fountain, big or small
  • Birdbath
  • Trickling Waterfall Basin
  • Wishing Well
  • Waterfall Wall or Chain
  • Landscape Water Feature, such as a water pond, water garden, or waterfall

4. Bring Music into Your Outside Spaces

There are more than a few ways to add the sound of music to an outside space. Years ago, you might need to invest in a hard-wired sound system.

Of course, you can still do that.

But it’s a lot easier now to invest in a quality bluetooth speaker and direct your playlist from your mobile phone or computer to it.

You’ll find many boutique hotels and fine restaurants pipe in music. You’re greeting with a symphony of classical music or smooth jazz. The the aim is to create a relaxed setting. If that’s your jam, by all means.

You might also enjoy more natural sounds from a water feature, birds at a bird feeder, or the gentle tones of a wind-chime or subtle bells.

5. Flowers & Landscaping Features

Outdoor ambiance is enhanced by a pristine landscape, beautiful gardens, and potted plants.

But novice gardeners make so many common spring gardening mistakes.

Instead, look for opportunities to minimize the maintenance required so you can more thoroughly enjoy your outdoor space. Here are some suggestions to make it more easy on you:

  • Incorporate drought-tolerant planting throughout your landscape
  • Opt for self-watering pots for thirsty annuals.
  • Add lovely native perennials that are best suited to your climate.
  • Choose potting soils and mulches that retain moisture.
  • Automate watering with an efficient irrigation system, where possible.

In addition to selecting plants that compliment the style of your home, look to fragrant varieties to add an element of aromatherapy.

Color is important to design consideration, too. A white-themed garden can almost glow when enjoyed by night!

A place to have tea and cookies in the garden
Don’t forget to accessorize your outdoor room!

How to Accessorize An Outdoor Room 

Like indoors, you can personalize outdoor rooms with accessories that reflect your taste. For instance:

  • Place an elegant statue that provides a sculptural focal point.
  • Group a cluster of antique watering cans on the coffee table to reflect your love of gardening.
  • Set a mishmash of painted ceramic tiles at the bar as coasters, reminiscent of a trip to a Tuscan Hill Town in Italy
  • How about an old teapot brimming with the herb, Chamomile?

If you’re feeling crafty, you might even try your hand at creating one-of-a-kind accessories. One idea is to paint terra cotta pots with festive designs. Or, create a trellis of flexible twigs woven together.

What’s important is to accessories your outdoor space in a way that reflects your unique tastes and interests.

Buddha statue in the garden
Include items that reflect your unique interests and style.

Avoiding Uninvited Guests

Finally, let’s talk about uninvited guests.

You’ve spent your time and energy creating a perfect retreat in your backyard, but uninvited guests can ruin a good time.

I’m talking about unwanted pests. Ants, wasps, mosquitos, and other nuisances have a negative influence on your outdoor experience.

When it comes to perfecting your luxury outdoor living space, you might look into one or more natural pest solutions, like these:

  • Put out wasp or yellow jacket traps.
  • Light a citronella candle or two.
  • Plant a Citronella plant (yes, there is such a thing!) to discourage mosquitoes.
  • Plant Lavender, Mint, and Sage to discourage deer ticks.
  • Sprinkle key areas with diatomaceous earth or essential oils, such as patchouli, peppermint, cedar oil, or extracts of pepper, to discourage ants and other unwanted insects.
  • Build houses for birds and bats on your property to reduce mosquitos.
  • Eliminate any standing water where mosquitos might breed.
  • Opt for screened-in spaces during dusk or dawn, when mosquitos are most active.

And lastly, you might have to lower your expectations. Remember, a certain amount of creatures outside is unavoidable because—well, we’re outside.

Final Thoughts On How to Create A Luxury Outdoor Living Space

By including one or more of these ideas into your backyard, you are taking steps to create a luxury outdoor living space that rivals the best boutique inns. And with a vacation oasis of your own, chances are, you might just rather stay home.

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