Enjoy the Festive Season Abroad in These 3 Beautiful Cities

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The time is near to enjoy the festive season this winter, as the holiday season and New Year celebrations approach.

So, if you want to make this year’s holidays extra-special, plan a trip abroad to one of these 3 beautiful cities!

Each offers exceptional experiences at this time of year, which you’ll find out about below.

Continue reading to learn more about theses best holiday cities abroad.

enjoy the festive season
Enjoy your holidays abroad!

CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn about the most beautiful cities abroad where you can enjoy the festive season this winter, including:

The Most Beautiful Cities You Need To Visit During The Festive Season

The holidays are a great time to travel.

Not only are there often public holidays which give you extra time off work, but the atmosphere in many places is simply magical.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip during the festive season, here are a few reasons why you should go for it.

One of the best things about traveling during the festive season is that you get to experience different cultures and holiday traditions.

Whether you’re spending Christmas in a small village in Europe or New Year’s Eve in Asia, you’re sure to encounter some new and exciting customs.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the world and to broaden your horizons.

Another great reason to travel during the festive season is that many places look their best at this time of year.

These beautiful cities are decorated with lights and trees, and there’s often a real sense of excitement in the air!

If you’re looking for somewhere beautiful to spend your holidays, traveling during the festive season is definitely a good idea.

Finally, traveling during the festive season can be cheaper than at other times of the year.

This is because many people don’t want to travel during this period. So, airlines and hotels often offer discounts.

If you’re flexible with your dates, you could save yourself a lot of money by traveling during the holidays.

So if you’re thinking of taking a trip soon, why not consider traveling during the festive season?

You’re sure to have a wonderful time.

To help inspire your travels, we analyzed the most festive cities index to give you are the best cities to visit this holiday season.

Amsterdam’s Christmas Markets

amsterdam | Enjoy Travel Life

Amsterdam, Netherlands is definitely a beautiful city and high on many travelers’ bucket list.

It becomes even more so during the festive season!

If you’re looking for a festive getaway, make sure Amsterdam is on your list.

One of the best things about visiting Amsterdam during the festive season are the Christmas Markets.

You’ll find these holiday markets all over the city, selling everything from traditional Dutch food to handmade gifts and decorations.

It’s the perfect place to do some Christmas shopping, or just to soak up the festive atmosphere.

Another highlight of visiting Amsterdam at this time of year is the ice skating.

Amsterdam offers several outdoor ice rinks set up in the city, so you can enjoy a spot of skating amidst all the Christmas lights and decorations.

If you’re not a fan of ice skating, you can also go for a canal cruise.

You may think that it is too cold for that, but it’s really great way to see Amsterdam in all its wintery glory. Just dress accordingly.

You won’t be disappointed if you choose Amsterdam for a festive city break this winter!

Dublin for Good Cheer!

dublin christmas tree | Enjoy Travel Life

You may not think of Dublin, Ireland when it comes to festive cities.

But you simply must visit this wonderful city during the festive season.

The streets are lined with Christmas lights, the shops are full of holiday shoppers, and the ambiance is simply breathtaking.

Dublin is the perfect place for a festive getaway.

The good thing is that you can visit this city alone, with your special someone, or with your family.

Plus, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Dublin during the festive season.

You can go ice skating at one of the city’s many outdoor rinks, or take a stroll through St. Stephen’s Green, which is decked out in holiday lights.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take a ride on the Dublin Eye, which offers stunning views of the city from above.

Dublin has something to offer everyone during the festive season.

If you plan on traveling this holiday season, try your best to visit Dublin.

And if you visit Dublin with your friends, you can simply go to the best pubs in the city and enjoy the wonderful beers and nightlife.

It’s no secret that Dublin is known for having some of the best pubs in the world!

Montreal’s Holiday Menus & More

montreal christmas markets | Enjoy Travel Life

Montreal, Quebec (Canada) is an enchanting city at any time of year.

And, it becomes even more so during the festive season.

The streets are lined with lights, the shops are decorated, and there’s a general feeling of cheer in the air.

If you’re looking for a festive getaway, here are some reasons why Montreal should be at the top of your list.

One of the best things about Montreal during the festive season is the food.

You’ll find countless restaurants and cafes that offer special holiday menus.

No doubt you’ll be able to find something to suit every taste.

From traditional Quebecois dishes to international cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Another great reason to visit Montreal during the festive season are the holiday events and activities that take place in the city.

Discover incredible Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, concerts, and more.

No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find something to enjoy in Montreal. 

Finally, Montreal is simply a beautiful walkable city to explore during the winter months.

The snow-covered streets and buildings create a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for getting into the festive spirit.

So if you’re looking for a festive getaway this year, make sure to add Montreal to your list!

Final Thoughts To Enjoy The Festive Season

It is safe to say that many people do not like to travel during the holidays.

They love to stay at home and create a holiday ambiance for themselves and their loved ones.

This, of course, is a wonderful thing.

But, if you have days off from work during that period and you want to use those days to travel, then you should definitely visit the cities we discussed today.

Enjoying the festive season abroad is a fantastic experience for everyone in your travel party. In fact, it’s truly an unexpected delight.

Of course, there are many other cities you can visit.

But we think you’ll especially love a trip to one of these 3 beautiful cities during the holidays.

Have a happy holiday season!

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