Corporate Gift Hampers: How to Choose the Best Gift Baskets for Your Retreat

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Rewarding your team with a corporate retreat is a great way to show your appreciation. Even better is sending them home with a gift hamper.

Whether you’re running your own small business or coordinating the effort for a larger organization, these tips below will make your job easier. 

You’ll discover how to create the best corporate gift basket to delight your employees without breaking the budget. Plus, you’ll find suggestions for 5 gift themes and 29 easy-to-find items that are perfect to include. 

Continue reading to learn more.

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn how to choose the best corporate hampers for your next retreat, including:

  • The Importance of Gift Hampers
  • What is A Corporate Retreat Gift?
  • Planning Tips: How to Choose the Best Corporate Hamper
  • Tips for Selecting Gifts
  • Why You Should Consider Gifting at Your Retreat
  • Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Basket or Hamper
  • Final Thoughts on Corporate Gift Hampers

The Value of Corporate Hampers at Your Next Retreat

Corporate retreats are off-site events that benefit both the organization and your team. They’re often scheduled within beautiful surroundings, and if you’re lucky–a great destination.

From a business perspective, corporate retreats improve:

  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Communication between co-workers

In fact, they can be a lot of fun (especially if you love to travel)!

That said, when you’re hosting a corporate retreat, you don’t want to let your team go home empty-handed. So plan to include some gifts or hampers for participants. 

After all, without your team, where would your business be?

The thing is, finding the right gifts for a corporate retreat can be challenging.

But don’t worry. 

You’ll find helpful suggestions, below. Continue reading for help finding the perfect corporate gift hamper.

What is a Corporate Retreat Gift or Hamper?

Corporate retreat gifts can be physical or digital items you give to the attendees at your corporate retreat. 

It is a token of appreciation for participating.

Everyone who attends gets one, sort of like a wedding favor.

These gifts encourage the participants to be involved and attend future corporate retreats.

That’s one reason why you want them to be thoughtful prepared, so put some good stuff in there. Another reason is you genuinely want to be appreciative of your team.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Hamper?

Before diving into different gift ideas and things to include in a hamper, you should do some initial planning.

Once you get these factors checked, then you can give some thought to the different gift items you want to include in the gift basket.

So first, consider these steps.

1. Set a Budget for the Hampers

How much you want to spend on hampers is a crucial factor. 

Surely, your small business or organization will have a budget for the corporate retreat and the hampers. You want to make sure you don’t go over budget. 

Therefore, you need to determine what your budget is for the hampers. 

You can start with a total dollar amount and divide that by the number of attendees you expect.

Or, decide how much you are willing to spend for each person and sum that up.

The budget can vary based on:

  • What type of gifts you want to give
  • How exclusive the items are
  • What type of retreat it is
  • Other factors 

Ideally, the range for corporate retreat hampers is between $10 to $100 US per person.

However, you can check corporate hampers from The Hamper Emporium if you want to include some luxury hamper options. 

2. Follow the Theme of the Retreat

It’s a good idea to choose hampers based on the theme of the corporate retreat

For example, if you are arranging a wellness retreat like a yoga class, you can gift some wellness goodies. 

Likewise, if your event is about digital products or technologies, electronic gadgets make good gifts. 

After a seminar or workshop, you can hand out some snack hampers. 

Then again, if the corporate retreat is over a weekend or a road trip, you can consider giving some travel accessories as gifts.

You should also consider whether you want to give the participants a couple of individual items, a gift box, or a basket full of gifts.

3. Think About Branding

Corporate hampers also allow you to promote your organization.

Notebooks, water bottles, t-shirts, and other items can be customized with your logo.

This way, you’re marketing your brand while giving away retreat hampers. It’s a smart way to meet two goals. 

Just be sure to allow enough time for vendors to customize these products for you. You’ll want to add in a buffer to make sure you have them in time for the retreat.

And choose items you know will be useful to your recipients.

Tips on Choosing the Best Corporate Gift Hamper

Once you get the criteria set for the corporate retreat hampers, you can search for the most suitable items to add to the hamper. 

But before that, here are some more practical tips to help you out with the selection of hampers.

  • Consider when you will give the hamper to the attendees. If you want to give it at the beginning of the event, you’ll want to keep things light-weight and usable during the retreat. If you want to give away at the end, provide something they can enjoy at home.
  • You can give gifts at both the beginning and end of the event for multi-day or longer events. That helps keep the excitement rolling and reinforces the incentive to stay until the end.
  • Aim to give gender-neutral gifts.
  • If you are giving away hampers that participants will take home, make sure they are not a nuisance to transport. Choose something they can travel with. This is especially true if air travel is involved.
  • Consider buying gifts from local businesses. It can be a great way to show support and partner with the local community.
  • Try buying gifts in bulk to save some expenses.

Why Should You Consider Corporate Hampers for Corporate Retreat?

A hamper can have several positive effects.

We touched on that briefly above, but let’s take a deeper look at their value.

Giving gifts and getting gifts both give contentment. This is true of corporate gift baskets, too.

Consider the following:

  • A corporate retreat gift can be a token of appreciation. It shows that you are happy to have dedicated and hardworking employees.
  • It also shows that you appreciate participation.
  • Gifts make your team happy and boost their motivation.
  • A thoughtful gift expresses that you appreciates your team’s daily hard work.
  • A gift can be a good souvenir for a corporate retreat or achievement.
  • Gifts can be used as a marketing tool or promote branding. 

Now you understand the value of giving a corporate gift at retreats, and some of the planning considerations. Let’s take a look at what makes a good gift basket, next.

Gift Ideas for Corporate Hampers

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing items to fill a gift basket.

However, for corporate events, the gifts need to be suitable for the occasion. 

Here are some gift ideas to help you choose hampers for a corporate retreat. Based on your corporate retreat theme and budget, you can choose any category and items you want to include in the hamper. 

Nonetheless, these are not the only options.

But they will certainly give you some inspiration.

1. Corporate “Goodies”

Corporate “goodies” refers to the the generic items you get at most corporate events. However, they can be very useful.

That’s why they are good options to include in gift hampers. 

These items are suitable for any type of corporate retreat. Moreover, some of these items can be customized with company logos. 

  • Notebooks or Journals  – Journals and notebooks are something that everyone can use, especially if they are taking notes at the conference or networking with others. You can also put your company’s logo on it.
  • Pens – A nice ballpoint pen or fine line marker always comes in handy. It can also be used for branding.
  • Backpack/Tote Bag – Everyone needs a bag to carry their things. Having the brand logo on it makes it unique.This is a great option for those traveling to the event. It folds up neatly to tuck in luggage or makes a good carry-on option for those flying out.
  • Noise Canceling Headphones – If you want to include some exclusive items, noise-canceling headphones are a good option. They will be an unexpected treat for recipients – and so useful!
  • Company T-shirt – Company t-shirts can be worn during the event, giving an excellent opportunity for branding and team building. The can also serve as a remembrance of the event. You might even create a special design each year as a collectible!

2. Eco-Friendly Gifts

As business owners, it’s good practice to use sustainable products. This should be an important cornerstone of your corporate values.

When it comes to gifting, think about including sustainable products, too.

You’ll discover a variety of options from which to choose.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they can be very useful as well.

  • Tote Bag – Again, bags are amazing gifts. You can choose an eco-friendly one in any shape or size. 
  • Water Bottle – Sustainable metal bottles or stainless steel bottles are always well-received. These are a sustainable gift item that everyone can use rather than disposable plastic water bottles. You can put your logo on it, too.
  • Metal Straw – Another fan-favorite item is a metal straw. This sustainable option is quite on-trend right now, and easy on the wallet.
  • Succulent Plants – Surprisingly, you can gift some small plants too. Some pots are just an inch or two across! Succulents are a variety that are easy to grow and don’t require much watering, like cacti. If your company has a physical office, your team might like them on their desks. Of course they can take them home too, as can remote workers. Just make sure they come in some kind of packaging that makes them easy to get home in one piece.

3. Snack Hampers

Snacks are something that most everyone enjoys. 

You can fill up a basket with various snacks for the retreat. Mix different types of snacks or choose only one type. 

If your team has dietary restrictions, take that into consideration. For instance, provide for vegan, Kosher, halal, gluten-free, and nut-free diets. 

As a corporate community, sensitivity to this diversity sends a powerful, inclusive message.

Factoring that in, here are some popular choices for snack baskets:

  • Chips – You can include a few packets of chips in the corporate retreat gift hamper as a ready snack.
  • Cookies – Cookies are also something that most people will enjoy. They can eat them during the event, keep them in the office, or take them home to share. Try to offer gluten-free choices when possible. Nut butter cookies made without flour, or flourless chocolate cookies are good alternatives.
  • Nuts – Different types of nuts can be included in the hamper. They are a healthy snack option and can provide an energy boost to participants. Be sure they and any snack you include containing nuts is well-labeled.
  • Tea/Coffee – Tea or coffee lovers will really appreciate caffeinated gifts. You can purchase them from a local store in bulk to avail of some discounts. Choose among the various flavors of teas or different types of coffee beans for added interest.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate is a great option to put in the hamper. Depending on your corporate retreat, you can choose what type of chocolate to include. 
  • Few turn down delicious morsels of chocolate, beautifully presented.
  • Drinks – Different types of alcoholic drinks can be added to the hamper too. A few nips of a local specialty make a lovely addition to your gift hamper.
  • If you want to gift something luxurious, you can choose to include a fine wine or even champagne.

4. Wellness Hamper

A wellness hamper can be distributed to show that the organization cares about its employees and their well-being. 

Wellness hampers can include items that can help people feel calm, let them relax, or make them feel better. 

You can choose to go for a luxury collection or an affordable combination of gifts.

Here are some ideas. 

  • Face Masks – Face masks are an affordable yet beneficial item to include in a wellness gift hamper.
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils can be used in various ways, and you can choose from a wide range of scents. Including a small vile or lavender oil for aromatherapy can encourage a relaxed vibe. Eucalyptus or mint essential oils are more invigorating.
  • Sandalwood Soap – Sandalwood soap and other organic soaps are a nice addition to a wellness hamper that promote healthy skin. 
  • Bath bombs – The addition of a bath bomb collection to a wellness hamper for your corporate retreat is a fun item. 
  • Scented Candles – Scented candles can help people relax. After a long work day, your employees can enjoy a calming environment if you include a few small scented candles in their gift basket.
  • Bath Robe – If you are on a corporate retreat for a few days or want the hamper to be exclusive, you can consider adding a plush bathrobe.
  • Diffuser – A diffuser can be great in addition to the basket in conjunction with the essential oils. The two items can be used together. 

5. Miscellaneous

You’ll discover so many more possibilities that are excellent items to incorporate into your corporate retreat gift. 

When you put the effort and time into searching for a unique gift for the occasion, your team will appreciate it. 

Here are a few more items for inspiration.

  • Local Souvenirs – If your corporate retreat is taking place in a faraway area, include some local souvenirs in the gift hamper. 
  • Handmade Items – Bracelets, charms, and local crafts that are handmade are also a nice addition. They’ll also be a remembrance of the trip.
  • Gratitude Cards – Gratitude cards let your team know their value and how grateful you are for their hard work. Depending on the size of your retreat, a personalized note is especially meaningful. When genuine, it also keeps morale up. 
  • Digital Offerings – Providing access to online courses, workshops, and other training opportunities are a good way to show gratitude. Your team will also benefit from this gift, which gives them a growth opportunity. Moreover, you can give away other digital discounts, subscriptions, and access to software packages or buying clubs. It doesn’t have to be a corporate-related training either.  It could be yoga, language lessons, cooking lessons, or other extracurricular hobby or program your team might enjoy.
  • Gift Cards – Gift cards are a great addition to any corporate hamper. It can be from popular physical or e-commerce stores, or the local coffee shop. 
  • Coloring Books – This is an out-of-the-box gift idea that can be very enjoyable. It can be used in the office and help your team relax and have some fun.

Final Thoughts on Corporate Hampers

Corporate retreat gifts or hampers are a great way to show love and support to your team.

We all need some a break from the ordinary and fresh motivation now and again. A corporate retreat offers that opportunity. 

So, you should make the most of this opportunity by showing your gratitude through gifts. 

Now that you have some ideas of choosing the best corporate hampers for a corporate retreat, put some thought into the gifts your team will enjoy and appreciate. 

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