7 Best Things to Do in Houston for Christmas and Holiday Fun

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Discover the best things to do in Houston for Christmas and the holidays in the pages below.

You’ll find Houston is a great place to make your holiday season more memorable!

In fact, these attractions are a great take at any time of year.

Continue reading to learn of these fantastic places to visit this year in Houston, Texas.

things to do in Houston for Christmas
Things to Do in Houston For Christmas

CONTENTS – In this article, you’ll learn about the best things to do in Houston for Christmas, including:

7 Mesmerizing Holiday Spots in Houston, TX

When it comes to Houston for tourism purposes, you will surely experience something majestic and fabulous.

The city of cowboys, oil, and space center, Houston, portrays a serene picture of American life.

This is why Houston is renowned as a superb tourist spot.

It offers some of the most mesmerizing holiday spots for families and individuals!

The best part of the city is that it has something for entertainment for everyone, be it an animal lover or a space enthusiast.

In addition, you’ll find some fantastic beaches in Houston that offer a complete package to travelers who want to enjoy every second of their visit.

That’s why we’re sharing these best things to do in Houston for Christmas and beyond.

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Best Holiday Spots in Houston, TX

Let us walk through some of the best holiday spots you can enjoy in Houston, TX.

Assuredly, they will make your stay in the city quite memorable during the holidays, or any time of the year. To enhance your holiday spirit, consider planning a Christmas tree adventure to create wonderful memories, too!

1. Experience Houston Grand Opera House

If you love classic music, this is the best place to be.

The Houston Opera House is a beautiful place endowed with stunning architecture and sceneries.

Also, this place offers some of the best opera performances for visitors.

Tourists often praise the very talented performances that can turn your night into an amazing theatrical one.

You will, too!

2. Visit Hermann Park

hermann park houston | Enjoy Travel Life

Another beautiful holiday spot in Houston is Hermann Park.

The greenery of Hermann Park is unmatched anywhere in the world.

This park has been designed to offer visitors a wave of freshness within a historically significant green space.

While visiting the park, you can admire the Houston Zoological Garden, enjoy leisurely walking along the trails, have a lazy talking session with your loved ones.

You will be truly impressed by the historical statues in the park, as well!

3. Enjoy Southern Goods Restaurant

No visit to Houston is complete without the mention of the scrumptious food the city offers.

Instead, the city is swarming with authentic restaurants offering mouthwatering multi-nation cuisine, such as Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican, and others. 

One of the restaurants that top the list is the Southern Goods Restaurant.

This place is amazing, with great food options, a serene and friendly atmosphere, and and affordable dishes you’ll love to try.

4. Explore the Museum District

If you are a museum-lover of looking to learn about different aspects of life, be it cultural, historical, or arts, then Museum District is the perfect place for you.

Renowned as one of the significant cultural spots of the city, the Museum District boasts 19 different types of museums!

The best aspect of these museums is that most of them are free, since they are state-owned.

Also, since most of these museums are close to each other, you can easily cover them on foot.

Some of the most popular museums covered by the district include the:

  • Children’s Museum
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Houston Museum
  • Natural Science
  • Museum of Fine Arts

But there are loads more you’ll want to explore Houston’s Museum District!

5. Stroll Preston Street

Like most thriving cities, graffiti and street art are quite the sensation in Houston.

You can find all kinds of art pieces adorning the street walls on different corners of the city of Houston.

If you are one of those people who can spend hours appreciating masterpieces of art, Preston Street is the best place.

There, you’ll find exemplary works of art and virtually hundreds of hours of artistic entertainment.

So, go ahead and get immersed in the vibrant colors, portraits, and messaging that presents itself on this art route!

6. Go to The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Of particular interest when you’re in Houston will be the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum.

It’s dedicated to the soldiers of the African American military regiment. This important section served the US Army during the Civil War.

The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum has been designed to bring forth their sacrifices and dedication to serve the nation.

It’s counted among the best historical sites in Houston, in which you’ll find many memorable exhibits of the war.

7. See the Space Center Houston

space museum houston | Enjoy Travel Life

Houston is called the “Space City” since it is home to one the most modern yet historical attractions: the Space Center Houston.

The center features marvelous space exhibits, events, exhibitions, and collections.

You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Some of the most popular attractions at the center include the:

  • Mission Mars exhibit
  • NASA Tram Tour
  • Independence Plaza

So, get your inner space nerd on and visit this amazing place!

Final Thoughts on Best Things To Do In Houston for Christmas

Of course, you can visit these attractions in Houston at any time of year.

But they are perfect for spending memorable holidays with your loved ones.

Other tourists and travel enthusiasts from all around the world come to visit the city and make lifetime memories in Houston.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect holiday destination, make a plan to visit Houston over the holidays.

Here’s an Easy 5-Point Christmas Packing List for Your Holiday Travel, too.

Happy visiting!

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