15 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in the United States for 2022

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Looking for the best cities for digital nomads in the US?

We’ve highlighted 15 great options for you to consider. Whether you’re a full-fledged nomad, or just plan to work remotely for a while, you’ll find a location that supports your work and travel needs, below.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads USA

CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn about the best cities for digital nomads (USA) including:

  • Where Digital Nomads Live in the US?
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Boise, Idaho
  • 11 More Cities for Digital Nomads in the US
  • Final Thoughts on Best US Cities for Digital Nomads
  • Next Steps

Where Do Digital Nomads Live in USA?

A digital nomad is someone who travels around while they work remotely.

They may be self-employed or work for a company. Many work as bloggers, software coders, graphic designers, freelance writers, or photographers.

Although their lifestyle is one of moving around often, it is still important for digital nomads to find a place they enjoy staying for a couple of weeks or more at a time.

You might be surprised to find digital nomads living throughout the country. But some places are better for digital nomads and remote workers than others.

Here are a few best cities for digital nomads to work in the United States.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in USA

1. Boulder, Colorado 

Located in southeastern Colorado about 30 miles outside Denver, you’ll find Boulder.

Boulder offers a multitude of outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. So, you can head out into the fresh air once work is done.

Housing costs in Boulder can be a bit high, however. Therefore, you might want to consider sharing a space with another digital nomad or professional. 

If you are thinking about starting your own business in Colorado or elsewhere, consider whether forming a limited liability company (LLC) is right for you.

Some advantages of LLCs include:

  • Tax benefits for some companies
  • Limits on how much you would be personally liable for if your company gets sued
  • Management flexibility

Each state has different rules regarding formation, so read about your state’s regulations before getting an LLC.

Filing taxes yourself can help save you money, as well.

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Situated in the mountains like Boulder, but on the other side of the country, Asheville offers scenic views, a pleasant year-round climate, and a thriving arts scene.

Home to many nomads, Asheville has an active digital nomads group on Meetup with over 600 members.

Regardless of where you choose to live in Asheville, you have easy access to nature and your choice of coffee shops and unique restaurants 

Many nomads in the arts choose to spend time in Asheville.

If this sounds like you, keep in mind some best practices:

  • Use PDF files, rather than Microsoft Word or Excel, to share your work with others
  • Use a simple tool to ​​convert PDFs into a Word or Excel document and vice versa
  • Store your documents in at least two secure locations, such as in the cloud and on a USB device

Consider joining other digital nomads in Asheville if this sounds like your scene. 

3. Jacksonville, Florida

The largest city in Florida, Jacksonville is a hub of culture, entertainment, and dining options.

For nomads looking to stay for a month or two, they will find rental costs averaging around $1,300 for a studio apartment.

This is a pretty spread-out city, so consider what you want to be close to when deciding where to live.

Jacksonville also has a relatively low cost of living for a large city.

Studies have shown that the overall cost of living in Jacksonville is 6% lower as compared to the cost of living throughout the United States.

Furthermore, Jacksonville has a nice selection of co-working spaces for getting work done. 

However, if you’re not a fan of humidity, you may to skip town in September, when the humidity is at its highest.

4. Boise, Idaho

With its low cost of living, Boise is a good choice for many nomads, especially those who enjoy a quieter downtown area where they can get around without a car.

Although it is a smaller city, Boise has many neighborhoods with their own unique charm.

So, spend some time in each to see which one speaks to you.

11 Other Great US Cities for Digital Nomads

Of course, there are great US cities for digital nomads from coast to coast.

Here are others you’ll want to check out as you make your way through the country:

  • 5. Boston, Massachusetts – a city with a youthful vibe, historic attractions, and solid infrastructure
  • 6. Brooklyn, New York – a business hub with walkable streets, provided you have the budget
  • 7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – affordable cost of living with decent public transportation, and home to the World’s First Embassy for Digital Nomads
  • 8. Portland, Oregon – plenty of cafes and coffee shops and a flexible culture
  • 9. Seattle, Washington – great digital infrastructure with high-speed internet and co-working spaces
  • 10. San Francisco, California – affordable housing options and of course, beautiful weather!
  • 11. Chicago Illinois – rent is more affordable than NYC or California, with non-stop flights to 6 countries
  • 12. San Jose, California – expensive, but easy to find free WiFi spots, lower than average nightly rentals, and close to the airport
  • 13. Charleston, South Carolina – a beautiful, affordable city, especially in the fall and winter
  • 14. Santa Fe, New Mexico – cityscapes, to Spanish architecture, and an expanding fiber network
  • 15. Austin, Texas – thriving nomadic and remote work, excellent quality of life and nightlife

If you’re work allows you to be location independent, then you’ll have plenty of options in the US from which to choose!

Final Thoughts on Best Cities for Digital Nomads (USA)

You can work and live anywhere as a digital nomad, so you might as well be someplace that makes you happy.  Choose one of the best cities for digital nomads in the United States, and it’s hard to go wrong.

In fact, it can lead to a fulfilling and well-traveled lifestyle!

Next Steps

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