5 Best Southern Cities to Visit in the US This Winter

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Here are the 5 best southern cities to visit in the US this winter.

You’ll find that winter offers some of the most beautiful scenes of the year.

Snowscapes, a crisp breeze, colorful sunsets, and chilly mornings can be a welcome reprieve from hot summer weather.

But if you don’t enjoy the cold, you should head south.

That’s why we’re sharing the best southern cities to visit with you.

Continue reading to learn more about these great options for a winter escape.

best southern cities to visit
5 Best Southern Cities to Visit in the US This Winter

CONTENTS –In this article, you’ll discover the best southern cities to visit in the US if you are planning a winter trip, including:

  • Why Travel Can Be a Great Form of Self-Care
  • 5 Best Southern Cities to Visit in the US
  • Houston, Texas–Let’s Go Out to the Ballgame!
  • Eureka Springs, Arkansas—Learn the History of the Mineral Springs
  • Orlando, Florida—Disney World (and So Much More!)
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee—Visit a Cave or the Aquarium
  • Charleston, South Carolina—Enjoy Small Town Charm on the Waterfront
  • You Might Want to Come Back–Often
  • Final Thoughts on the Best Southern Cities to Visit in Winter
  • Next Steps

Why Travel Can Be a Great Form of Self-Care

If you’re stressed from work and worn out by your daily routine, a change of scenery is in order.

Taking a trip to the southern United States can be a great way to refresh your body, mind, and spirit.

The break can also help you focus on the positive things in your life – especially when the winter “blahs” hit.

Best Southern Cities to Visit in the United States

So, without further delay, here are 5 of the best southern cities to visit this winter to avert the winter blues.

1. Houston, Texas–Let’s Go Out to the Ballgame!

Houston boasts so many attractions that deciding where to spend your time will be a big challenge.

If you’re a sports fan, this could be the perfect time to take in a ball game at Minute Maid Park.

Using the right website, you can easily select your tickets, often with a discount, and even get a 360-degree preview of the view from your seats before buying.

You’ll also want to consider a food tour.

There are many different options you can be combine with learning about the culture of a particular part of the city.

Finally, you might want to spend time in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Downtown Aquarium, or the NASA Space Center.

Houston is one of the best southern cities to visit!

2. Eureka Springs, Arkansas—Learn the History of the Mineral Springs

Eureka Springs, in northwestern Arkansas, is a lovely town with lots of hidden gems.

The town has many restored Victorian homes and businesses, making it a treat for the eyes.

You’ll also discover it has a wildlife refuge, as well as many quirky shops and galleries to explore.

You might consider a walking tour of the downtown historic district.

Or, perhaps you would enjoy the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains by visiting a local park.

This is one southern city that caters to a variety of interests, making it among the best to visit.

3. Orlando, Florida—Disney World and So Much More

Orlando is the perfect place for a warm weather getaway.

Not only is it home to the world-renowned Walt Disney World, but Orlando also offers a wide variety of other attractions and activities you’ll want to consider.

From thrilling theme parks to peaceful and beautiful nature trails, there is something for everyone in Orlando.

And with so many great hotels and restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect place to relax.

To make things a little easier, websites like Mouse Life Today can help you put together a Disney-centric getaway that’s easy on your wallet.

So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, be sure to add Orlando to your list.

You won’t be disappointed when you visit this delightful city in the south.

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4. Chattanooga, Tennessee—Visit a Cave or the Aquarium

Chattanooga has so much to offer you’ll want to plan a longer stay.

You can stroll along the Riverfront park, visit the Tennessee Aquarium, or climb Lookout Mountain.

You might want to wander the arts district or take a ghost tour in the evening.

Visiting nearby Racoon Mountain Caverns will keep you fascinated, as well as comfortably cool underground.

And don’t miss the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel.

There, you’ll discover:

  • Gardens
  • Fine dining
  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Plenty of entertainment

You might even get to sleep in a train car!

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5. Charleston, South Carolina—Enjoy Small Town Charm on the Waterfront

SC bay | Enjoy Travel Life
Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC

With so many charming small towns in South Carolina, you won’t want to miss Charleston.

This historic city is right on the waterfront. In fact, some people say it’s a slice of heaven!

Charleston beach in winter can be a nice treat for the beach lovers.

In fact, the harbor has a unique beauty which attracts millions of visitors every years.

Since it offers mild winter temperatures, Charleston is an excellent southern city in the US to visit in the winter.

You Might Want to Come Back to these Southern Cities–Often

If your trip is particularly refreshing, you might decide that you want to come back on a regular basis.

For example, your time Florida might leave you longing to return there, to your own vacation home.

Buying a vacation home frequently requires a down payment of 20 percent or even more, which can be a considerable sum.

If you don’t have the cash on hand, there are several paths to consider, from taking out a home equity loan to a second mortgage on the place you currently live.

Before making an investment, talk to a trusted realtor about fees, taxes, utility costs, and laws and regulations about renting your property out if you choose to do so.

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Final Thoughts on Best Southern Cities to Visit in the US This Winter

When the wear and tear of daily life starts to feel like a grind, making an escape to any one of the best southern cities can be restorative.

Whether your visit is short or long, it’s an ideal way to renew your spirit and zest for life.

While you’re immersing yourself in the beauty of nature in Savannah, Georgia, savoring delicious new foods, learning about the history of an area, or taking in an exciting ball game, sometimes visiting a different place offers just the lift you need.

The southern United States offers many of the best winter locations, just a short drive or flight away.

The climate, coastal cities, gorgeous landscapes, and things to do attract travelers throughout the year–but especially during winter.

Each of the locations above will make a great winter vacation if you’re planning for a trip to south.

Next Steps

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17 thoughts on “5 Best Southern Cities to Visit in the US This Winter”

  1. These five Southern cities are ideal winter destinations for those wanting to escape the winter chill up north. Chattanooga Tennessee is a nice place to explore nature and so is Disney land in Orlando, Florida. I would love to visit the waterfront city of Charleston, North Carolina and the Mineral springs at Arkansas and also the space center at NASA in Houston.

  2. Orlando is actually one of our favorite destinations. I agree wth you that aside from Disney World, they also have a lot of beautiful nature trails. This is my first time hearing about Mouse Life Today and will check that out. Thank you for sharing.

  3. If I had to pick the top three from from these lovely places they would certainly be to do with food, arts and the water. Houston for the food tour and the Museum of Fine Arts. Eureka Springs for the wildlife and Charleston for its waterfront. The Arthur Ravenel Bridge looks so inviting as well.

  4. We love to head south in the winter. Good to know there are some great choices in the U.S. I never really thought of Arkansas as a southern state. And it is a state we have not yet visited. Charleston has been on my radar for awhile so maybe a winter visit would be perfect. Thanks for showing me some new options.

    • You are very welcome! Arkansas is indeed a southern state (according to the Census Bureau), but also West South Central. Either way, a great destination!

  5. This is a great list of exciting cities to visit in the Southern US in winter. Each offers engaging activities, and you can’t get bored there. I’ve only been to 3 of them, and my favorite from your list is Houston. I love the Houston NASA Space Center and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. I agree that Orlando is not just Disney World. It is worth visiting because of the fantastic nature and trails in the area. I haven’t been to Chattanooga, Tennessee, yet. But I will gladly use your recommendations and visit a Cave and the Aquarium.

  6. I have been out during winter only twice in my life. And I would love to do all tthese explorations, especially the NASA museum. The caves and aquariums also sound so wonderful. And that downtown walking tour also sounds fun in winter. A new bucketlist in my heart now.

  7. I agree with you that travel, change of scenery is a great way to destress. Eureka Springs sounds like a beautiful destination with its Victorian houses. The ghost tour of Chattanooga, Tennessee got me curious. Must be quite exciting. Love the pic of Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC. I hope I will explore some day.

  8. I have visited Chattanooga in the summer and fell in love with the city. I believe it’s very pretty there during Christmas, especially around the bridge area. I agree that Eureka Springs is a beautiful destination with its Victorian houses. But I’m not too sure about Houston because the traffic is really bad.

    • Glad to hear you loved Chattanooga! As someone from Boston (which has the worst traffic in the country, according to some reports), a little traffic in Houston wouldn’t bother me. But, there’s always the bus network and rail system in the Houston metro area if that’s a turn off.

  9. I definitely love visiting Charleston any time of year as there is so much going on! I feel like everyone flocks to Orlando in the winter, but if you stay away from the theme parks, it would definitely be ok! If I had to pick, I’d head to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I don’t know much about it (beyond what you profiled), and I’d love to do the walking tour or head to the wildlife refuge.

    • Yes, the walking tour and wildlife refuge are great choices in Eureka Springs. And I agree, Charleston is a great take. Once you’ve been to the theme parks in Orlando, there is so much more to see and do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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