Portrush: A Beautiful Seaside Town in Northern Ireland

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Holiday rentals in Portrush won’t disappoint when visiting this fun-loving seaside town in Northern Ireland. Once a small fishing village, Portrush is a popular holiday destination for Northern Ireland locals and world travelers alike. Read on to discover why Portrush should be on your itinerary when visiting Ireland.

CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn about staying in Portrush, Ireland.

Scenic cliffs: holiday rentals in Portrush Ireland
Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

Where is Portrush, Ireland?

You’ll find Portrush on a mile-long peninsula (Ramore Hea) on the north coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. This small resort town is flanked by beaches and a breathtaking rocky edge.

The main part of the old town includes a railway station and most hotels, restaurants, and bars. You’ll find activities for all ages in Portrush–even an amusement park!

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How to Get from Belfast to Portrush

It’s an hour-and-twenty-minute ride from Belfast to Portrush by train through the Antrim countryside. The two Portrush train stations arriving from Belfast include:

  • Dhu Varren (on the west by West Strand)
  • Portrush Station (in the town center) 

Trains also run from Coleraine and Derry-Londonderry to Portrush. The one from Coleraine offers the bonus of a gorgeous route through the cliffs and along the banks of Loch Foyle.

You can also get to Portrush by Ulsterbus, or opt for a scenic drive by car. The drive along the Causeway Coastal Route proves to be especially magnificent.

Why Choose Portrush Over Other Locations?

Mention holidays and you think of beaches, maybe watersports, extensive leisure facilities, and a wide range of other attractions to keep you entertained during your stay.

Most people probably think of locations in the Caribbean or Spain as being the ideal base for a holiday. But with that comes all the hassle of heaps of people and huge prices.

So, it’s no wonder that many people are increasingly looking to vacation in hidden gem locations like Portrush. You’ll find there are plenty of things to do here.

Portrush seaside resort town in Northern Ireland

Portrush itself is a seaside resort, with three beautiful sandy beaches: West Strand, Easta Strand, and White Rocks.

Who would have thought that sunglasses would be your number one travel item when going to Ireland?

Whether you are a cat-eye kind of girl or you prefer glasses with a simple shape, we promise you can show off your best summer style in this part of Europe, which is something a lot of people do not expect. 

There’s also a fabulous swimming complex, and the Royal Portrush Golf Club, a British Open golf championship course. 

For natural beauty, look no further than the Coastal Zone. This features:

  • The world-famous Giant’s Causeway
  • A nature reserve
  • A Site of Special Scientific Interest 

You’ll also find stunning stunning Causeway coastal routes and scenic inland rural landscapes.

We highly recommend taking a Giants Causeway Tour while you’re in Portrush. Not only is is an incredible experience, but it’s folklore has inspired popular films and series as one of the most beautiful set locations in the world.

Holiday homes in Portrush are close to all these facilities and many more. You’ll find activities from surfing to an amusement park and nightclubs in this small town.

In short, there’s everything you need to offer ample recreation of every sort to each member of your party, young or old.

Portrush Accommodations: Why Self Catering In One Of The Portrush Cottages Is Better Than The Alternatives

Once you’ve chosen a location for your family or group holiday, your next task is sourcing accommodations. Even here, there is a wealth of options available.

Budget inevitably plays a part in your decision when considering places to stay in Portrush. Likewise, other important factors include lifestyle, convenience, and the individuals that make up your group. 

You may consider a hotel or a B&B first and foremost. Granted, you will have at least some meals prepared for you and someone else will tackle the shopping and cleaning.

Being waited on like this adds significantly to the expense. It also reduces your flexibility, because you are tied to set meal times and menus. 

Perhaps, then, a caravan or holiday apartment would be the better option?

Here, you can eat what you like, when you like. But especially with larger parties, what you will notice is a lack of living space. (There’s nothing worse than being confined to a tiny caravan when it’s pouring down outside…Ugh.) 

Portrush self-catering cottages to rent offer the best of both worlds.

You’ll find plenty of space indoors and out for relaxation and play at holiday rentals in Portrush.

And, you can cook to your own schedule, within your set budget. Self-catering cottages are fully equipped and flexible enough to meet any eventuality or preference.

Why Self Catering Is Perfect For Holidays With Kids

Portrush self-catering cottages could be the answer you are looking for if you are exploring places to stay with children, particularly young children. While it may be tempting to think that catered holidays are easier for holidays with children, the opposite often turns out to be true.

One of the reasons why you might choose self-catering for children is the freedom it gives you to eat what you want, when you want.

Even with the widest possible choice, catered holidays often have food choices that don’t appeal to picky eaters. Or, they have set meal times that may not fit into your family’s busy holiday plans. 

When you opt for holiday rentals in Portrush, you can decide when you are ready to eat and prepare food that you know all your family will enjoy. This doesn’t mean you need to be tied to the kitchen for your entire holiday either. You can choose to stock up on food that is easy to prepare.

Family preparing a meal in kitchen: holiday rentals
When you choose self-catering cottages, you can decide when you are ready to eat and prepare food that you know all your family will enjoy.
Stock photo courtesy of Pexels

If you choose a holiday rental that is close to local amenities or one that has a café on-site, then you can also choose to eat out when you want to, even if it is for lunches or snacks.

Cost is another reason to consider self-catering cottages. While meals are included with a catered holiday, it can end up costing you more if your family do not like what is on offer.

What Facilities Enhance Your Stay At Holiday Rentals in Portrush?

Because you are staying in a cottage rather than a caravan or B&B, you can expect your self-catering accommodation to have all the creature comforts of your home environment.

That means you’ll enjoy full cooking facilities. No struggling to make a meal for four or more on two inefficient gas rings; or worse, having no cooking facilities at all and having to eat out all the time. 

A self-catering accommodation will usually offer a full bathroom too, as well as en-suite facilities for some or all of the bedrooms.

This is a particularly useful feature for families and large groups. After a day at the beach, no one wants to be queuing up to get showered or bathed for the evening’s activities. 

Most self-catering holiday rentals also include facilities for laundry. This means you can wash as you go, reducing the volume of clothes you have to pack. You could even make life easier when you get home, exhausted after your holiday, by doing a final wash before you leave! 

There will be TV and Wi-Fi to keep all ages amused if the weather is poor.

And there are a few holiday rentals in Portrush that will welcome your dog as well as your family.

What Other Benefits Holiday Homes In Portrush Should Offer Guests

If all this has persuaded you that looking at holiday homes in Portrush may be the right choice for you, your final step should be to check your accommodation for those little extras that make all the difference. 

Self-catering has many advantages, some of which we’ve listed above.

But your designated driver doesn’t want to spend all holiday doing the supermarket run. So it’s worth ascertaining whether there are shops within close walking distance for snacks and meal ingredients. 

Likewise, the head cook will certainly want some time off, too. So are there cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the vicinity for the odd meal out or trip to the pub? 

Kilkenny ale poured at a pub in Ireland: Holiday Rentals in Portrush
When choosing a self-catered cottage, be sure to check for nearby pubs and restaurants. After all, this is Ireland and local pubs are part of the experience.
Image by chongodog from Pixabay 

If you plan on having some lazy days, not stirring beyond your cottage or garden, is there enough on-site to keep the kids entertained while you chill? 

And finally, is the management of your holiday home rental attentive and close at hand if you have any problems or need assistance during your stay? 

Final Thoughts on Holiday Rentals in Portrush

If you are looking for a peaceful and enjoyable family vacation, hopefully, these insights on Portrush are helpful.

With heaps of attractions and plenty of great vacation properties in Portrush, you are bound to have no trouble creating the trip of your dreams. In fact, we think Portrush is one of the best hidden gems in Ireland.

While you’re visiting, don’t forget to check out the most romantic places in Ireland.

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Tell me, would you consider holiday rentals in Portrush?

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  1. Portrush sounds like a great place to visit! While I’m a huge fan of tropical beaches with warm and calm water, I also love the rougher, colder northern beaches such as in Germany or Denmark. I’ve never been to Northern Ireland but judging by what you’ve described, I think I would really like it.

    • You’ll get no argument from me on tropical beach getaways, Arabela! But Portrush is pretty cool. I think you’d like it, too!

  2. I love Ireland but have never been to Portrush. However, after reading your post I can’t wait to make it my base before exploring Giant’s Causeway. While at the moment I am putting off all my travel plans, I am going to consider Portrush for next year. After a long lockdown, all I want is a serene place by the beach.

    • Portrush would certainly fit the bill, Archana! Glad you found some travel inspiration, here. We are all tired of lockdown and look forward to traveling again when it is safe.

  3. Portrush sounds lovely, the perfect base for exploring Giant’s Causeway too. Can’t believe that during all the years I lived in the UK I never ventured across to Ireland, your post is making me want to plan! I will resist any travel planning for now, BUT Portrush has made it onto my list for sure. A quiet cottage by the beach is just what’s needed right now 🙂

    • I’m glad Portrush has made it on your list, Freya! A quiet cottage by the beach is just my speed right now, too. 😀

  4. Thanx for this great idea! Until now, to me Ireland was green rolling hills, fiddles, and cows in the rain. Oh, and lots of beer. But yes, one could combine all that with a beach vacation! Also, I’m a big fan of self-catering and would love to stay in my own cottage – feeling like a local.

    • Exactly. So few people would even think of a beach vacation in Northern Ireland–but there it is.

  5. I absolutely would stay at a holiday home in Portrush! This makes me want to go now! A place to get away from it all, with very little crowds and with all the comforts of home AND beaches (beaches are important).

    • Wouldn’t it be great, Kelly? I’m with you, if there’s a beach nearby, I’m in! (Even better in my own cottage.)

  6. What an incredible town! I had never heard of it, and it looks just lovely. I will definitely add this to my never-ending bucket list 🙂

    • It’s definitely one of those lesser-known places with a lot to offer, Kendra. Hope you get to visit Portrush sometime!

  7. Although my hubby has been to Ireland, I have yet to make it there. Hopefully, we will be able to go in the next few years. When we do, this sounds like a great place to add to our itinerary!

    • Ireland would be a great experience together–keep me posted on your plans! I’d love to hear how the itinerary shapes up.

  8. Personally, I would much rather go to a place without a lot of other people than an overcrowded place. We travel a lot on the off season for just this reason. I also would rather rent a private cottage, AirBnB, so that we can make our own food if we want. Eating at restaurants all the time is expensive and not terribly healthy. Some meals out are fine though. Great tips in this post.

    • I’m with you, Kathleen. I’ve never been one for crowds and enjoy having a full kitchen at hand. Glad you enjoyed this post.

  9. Portrush seems the perfect place to head to for a family vacation. The seaside resort seems ideal to spend quality time with the family. Staying in a self-catered cottage sounds like a great experience.

    • I agree, it’s an ideal setting for a family vacation–especially so in a self-catered cottage.

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