Best German Beer Festival in Munich: 5 Fun Things To Do at Oktoberfest

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A German beer festival is a festival full of excitement — and plenty of beer, of course.

But there’s so much more to it!

If you are a festival lover and have a passion to travel to Europe, then this festival is for you.

You’ll discover fun, culture, and good food at the most authentic beer festival in Germany.

Find out all about Oktoberfest, below.

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Five Fun Things To Look Forward To At Oktoberfest

CONTENTS – In this article, you’ll learn about the the most famous German beer festival, Oktoberfest, including;

  • How To Attend Oktoberfest
  • Some Fun Things to Experience at Oktoberfest
  • 1. A Wide Array of Bavarian Food
  • 2. Exciting Rides and Displays
  • 3. Two Meaningful Parades
  • 4. A Traditional Concert
  • 5. A Celebration of Culture
  • Final Thoughts on the German Beer Festival.
  • Next Steps

How To Attend Oktoberfest

Millions of people travel to Theresienwiese in Munich, Germany, to attend the annual Oktoberfest.

It is a two-week festival held every October.

Initially, it celebrated the marriage of the Bavarian King Ludwig to Princess Therese in 1810.

Over time, the festival grew to include many attractions, including beer tents, live shows, eye-catching displays, and exciting rides.

Many Bavarian breweries set up large beer tents to showcase their products and attract festival-goers.

However, beer drinking is not the only activity available to tourists during Oktoberfest.

Exploring Bavarian cuisine, watching shows, and going on rides are some other fun things to do at Oktoberfest.

How To Attend Oktoberfest

A common misconception about Oktoberfest is that you must buy tickets to the festival.

That’s not true.

Entrance to Munich’s Oktoberfest is free!

An exception is Oide Wiesn, another festival area located behind the Ferris wheel. It costs around three Euros to enter.

However, you’ll want to account for other costs like food, beer, travel, and accommodation.

For example, enjoying the rides costs a small amount.

And, you might also buy a souvenir or two from the festival shops.

Some beer tents allow you to reserve a table on Friday nights and Saturdays.

It is usually the time that these tents are closed to avoid overcrowding. But they will let you into the beer tent if you have a reservation.

Some Fun Things to Experience at Oktoberfest

From the main entrance, the right side or Wirtsbudenstraße is where you will find most beer tents.

On the left side, or Schaustellerstraße, you can see most of the rides and other attractions.

These areas are connected by several cross-ways, like the Matthias-Pschorr-Straße near the Bavaria statue.

Here are some great examples of fun attractions at Oktoberfest you’ll want to experience.

1. A Wide Array of Bavarian Food

Most people might know Oktoberfest for its seemingly endless beer stalls.

However, the festival includes several food stalls that sell Bavarian food.

You can buy lemon-thyme spit-roasted chicken and Schweinebraten, pork roasted in dark beer and onions.

Other traditional Bavarian foods include:

  • Roasted ham hock
  • Würstl or Bavarian sausages
  • Käsespätzle or cheesy egg noodles
  • Sauerkraut
  • potato pancakes or Reiberdatschi.

Pretzels, also known as Brezen, are an essential Oktoberfest food.

They go well with beer, but you can also eat them on their own.

2. Exciting Rides and Displays

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At Oktoberfest, you can find many famous attractions with great cultural significance for the people of Bavaria.

One great example is the tower of Bavaria, which you can climb.

From the statue, there are great views of the entire festival.

The building of the Paulskirche also provides a great view of the festival and the Alps.

Aside from sightseeing, you can go on exciting rides which have been festival staples for many years.

A famous ride is Teufelsrad, which challenges festival-goers to stay on a spinning disc for as long as possible.

Another exciting ride is the Crinoline, which is similar to a merry-go-round.

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing spin while a brass band plays in the background.

The oldest ride at the festival is the Hexenschaukel, also known as the Witches’ Swing.

It disorients visitors by moving the gondola and the whole room in the same direction or in different directions.

The Schichtl, the oldest attraction at Oktoberfest, is a vaudeville theatre.

From the outside, you can watch a parade.

Inside, you can watch the execution of a guest via guillotine.

However, it might be best to learn some German to understand and enjoy the show.

3. Two Meaningful Parades

Initially, people participated in the 1835 parade to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Bavarian King Ludwig and Princess Therese.

In 1950, it became the Trachten-und Schützenumzug, where people put on their best provincial clothes and traditional apparel.

Marching bands, flag-throwers, riflemen, floats, carriages, and even live animals join the event.

It is even big enough that German Television Channels broadcast this live event annually.

Another significant parade at Oktoberfest is the Einzug der Festwirte, the entry of the Oktoberfest Breweries and Landlords.

Thousands of workers, proprietors, and Carneys walk down the Sonnen Strasse to Theresienwiese.

The beer tent bands, tent proprietors, waiters, and waitresses go down the path on a giant decorated float.

Horses also carry the first few carriages of beer products served at the festival.

It’s an incredible experience!

4. A Traditional Concert

At the foot of the Bavaria statue, about 300 musicians give a Wiesn performance.

They play popular Bavarian songs and marches.

Sometimes, dance troupes make a guest appearance during the live concert.

Traditionally, the conductor for such a grand occasion goes to the mayor or prominent celebrities at the Wiesn.

They dress in traditional clothing for the performance at Oktoberfest.

To end the concert, they release colorful balloons in front of the Bavaria statue at the end of the performance.

In addition, they sing the Bavarian National Anthem with great pride.

It is an excellent performance to witness, as you can feel Bavarians’ love for their culture!

5. A Celebration of Culture

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German Beer festival

Whether a local or a visitor, attending Oktoberfest is a great way to learn about Bavarian culture.

It is where the finest breweries in Munich showcase their beer, and Bavarian people can display their talents.

Oktoberfest is a place to have fun, eat plenty of good food, enjoy rides and see amazing sights.

Ultimately, Oktoberfest is a celebration of rich history and culture open to the entire world.

If you are there for a vacation, a friend’s night out, or even a honeymoon, you will surely enjoy the attractions Oktoberfest offers.

Final Thoughts on This German Beer Festival

If you are hungry for a European trip and really want to make your trip awesome then you must attend the world famous German Beer Festival.

In this way you will have a double benefit of adventure and an authentic German beer festival.

So do plan for it.

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