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Find A Way to Escape Reality With These 5 Quick Mental Breaks

You can find a way to escape reality for a while without looking to drugs or destructive behaviors. When done in moderation, these 5 quick mental breaks provide a short reprieve from stress. That way, you can disconnect, relax, and come back to what’s stressing you in a better frame of mind. Keep reading to learn more about healthy escapism. 

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5 Steps to Create Your Own Space Saving Home Gym (and Get Motivated!)

A space saving home gym might be just what you need right now. That’s because working out at home is an excellent way to focus on self-care and being your healthiest self in the comfort of your home. But you don’t have to make a big investment, just be committed to getting results!

Learn how easy it can be using these home gym tips to set up your own workout space at home (and get motivated!), below.

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Reinventing Yourself After Empty-Nest: 9 Excellent Ways to Stay Busy

Reinventing yourself after empty-nesting can be a bit of a challenge. For many parents, it’s hard to find purpose after your children have left home. But it helps if you immerse yourself in a range of activities. That way, you’ll be too busy embracing your new lifestyle instead of wallowing in empty-nest heartache. So, try these 9 excellent ways below to keep yourself busy in order to adjust to your new circumstances faster and more easily.

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7 Important Garden Safety Tips for Children and Grandchildren

These garden safety tips will help keep little ones out of harm’s way when they’re in your backyard. Some of these tips are common sense. Others, you might otherwise overlook. All of them are important!

When you follow these tips below, you can make sure your backyard is as safe as possible for the littles you love – whether they are your children, grandchildren, or family friends’ kids.  

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7 Professionals You Should Hire Before You Move to a New House

Ready to move to a new house? Hold it right there. Even once you’ve found your dream home and are ready to sign on the dotted line, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid transition team. 

These professional services go beyond the realtor, loan officer, and home inspector to make moving to your new home that much easier. So, you may want to hire one or more of these 7 key professionals to lighten your load.

After all, moving is a big job! Plan to make it easier by hiring help where you need it most.

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What Key Questions To Ask Before Buying a House? Save Some Headaches!

Before you make an offer, you’ll want to consider the most important questions to ask before buying a house. It doesn’t matter whether you’re down-sizing or this is your first home – you don’t want to get blind-sided by overlooking these key factors. Once you can answer them, not only will you save yourself some headaches, but you’ll know for sure what you’re getting into. Only then can you make a fair offer. So, make sure you research these key talking points below.

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Having the Right Attitude: How A Positive Mindset Makes Life Better

Having the right attitude can make all the difference between a dreadful experience and the time of your life. This is true when it comes to travel, everyday living, relationships, and more. What people often fail to realize is that the way you look at things has an enormous impact on what you see and feel.

And if you haven’t mastered a positive mindset, you might be missing out — or worse, cheating yourself out of the happiness you deserve. With these simple changes below, you can be on your way to a better outlook and a better life.

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The Importance of Retirement Planning: What Retirement Lifestyle is for You?

Don’t underestimate the importance of retirement planning. In general, we are living longer, healthier lives – which overall, is a great thing. But you’ll still need a retirement ‘plan’ that considers the retirement lifestyle that’s best for you as you approach the ‘golden years.’ To help, this article lays out some common scenarios.

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How to Stay Positive and Motivated After Your Children Move Out

You might find it hard to stay positive and motivated after your children move out. Maybe you’re feeling lonely in your empty-nest. That’s totally normal. And that’s exactly why you need to be proactive about getting out of your own way.

So, go ahead and try out these practical suggestions designed to help you get out of a mid-life rut. When you do, you might finally decide that after the kids have flown the coop, your life couldn’t be better. 

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These 3 Important Tips Will Help Protect Your Home From Damage

It’s important to know how to protect your home from damage. Whether it’s your first home or you’re downsizing, preventative maintenance goes a long way to preserving your investment.

When you follow these important tips, you will eliminate some common and potentially expensive headaches. Instead of worrying, you’ll feel safe and secure knowing your home is protected while you’re in it or away. Here’s what you need to know.

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Renting Out Your House Like It’s an Instant Hotel or Homestay Property

Renting out your house for a time is one smart way to leverage what you already have to create income. You might head off on a trip, stay at your second home, or visit with family and friends for a while. That leaves your primary residence vacant and available for guests! With a few small investments and a little marketing, you’ll have your own “instant hotel.” Find out how, below.

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finding purpose as an empty nester | Enjoy Travel Life

Finding Purpose as an Empty-Nester: How to Cope After Your Kids Move

Finding purpose as an empty nester can take a little time. After all, you’re still reeling from the end of an era—a time when you had a clearly defined role as a parent knew what they expected of you. Once your kids move out, things feel different. Your new role, with and without them, may not be immediately clear.

Plus, you’ll experience a whole range of emotions, from loss to elation. It’s all completely normal and part of the cliched “new chapter.”

So we’re here to help you navigate the empty nest and learn to cope with your new situation. Take a deep breath and keep reading to discover the practical strategies that will see you through.

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5 Best Vegan Comfort Food & Delicious Vegan Meals for Non-Vegans

If you’ve invited non-vegan friends to your vegan dinner table, or vice-versa, don’t fret too much about what to serve. Because we’re serving up the best vegan meals for non-vegans in this article. Each dish will keep your guests and you happy, vegan or not. You’ll want to include a few of these options in your menu, or just enjoy them as vegan comfort food for yourself.

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Youthful Appearances: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Young

It’s hard to maintain a youthful appearance when the skin on your face is constantly exposed to wind, sun, snow, humidity, and bad ecology. The secret to looking younger is to try to keep your skin smooth and supple.

It’s a good idea to start taking care of your skin at the age of 25, but better late than never. Whenever you begin, do it comprehensively, keeping in mind the following seven basic rules.

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Top Pros and Cons of Downsizing Your Home Now That Your Kids Moved Out

Are you considering the pros and cons of downsizing your home as an empty-nester? Now that your kids have moved on, you may not need that big family home and yard anymore. Still, you may want to keep it. If you’re on the fence about making a move, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of downsizing. That way, what’s right for you will become clearer and it will be easier for you to make your decision. Here are the pros and cons, below.

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Best New England Road Trips | Enjoy Travel Life

9 Gorgeous New England Road Trips You’ll Want to Take This Year

Itching to set off on a good, old-fashioned road trip? Then New England is just the place for you. Whether you’re on the hunt for an epic hike, taking in the history of some of America’s oldest towns, or simply enjoying the views, New England road trips offer something for everyone. 

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Elevate Your Mindset at Home | Enjoy Travel Life

5 Easy DIY Home Decor Tips That Will Elevate Your Mindset, Fast

To elevate your mindset, make sure your home atmosphere isn’t bringing you down. Believe it or not, your home decor affects your mood and energy levels more than you might think.

Just making a few small changes can have a big effect on how you feel.

Try any one of these DIY home decor tips—from an airy linen curtain to a gorgeous centerpiece. You’ll find these pick-me-ups are fast and affordable. In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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Rhododendron Path | Enjoy Travel Life

21 Easy-Care Rhododendron Varieties That Will Beautify Your Yard

If your perception of rhododendron varieties is limited to broadleaf evergreens with pale purple blooms, it’s time to take another look. Rhododendrons come in almost all shapes, sizes, and colors and suit many growing conditions. 

So, perhaps you consider adding a few of these easy-care shrubs to your landscape. Once you plant them and they are established, it’s hard to find a more reliable landscape specimen. Here are 21 easy-care rhododendrons that will beautify your yard for many years. 

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Cat Safe Succulents: Why You Should Choose These Plants for Your Home

Selecting cat safe succulents is essential if you have feline friends who share your space. Even though cats are said to have nine lives, you wouldn’t want to test out that theory by introducing plants that are poisonous to them.

After all, cats are a curious bunch! Instead, fill your home and garden with these beautiful succulents without worrying whether kitty will be ok if she decides to take a nibble.

Details below.

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Easy Style: How to Bring Personality into Your Home’s Interior Design

If you want to learn how to bring personality into your home decor, we have good news: It’s easy. A home with pizzazz is a much more stimulating environment for you, your family, and your guests. So, don’t go for plain old boring when it comes to your home decor. Instead, follow these easy tips below to make sure your home is uniquely you! Everyone–including you–will feel more at home.

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Tea Culture: Which Do You Think is the Best Tea From Around the World?

Tea Culture is fascinating. Delicious teas, hot or cold and made from various leaves and herbs are literally steeped in tradition. But which is the best tea from around the world?

Tea-lovers, look beyond your bag of Tetley. Below you’ll find a whole world of tea and culture for you to explore when you travel–or even from the comfort of home. 

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Learn How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary With These Easy Tips

They say there’s no place like home. While it may not be perfect, the good news is it’s easy to make your home a sanctuary for you and your family. After all, it provides more than shelter.

Your home is the foundation for your security, family life, peace, and comfort, a safe haven. Find out how to make this your favorite place to spend time using these easy tips. 

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Couple Looking to Move | Enjoy Travel Life

Starting A New Life Abroad: 3 Great Countries to Pick

When you’re starting a new life abroad, you can potentially live anywhere. But when there are so many amazing places in the world as options, how to you pick? Well, that’s what we hope to help with in this article.

We’ve chosen 3 great countries we think you’ll love so you can begin narrowing down your choices. Read on to find out why they are ideal destinations to begin a new chapter, for whatever reason you may have.

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styling home for sale | Enjoy Travel Life

Styling Home for Sale? Best Home Staging Ideas to Sell Your House Fast!

Styling your home for sale can be one of the most important factors in how quickly it sells. To offer the most appeal to prospective buyers, you’ll need to keep an eye toward design and distance yourself from your personal decor. 

Of course, you can hire a professional to give your home that “magazine” look. Or, you can follow these home staging ideas for a similar effect. Either way, you’ll be bound to come out ahead, and fast!

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Safety Advice: Best Way To Handle Broken Appliances At Home or Away

There’s never a good time to have broken appliances. We’re so reliant on household automations and conveniences today that when the washer, dishwasher, or—oy!—the refrigerator breaks down, it’s a crisis. But with some rational thinking, safety advice, and a little skill, the problem won’t last long. Then, you can get back to your daily routine or vacationing without further interruption. Keep reading to learn the best way to handle broken appliances. 

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How to Keep Skin Hydrated While You Visit Beautiful Dry Climates

A woman’s skin can be a tell-tale sign of her age – and her adventures! If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sunshine, or enjoy traveling to arid climates, it helps to know how to keep skin hydrated.

It’s possible to keep your skin moist and healthy-looking while you’re having the time of your life wherever your travels lead you.

Find out how, below.

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Amarula Coffee Stingy Nomads | Enjoy Travel Life

25 Most Popular Coffee Drinks Around the World You’ll Want to Try at Home

We’ve rounded up the 25 most popular coffee drinks around the world for you to sample in your travels. Even better, you can make many of these java drinks at home to indulge in your caffeine pleasures. Some of these world coffee drinks take only a few ingredients using equipment you already have, others are more about the technique. 

One thing is for sure, if you’re into coffee (like I am), you just hit the jackpot with this list of coffee drinks. Explore the 25 of the most popular types of coffee so your coffee-loving taste buds can go on an adventure of their own.

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Home Improvement Remodel Renovation | Enjoy Travel Life

How to Renovate a House on a Budget: Affordable High Value Upgrades

If you’re wondering how to renovate a house on a budget, this post is for you. Home remodels can be expensivebut they don’t have to be. Instead, choose high value, affordable home improvements, prioritize, and combine them with simple makeovers.

Not only will you have upgraded the value of your home, but you’ve created a better living environment for yourself at a fraction of the cost. Consider this guidance below before you make any big investments.

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Aging Beautiful Woman | Enjoy Travel Life

5 Common Beauty Myths About Skin and Aging – Know Your Facts!

You have probably heard many beauty myths about skin and aging, but don’t realize it. But once you know your facts, then you can make informed decisions in your best interest for beautiful aging.

Read below to find out if you’ve been fooled into believing these 5 common skin care myths – and then find out what to do instead.

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DIY beauty tips | Enjoy Travel Life

11 Easy DIY Beauty Products In Your Pantry That Will Boost Your Confidence

Ever wish you could look radiant without the chemicals or cost of traditional beauty routines? The solution may be closer than you think — right in your pantry. You can up these easy DIY beauty products using simple ingredients to maintain a youthful appearance wherever you go. Once you try them, you may never go back to the day spa!

Continue reading to learn how to create your own all-natural beauty products.

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Careers: Cyber Security Professionals are in High Demand

Cyber security professionals are in high demand today. Whether you’re guiding your soon-to-be college student or thinking of a new career as an empty-nester, it’s an exciting field. But which industry offers you the best odds of landing a good job?

Narrow your search to these 7 top industries and you’ll find the highest demand.

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Succulent Garden | Enjoy Travel Life

The Top 7 Hardiest Succulents (That Are Absolutely Gorgeous, Too)!

If you’ve ever been to the southwestern United States or other desert climate, you know that’s where you’ll find the hardiest succulents. These beauties thrive under the scorching sun and drought conditions. But do you know about winter-hardy succulents? Adding some to your landscape means you can enjoy stunning succulents at home—even if your winters are cold. Find out which 7 succulents are cold-hardy, below.

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Why You Will Appreciate the Little Things in Your Life, Post-Pandemic

It can be hard to appreciate the little things in your life, especially after the devastating of the pandemic.

But staying focused on the positive can offer hope at a time when it’s most needed. As the pandemic lifts, we have great things to look forward to.

Reading them below will bring a smile to your face and help you find gratitude for the everyday life we’ve all been missing.

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Top 5 Easy Gardening Tips: How to Prepare Garden for Spring Planting

If you have visions of a beautiful garden this year, it’s time to add “prepare garden for spring planting” to your to-do list. Especially if you’re home for the season, you’ll find gardening to be one of the most fulfilling hobbies as an empty-nester or at any stage in your life.

Plus, gardening gets you moving and out in the fresh air after a sedentary winter.

So, we’ve put together these spring gardening tips to match your enthusiasm. They offer easy, quick rewards in the garden to get you ready for spring!

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