Easy Beginner Camping Tips: Be A Happy Camper The First Time

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These beginner camping tips are exactly what you need to make sure your camping trip is a good time. After all, camping can be miserable if not well-planned. Once you learn these essential tips, you can rest assured that you’ll be a happy camper the very first time you’re out in nature – and beyond.

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Happy Camping: How To Ensure Your First Trip Goes To Plan

Everyone should enjoy a camping trip at least once in their life. 

Frankly, there has never been a better time to make it happen. After all, the thought of facing the challenges of international travel in the rest of 2021 is far from appealing.

If you are planning to take a camping trip, however, it’s vital that you prepare well. 

When you do, it can become one of your favorite trips ever.

Just follow these easy beginner camping tips, below.

Take Some Simple Comforts With You

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Camping is a lot of fun, but it can be challenging, too. 

Of course, you won’t think about the stressful moments once you are back home and reminiscing on the trip. 

Still, you’ll want to grab any opportunity to make the experience more comfortable and less stressful with both hands. 

Packing the right snacks for your hikes is a great starting point. After all, nobody is fully happy when they have an empty stomach. 

Getting the most comfortable night’s sleep possible is another significant step to a better camping trip. You’ll want to invest in a quality sleeping bag and pillow. 

And in the morning, if you’re a coffee-lover, be sure you bring some kind of coffee maker suitable for camping. That might be a pour-over brewer or a stainless steel percolator coffee pot made for camping.

Bug spray and protection from the sun should also be high on your packing list when it comes to outdoor comfort.

Another necessity you should bring on your first trip camping so you’re comfortable is a big jug of water and soap, and also baby wipes for cleaning up. No one feels good when they’re all dusty. 

This way, you’ve covered all of your basic comfort needs.

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Learn How to Avoid Boredom

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The great outdoors is blessed with incredible activities. 

But you can only create the lifelong memories you crave when actively throwing yourself into the adventures. 

Vacations are an opportunity to try things you don’t normally do at home. 

Still, knowing what to expect is a key step to success. 

Reading bait fishing tips for beginners, for example, will allow you to get more from the trip if you plan on doing any fishing. Besides, pre-trip learning builds excitement.

Read up on activities like kayaking, fishing, trekking, and cycling, too if you plan to enjoy any of those outdoor sports while you’re camping.

You’ll also want to make sure you know how to build a fire and cook over the campfire. (Don’t forget the marshmallows!) Outdoor cooking can take some time and is a great skill to master while camping. 

If you’re in charge of meals, that will certainly stave off any chance of boredom.

And if you’re intimidated by the idea of cooking on an open flame, you can always bring along a gas camping stove like this one to make your first camping trip easier.

You will need to prepare for foul weather, too — it invariably happens! So, bring along some cold snacks, and a good book or a game of Uno you can play by the lantern to keep boredom at bay.

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Pack Essential Clothing

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When planning your camping trip, you may assume that it’s best to go with the flow. 

While a little spontaneity is great, organizational skills are really important, too. 

When you know what your itinerary looks like, it is far easier to pack the right items. 

For instance, if you’ll be hiking, It’s likely that you will need to find a great pair of walking boots

Likewise, your choice of socks can have a telling influence as blisters could quickly destroy your fun.

You also want to bring a lightweight rain jacket. It will give you full flexibility while also keeping you protected from the rain. (Besides, when you look the part, it makes you feel the part too.)

And nothing beats a flannel shirt or big sweatshirt when it comes to keeping you warm if the nights get a little chilly – except perhaps the right travel partner.

Which brings us to…

Travel With The Right People

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Camping adventures are filled with laughter and enjoyment. 

However, they will be far less common when you travel with the wrong people. 

Don’t underestimate the effect that constant nearness to one another and the inability to escape each other while you’re camping.

Vacations can always be a potential source of broken friendships if you are not compatible, travel-wise. With camping, the threats are even greater. So be sure to analyze the travel party before sending invites.

The right people (or person) will ideally be fairly easy going, willing to chip in with a little work, and low-maintenance. Sadly, if a member of your travel party doesn’t fit the bill, their negativity could have an impact on your experience.

But if you’re camping with someone special, it will be all the more memorable. (Tip: You may even want to invest in this cozy sleeping bag for two.)

Final Thoughts on Beginner Camping Tips

So, if this is your first camping trip, or you’re a novice, you should be feeling a little better prepared now. With a little forethought and preparation, you’re on your way to having the time of your life in the great outdoors!

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