Complete RV Buyers Guide 2024: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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This RV buyers guide is brief but offers the most effective tips and tricks for buying an RV.

Since Recreational Vehicles (RVs) have so many features, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully informed before making an investment.

So, read the article below for a deeper insight about everything you need to know about buying an RV.

rv buyers guide
RV Buyers Guide

CONTENTS – This article is a helpful RV buyers guide that shares tips on how to buy RV, including:

  • The Only Guide You Will Ever Need
  • Important Things to Consider When Buying an RV
  • Get the Caravan Type for Your Needs
  • Financial Aid Considerations
  • On Brand New Caravans
  • On Pre-Loved Caravans
  • Brand New or Pre-Loved?
  • Running Costs to Consider
  • Getting the Best Possible Price
  • Happy Travels!
  • Final Thoughts on RV Buyers Guide
  • Next Steps

2024 Complete RV Buyers Guide

Buying an RV is exciting!

It’s not an easy decision to make, though.

There are plenty of factors for you to consider if you want to do things wisely.

For instance, do not rush the process.

You need to keep in mind that you’re spending a serious amount of money so you should never be hasty.

In fact, you may want to make sure you like RVing by renting one first. That way you can ensure it’s an experience you will enjoy before you make the commitment. One great way to do this is to checkout RVshare, which is like Airbnb but for RVs. When you get an RV rental, you can try on the RV lifestyle for yourself.

Once you know you want to buy, follow this ultimate RV buying guide to help you make the best decision possible when you’re ready to buy an RV.

You’ll learn everything, from the key factors to consider, different financing options, and even getting a gas installation for your caravan.

After reading this, we assure you that you’d have an easier time looking for the best RV.

Important Things to Consider When Buying an RV

The following are the most important things you need to reflect upon before even proceeding to shop for an RV:

1. Why do you want to buy an RV?

2. Who will the RV be for?

3. Where do you plan to travel?

4. Do you prefer to drive a motorhome or tow a trailer?

5. What RV features do you need?

6. What RV features do you want?

When buying, it’s best to keep in mind that you should always opt for what you need and not what you want.

You may not need to spend so much during your initial purchase.

That’s because you will have years ahead with your RV during which you can customize it to a T.

What Caravan Type for Your Needs?

When it comes to the type of caravan for you, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1. What type of RV is best for your needs?

2. Do you want a new RV or a used RV?

3. Do you want a motorhome or a towable?

You drive a motorhome, while a towable will require to be towed by another vehicle.

Opting for a towable can be as expensive as a motorhome because you will need a separate vehicle for towing.

Such a vehicle could either be a truck or an SUV.

For the easiest adjustment into an RVing lifestyle, you might opt for truck campers, pop-up campers, or small travel trailers.

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Financial Aid Options

Unless you have a cash reserve, you’ll want to proceed with financing options once you’ve decided on your preferred caravan.

You will need to think about your budget and a financing plan.

Ask your RV dealer if they provide financing through third-party lenders. Many do.

You can also opt for a vehicle loan from a bank.

Among other things, financing will depend on your:

1. Credit score

2. Financial capacity for a down payment

3. Job security

So make sure you know where you stand before applying. That way, you won’t be disappointed by the offer.

On Brand New Caravans

You need to know the following if you prefer to buy a new caravan:

1. You will be buying a unit that has just left the assembly line for only a few weeks of a couple of months.

2. You will get to customize it with all the latest available features.

3. This is an expensive option.

4. You will have a full manufacturer warranty.

5. You do not have to check for wear and tear, damage, or driving issues.

6. You will have to pay a higher insurance premium.

7.  You may need to invest in a towing vehicle.

On Pre-Loved Caravans

Take note of the following if you’d be opting for a preloved caravan:

1. It will be hard to tell how long it’s been used since its production.

2. You need to be particular with the current wear and tear as they can lead to issues that will require repair.

3. You will need to set aside money for future repairs because it is tricky to predict how it will perform in the coming years.

4. You will likely save money on the initial purchase.

5. You can fully redecorate, rebuild and restore the RV to your own liking and preferences.

6. You will be paying for a cheaper insurance premium.

7. You may have to deal with hidden damages in the future.

8. You may not be offered a warranty.

9. You may spend a lot on upgrades.

What’s Better: Brand New or Pre-Loved?

Both kinds of RVs are loved by caravanners.

But expert caravaners advise that you opt for a used one if you’re starting out and you want to be cost-efficient.

And, it’s best to avail them from a dealer than a private seller.

However, the good thing with a new RV is that you’d still have the manufacturer’s warranty. Such will allow you to have a safety net.

Running Costs to Consider

You need to consider the following expenses that come with owning an RV:

1. Maintenance costs

2. Repair costs

3. Insurance

4. GAP coverage (covers the difference between the value of the camper and any damages)

5. Registration

6. Fuel

7. Parking fees

8. Internet and cable access

9. Meals

Getting the Best Possible Price

To get the best possible RV deal, do consider the following tips:

1. Be open to all options once you start looking at RVs.

2. Be familiar with auto finance rates from dealers and banks.

3. Do not rush the process. Take your time to look for the best deal to come along. Be patient.

4. Go to RV shows to see options that can be available for you.

5. Opt to buy at the end of RV season or at the end of the month.

6. Be a friend to salespeople.

7. Learn to assert yourself and always ask if there are better deals available.

8. Look for incentives that can make your purchase worth the price.

Happy Travels

RVing is a fun and liberating way of life that comes with a price.

You will have to deal with parking fees, maintenance, insurance, repairs, and everything in between as days go by.

This is why you need to ensure that it is the life that you truly want before embarking on it.

It is a long-term investment and you need to be 100% sure that it is the best financial choice for you and your family. 

Final Thoughts on RV Buyers Guide

RVing as a great lifestyle for anyone who loves to explore, and especially empty nesters.

It also offers the unique benefit of living near to nature. But before that, buying RV can be a challenging task.

After reading this RV Buyers Guide, you now know what points to keep in mind when you are ready to buy your very own RV. And, you are so much better prepared to go for it!

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