RVing Must Haves: What’s So Important About RV Sealant?

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If you’re a new owner of an RV or just renting an RV for the season, then you’ll want to have RV Sealant on hand.

That’s because it will keep moisture out of your vehicle and make sure your RV is sealed tightly. Because there’s nothing worse than stepping into an RV that’s soggy, musty, or moldy RV. (Ew!)

To prevent that, this article to share tips about RV trim sealant.

It’s an RVing “must have” that will keep your road trip from being leaky.

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CONTENTS – In this article you will learn why RV sealant is important and tips for using it to keep you and your RV dry, including:  

Why Do You Need RV Sealant?

You can’t change the weather. But whether you are on the road or in an RV camp, but being prepared for the weather can make the difference between a trip that’s memorable – for all the wrong reasons.

When the environment shifts away from the calm, you’ll want to have the right gear so you can enjoy camping. Most importantly, your RV must be ready to withstand it. 

An RV trim sealant is one type of shield against the weather. It prevents leaks from ruining the interiors. Not only does this help extend the life of your RV, this simply, preventative maintenance can keep you dry! 

Both you and your vehicles need to endure what can be a tough RV life. Some common challenges of this lifestyle include:

  • Rough terrain
  • Inclement weather
  • Physical damage caused by people and accidents
  • and more

Your vehicle’s exterior is the main bulwark against those abuses. Therefore, you must make sure to keep it well-maintained to prevent structural problems. Every nook and cranny should have its weatherproof seal intact to fortify it.

Sealants close the gaps that could let water and other elements enter inside. But they can break down over time. 

When that happens, you must immediately replace the seal. Failing to do so will let the elements damage your RV gradually until it becomes useless.  

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What Should I Look for When Inspecting My RV Seals?

rv window seal

So, to prevent leaks from happening, you should inspect the seals regularly.

At minimum, check the roof, windows, corner seams, caulking around windows, doors, and any other openings at the beginning of the season.

Look all around the RV for any signs of damage or water leakage.

Watch for these trouble signs that could lead to leaks in your RV unit. They indicate that it’s time to reseal:

  • Cracks in RV Sealant
  • Gaps in Trim Sealant
  • Loose Sealant
  • Aged Sealants

You’ll want to inspect your RV sealants regularly, say once a month — and especially before you go off on a trip. Don’t forget to pack the RV trim sealant!

When you winterize your RV at the end of the season, you’ll also want to reseal your roof.

This will extend the life of your RV, as most RV damage is due to water leakage. This way, your RV roof should easily last about 10 years.

The good news is if you find the seals need repair, it’s a simple fix. Keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Trimming the RV Sealant Choices Down

Once you recognize that you need to make repairs, you’ll want to choose the right sealant.

You’ll also want to see if your recreational insurance policy covers any damage to the contents of your RV due to leakage.

There are many varieties of RV trim sealants because each solves a particular type of problem. 

Get to know your RV well enough to recognize the problem you are facing so that you can choose the correct sealant to repair it.  

Start by asking a few questions (below) on the topic that will help you with your decision-making.

How Flexible Should RV Trim Sealant Be?

rv sealant / rv caulking

Temperature variations will cause most substances to expand and shrink.  This applies to RV trim sealant as well. 

These changes in dimension may seem small but are significant enough to cause damage. Door and window frames are more vulnerable due to changes in material and shape.

As a result, the trim sealant around RV doors and windows wear away sooner than elsewhere. 

A sealant with a lot of elasticity (high-modulus) that can handle a lot of stress (tensile strength) is one option. But it will undergo a lot of wear and tear in such spots. Therefore, choose one with low-tensile strength when sealing RV windows and doors so that it will flex with the dimensional changes.

Where to Use Saggy Sealants and Where to Avoid Them?

A sealant’s sag can be helpful or not, depending on the application. 

A high-sag or self-leveling sealant works perfectly for flat surfaces, like the borders of skylights, vent fans and pipes, and other roof-mounted parts.

They fail on vertical surfaces like window sills and door frames because they will flow before it dries (cures). In those situations, opt for a low-sag sealant instead.

How Does It Cure and How Long Will It Take?

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Different sealants require different circumstances for curing. Some get cured by air, while others use atmospheric moisture. Foam sealants are an example of the latter.

Foam sealants help seal the entry points of wiring looms, pipe penetrations, basement gaps, and others.

It’s best to mist-spray the application area before laying it. This way, it will cure faster and adhere better.

Final Thoughts on RV Trim Sealant

The RV life can be an escape from the boredom that comes with the routine life or be a routine itself.

Either way, enjoying it requires a robust RV, which is possible only with the protection offered by the best RV trim sealant.

Any time you set off on an adventure, you’ll want to go through a comprehensive RV maintenance checklist, and that includes inspecting your RV trim sealant.

And if you decide you love RV living so much that you want to make your rig your home year round, continue reading about how you can finance an RV as your primary residence.

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