Croatia Sailing Holidays: Discover the Perfect Vacation on Sailboats and Yachts

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If Croatia sailing holidays are on your radar, you’ve got a good idea. Sailing in Croatia makes a perfect vacation because of everything that the Adriatic Coast offers. Here, you’ll enjoy sunshine, gorgeous azure water, rich culture, and all kinds of fun experiences along the way.

Whether you hug the Dalmatian coast for amazing beaches, visit ancient cities on the Croatian islands, or eat local food in the small villages as part of your sailing tour, you won’t be disappointed. That’s because some of the best places in Croatia are accessible by open waters.

So, set sail on a perfect sailing holiday along the coast of Croatia! Here are some helpful tips and popular destinations, below.

Croatia sailing holidays

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Why Sail Croatia?

Sailing in Croatia is a great way to experience this beautiful Central European destination. With its stunning coastline and islands, historical points of interest, delicious foods, and more, it’s no wonder Croatia’s popularity is on the rise. Here are a few reasons Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations:

  • Since many of the islands are close to one another, you can easily take elegant cruises around Croatia and to the next island without much trouble.
  • You’ll likely encounter fair winds in this part of the Adriatic compared to sailing in other destinations.
  • The weather conditions on the coast are Mediterranean, which means summers are hot and dry and the winters are mild.  
  • You can easily see historic ruins as you explore Croatia’s 3,000 miles of coastline and more than 1,000 islands, too.

A week or two-week sailing trip will give you a taste of this picturesque country. But stay longer, if you can.

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Guide to Luxury Sailing in Croatia

Given the spacious Adriatic coast and gorgeous clear waters, one of the most favored activities in Croatia is sailing. It enables you to see even the most hidden parts of Croatia, all while having the comfort and privacy of being on a sailboat or a yacht.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for August to pack your bags and enjoy the sun and the sea. Croatia’s warm Mediterranean climate enables you to have your tour as early as April or May, for even better prices.

Renting Sail Boats in Croatia

If you’re an adventurous spirit and you wish to explore all of the hidden parts of the Croatian coast, picking a sailboat that suits you the best is the first step to take. 

The type of sailboat you want to go with depends on your level of comfort and how many people you want on board.

Luckily, there are a great deal of options from which to choose. Because it is small and fast, a sailboat is perfect for visiting any number of the beautiful islands that Croatia has to offer. 

The best starting point would be in Split, the second-largest city in the country and the center of sailing. From there you are a short trip away from Brač, Hvar, and Korčula. Also, the crew can show you a few basics about sailing so you can return home with a new skill. 

So, if your ideal vacation is cruising on the Adriatic Sea while feeling the warm wind and sunshine on your skin, check out this website for the ultimate sailing experience.

Luxury Yacht Holidays – Croatia

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For a more luxurious kind of travel, a sailing yacht would surely be the best choice. If you want to see the whole extent of what the Mediterranean coast has to offer, yacht tours are a must. 

The size varies by your preference.

Private yachts can fit from 6 up to 12 people. They are ideal for a larger family and/or groups of friends. The professional crew guarantees to make your stay as enjoyable as possible all while making your trip secure. Your only job is to sit back and relax. 

A private yacht is perfect for longer trips so that way you can visit the stone city of Dubrovnik and end your trip in Istria and Kvarner. You can swim in the warm Adriatic waters and experience all of the exclusive delights that Croatia has to offer along the Istrian coast.

Here you can find out about what kind of yacht would best suit your wishes and needs, as well as which route would please all of your expectations. 

Cruising Croatia Islands and Coastal Croatia

There is a reason why Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations. The rugged coastline that Croatia has is very unusual and rare, so you can visit a few different places in a day’s time.

Wherever you choose to go, you will not be disappointed. Every city and every island is rich with good vibes, local culture, gastronomy, and most importantly – sun. 

Islands of Croatia and Coastal Destinations Not to Miss

With so many islands to choose from on Croatia sailing holidays, we’ve narrowed it down a bit for you. Find out the top islands you should visit when you’re planning Croatia sailing holidays.

Blue Caves

It’s no wonder this unique natural phenomenon on Bisevo Island is such a popular choice for tourists. Once only accessible by a natural opening through which to dive, it now has an opening for a small boat to pass through.

Inside, you’ll be mesmerized by the gorgeous cerulean blue water. Just expect to spend some time waiting for your turn. (Dalmatian Islands)

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Bol Island

You’ll find the small town of Bol with its beautiful beaches on the south side of Brac Island. Zlatni Rat Beach is the most popular beach, for its azure water and soft sand. Rising from the shores, you’ll see the mountain Vidova Gora.

This seaside resort town is one of the most highly-rated destinations in Croatia. It’s one of the Dalmatian Islands.

Lučice Bay, Brač

This cove on the island of Brac is perfect for divers, with its crystal clear, sky-blue water and a cave on the western side. You’ll find plenty of restaurants offering up the freshest seafood in Lučice Bay, too.

Milna Town, Brač 

Milna Town harbor on Brac Island is ideal for swimming and scuba diving, with plenty of romantic streets you can stroll. It was once called “the bay of a thousand ships” by ancient Venetians.

Flanked by stone houses along the waterfront, and with historic sites like a Baroque church, this small town was once known for its shipbuilding. You can indulge in a wine tour to taste homemade wine, quality olive oil, and Mediterranean dishes here, too.

Pučišča, Brač

pucisca island brac croatia | Enjoy Travel Life

In the north of Brac, this cove is dotted with charming stone houses with paved white roofs. Some say Pučišča is the prettiest village in all of Europe. It’s also one of the oldest. In fact, you may hear archaic speech that has been preserved through the centuries.

Famous Renaissance architectural masterpieces were built from stones quarried from Pučišča, a tradition that continues today. Long ago, 13 towers once guarded this port from pirate attacks.


On the Adriatic Sea, this small city once known as “Ragusa” is an ideal seafront location with an old town and a culture that attracts artists, creatives, and intellectuals. You may happen upon one of the many festivals and celebrations that take place in Dubrovnik.

Or, opt to slip into the clear waters of one of the beaches among rocky coves or in a secluded swimming area.

Veli Rat, Dugi Otok 

On the northernmost point of the island, you’ll find Veli Rat in Čuna Bay. This ancient place with roots in Roman times offers a modern marina and a soaring lighthouse, Punta Bjanca. Here, the chapel of St. Nicholas makes a most romantic place for a wedding.


You’ll find Istria on the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. It’s shared by three countries: to the north, Slovenia, central and south belongs to Croatia, and a strip of land on the northwestern base, to Italy.

Istria is a great place for foodies and history buffs alike, with its hill towns and Roman ruins. But sun-lovers won’t be disappointed either: you’ll want to check out the seaside town of Poreč.

Click here to learn more about Poreč.

Kornati Islands

kornati croatia | Enjoy Travel Life

Over 140 uninhabited islands in the northern part of Dalmatia make up the Kornati Islands. They are the most dense archipelago in the Mediterranean. The Kornatis make an excellent place for a swim stop or other water sports.

You’ll also want to take an excursion through the Kornati National Park. Here, you’ll see the “crowns” of Kornati, a natural phenomenon you won’t find elsewhere in the Adriatic.

Komiža Town, Vis Island

This place has the feel of a charming Mediterranean fishing village with leanings toward a seaside beach resort. Before tourism, life in Komiža was based mostly on farming, winemaking and fishing.


This beautiful destination includes both parts of the Adriatic coast and mainland and several islands. You’ll experience stunning panoramic water views on Kvarner Bay and can explore the semi-ruins of a magnificent fortress. There are lots of walking paths, great swimming, and wildlife here, too.

Paradise Beach boasts one of the best soft-sand beaches in Croatia.


This remote archipelago is made up of Great (Vela) Palagruža, Little (Mala) Palagruža, and multiple rocks and reefs. You’ll find Palagruža in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It is the southernmost point of Croatia. In fact, it’s closer to Italy.

This place is rich with legends, so ask the locals to share a few with you.

You can visit two small pebbly beaches suitable for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. If you’re ambitious, hike to the lighthouse perched on high. You can even rent an apartment in the lighthouse, but be forewarned, navigating to this little island is tricky at best.

Korčula Island

You’ll find dense pine forests on Korčula Island and a walled town with medieval buildings and squares known as “Little Dubrovnik.” It’s not as crowded as many other Croatian tourist attractions, but just as inviting.

This hilly island was first colonized by the Greeks in the 4th century, BC. Today, it is one of the safest places in Croatia and Europe,

When you visit, enjoy the beautiful beaches, excellent dining, and shopping opportunities.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia (second to Zagreb) and an excellent home base for day trips in the region. Here, you’ll find ancient ruins and points of historic interest, gorgeous architecture, fantastic local cuisine, great beaches, and a thriving nightlife.

It’s also more affordable, with lower prices than Dubrovnik.

Stari Grad, Hvar

stari grad croatia | Enjoy Travel Life

This understated gem in the northern part of Hvar is one of the oldest. In Stari Grad, you can meander the white-stone streets strewn with fragrant flowers in the old town, step into a hipster cafe, relax on the gorgeous beaches, and stroll along the picturesque promenades.

Glavica Hill is a perfect place to catch a sunset to finish at day’s end.

St Clement Island, Pakleni Islands

The largest of the Paklinsi Islands with over 18 miles of coastline, St. Clement Island island is a popular place for weddings and tourists. The postcard-perfect marina, which is open from March to October, offers a handful of restaurants and a lounge.

The coast is a bit rocky, but there is a dog-friendly trail that is open year-round. In the town of Palmizana, you can tour art galleries and take in the mesmerizing views.

Final Thoughts on Croatia Sailing Holidays

Croatia has one of the sunniest coastlines, pristine beaches, and modern marinas. Plus, it’s among the best routes for island hopping on a Croatian sailing holiday. For these reasons and more, Croatia sailing trips can’t be beat. Just make sure you plan plenty of time to see as much as you can.

Honestly, there’s no better way to see Croatia.

To learn more about how you can easily plan a sailing trip, click here.

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