5 Essential Items for Travel: Use This Short List for Packing Light!

When it comes to packing the most essential items for travel, you want to go light. Of course, you’ll want to plan an easy capsule wardrobe and minimize toiletries. But you also want to pack the most important things. Make sure you don’t leave for the airport without these five items in your carry-on bag.

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About Whether you are a digital nomad who travels long-term or just love traveling for leisure, you must always pack a few essential items for travel. it does not matter if you are a remote worker or just a traveling fanatic; what really matters is traveling with the right gear. These gadgets and accessories will make your traveling easier and more comfortable.

Add these items, travel gadgets, and accessories to your packing list. Even if you simplify your travel and pack light, you’ll want to bring these.

Safety and Sanitizing Gear

You have probably seen videos of people doing unusual things on airplanes, like putting their feet anywhere or clipping their nails. You can’t control others, so this should remind you to be more prepared to protect your own health and safety next time you find yourself traveling.

The time of the year you are traveling doesn’t really matter. You always want to take precautions to keep yourself healthy and safe while traveling

It goes without saying you’ll want to pack a mask during your flight, especially during this pandemic and beyond. 

You can opt for a disposable KN-95 mask or the kind that allows for better breathing and avoids fogging up your glasses.

A PurePerformance mask is a great pick, in that case. It uses a nano-mesh fabric with special filtration technology that is 99% effective in filtering pollen particles and other allergens but looks and feels great.  (After all, you’ll be wearing it for your whole plane ride except for when you’re eating and drinking.)

Another excellent way to stay safe while traveling is to carry hand sanitizer wipes. That way, you can wipe down any surfaces you’ll be touching, and also wipe your own hands with them. This can make a significant difference in your health.

To make things even easier, you may want to purchase a full travel kit that includes all of these safety and hygiene products. 

For instance, The Safe Travels Kit includes an anti-microbial seat cover, pillow case, sanitizing wipes, surgical mask. A carrying pouch makes for the utmost convenience. It’s affordable and you can even monogram it – how cool is that?

Portable Charger

You already know that smartphones and other devices are a must-have for your travel, especially if you are traveling for business. So, you need to ensure that you have enough power.

The problem arises when you use your devices for a long time or use the GPS for travel by car; both use up your charge. But you don’t want your vital devices to shut down when using them, especially right before you’re about to take that epic selfie! 

So, you’ll want to bring a power charger with you when you travel. You can place this portable charger from ECOGEAR FX anywhere and use it once your device gets near to shutting down.

That way, you’ll avert being disconnected at the worst time.

Travel Pillow

According to experts, airplanes and other forms of transportation have tight-fitting seats, which can be very uncomfortable. That makes it especially hard to relax on a long trip. Other comfort challenges you might encounter with air travel include:

  • Restricted legroom
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Frequent overhead announcements
  • Noisy conversations

But have you ever found yourself awake during your trip while almost everyone is asleep? According to an expert from the Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center, people fail to fall asleep when traveling due to limited space and low circadian and homeostatic drive. 

Therefore, a good traveling pillow is a must-have for you. Pillows can give you neck and head support, lessening discomfort and pain when battling an upright sleeping position when traveling. Even if you don’t fall asleep, at least you’ll be more comfortable.

Travel Wallet

A multipurpose travel wallet is key to help you carry your essentials in one place. Think about it — you’ve got to keep a number of items at hand and ready to present while you’re traveling. 

This includes:

  • Money and credit cards
  • Boarding Pass
  • Passport
  • Other travel necessities

If you are tired of fumbling around for these things or just cringe at the idea of holding up the line, a travel wallet can help you get organized. 

Also, you’ll find some travel wallets are thick and spacious enough with special pockets for your cards, ticket, travel insurance, passport, and other documents. You can even fit your smartphone in this zippered travel wallet, plus it has the added benefit of RFID protection. 

A travel wallet is a great investment because it will quickly become your favorite travel essential.

Water Bottle

When traveling, you’ll want to carry a water bottle instead of buying plastic bottled water every time you are thirsty. In fact, some places have outlawed single-serving plastic bottles in the interest of the environment.

You can choose from silicone water bottles that are foldable, which makes it perfect for travel because it can be folded when you exit the plane or train. It does not stain either, so you don’t have to worry about the smell and taste of water when the temperatures are high.

Another option is an insulated, stainless steel water bottle. This material will also remain very clean and also keep your liquids cold or hot. Just be sure not to fill it before you go through the security gate because of regulations. 

Our favorite insulated stainless water bottle is the Super Sparrow, which tucks nicely into a travel bag and has a spill-free spout. It comes in a great selection of colors, too!

Final Thoughts on Essential Items for Travel

While remembering to pack everything you need for your trip can be nerve-wracking, if you know you have these few essentials, you’ll be fine.They can make your travel experience easier and more comfortable.

You can literally count these items with one hand: a portable phone charger, water bottle, travel wallet, travel pillow, and health/safety gear.

Last but not least, don’t forget to put on a comfy travel outfit and you’re good to go. Safe travels!

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