5 Best Southeast Asia Luxury Resorts: Favored Hotels in Southeast Asia

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The best Southeast Asia luxury resorts offer all the perks: Outstanding personal service; an amazing location set within a retreat-like setting; incredible food and architecture. The only exception is you can stay at these favored hotels at a fraction of the cost compared to what you might pay in the west.

To give you a taste of what’s on offer, we’ve rounded up five amazing luxury resorts in Southeast Asia you can choose from. Any one of them will be a perfect place to stay when you visit Southeast Asia. Have a look below for more information on these top-rated hotels.

Best southeast asia luxury resorts | Enjoy Travel Life

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Countries of Southeast Asia [List]

You’ll find eleven countries in Southeast Asia, each diverse and with a range of culture, religion, and history. They include the five mainland countries:

  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

In addition, Southeast Asia has six island countries in the maritime zone, which include:

  • Brunei
  • Indonesia,
  • Timor-Leste,
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore

The region of Southeast Asia reaches from eastern India to China. It’s tucked in between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, so you’ll sometimes hear it referred to as Indochina or Indo-China.

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Best Times to Visit Southeast Asia

The weather in Southeast Asia is mostly tropical, although you’ll find some subtropical regions in the northern highlands. For most of the year, the weather is about 85°F (30°C).

For the most part, expect Southeast Asia to be humid. Monsoon season is generally between June and October, with September being the rainiest. But if you visit is between November and February, you are most likely to find the weather to be more dry and cool. In some countries.

You might also want to plan your trip around the festivals in Southeast Asia, which are numerous! For instance, Songkran in Thailand takes place in April, and the Khmer Water Festival (Bon Om Tuk) in Cambodia is in November. Any one of the many festivals of Southeast Asia will be a good take!

What is Southeast Asia Known For?

Some of the things you can look forward to when visiting this region are beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, delicious (and inexpensive!) cuisine, and budget-friendly attractions.

Plus, there are so many beautiful places in Southeast Asia! It’s a very popular tourist destination that offers rich, ancient customs and traditions, activities suited to a variety of travelers. Backpackers especially love Southeast Asia, but there’s something for everyone here.

It’s also fairly easy to get to with good flight connections. You can find some very reasonable flights to Southeast Asia, too.

Another thing you can expect in Southeast Asia are beautiful luxury hotels that are incredibly affordable. Even if you don’t ordinarily stay at a 5-star hotel, here, you can do so without splurging.

Here are what we think are some of the best luxury hotels in southeast Asia that tick all our boxes.

Luxury Hotels in Southeast Asia for a Luxury Stay and Close to Nature

By now you know that Southeast Asia is one of the best places that you can visit, especially if you are looking to unwind and de-stress. There are tons of luxurious resorts and hotels in the region that combine decadence with nature. Here are 5 of the best hotels in Southeast Asia. At any one of them, you can visit for a luxury stay with a touch of nature’s best.

Four Seasons Resort (The Nam Hai) in Hoi An, Vietnam

Four Seasons Resort Nam Hai southeast asia luxury hotel | Enjoy Travel Life

Hoi An is one of the best places in the world for a romantic getaway, and this luxury resort is all the proof you need. The Four Seasons Resort in Hoi An, also known as The Nam Hai, is a peaceful sanctuary located between the city of Da Nang and the town of Hoi An.

Once you step into the resort, you will be greeted by the lush landscaping of coconut trees and gorgeous flora. One look at the place, and you can already tell that this place is all about tranquility and serenity.

The resort boasts incredible facilities and attractions, and they are all meant for the guests to experience the ultimate relaxation. Some of the facilities include:

  • the cascading infinity pools that span three tiers
  • a blissful spa that features treatment suits that float around a lagoon filled with koi and lotus

As for the rooms, there are 100 villas in the resort that have extensive living spaces and an outdoor shower. Each villa also has a spacious terrace that is fully furnished. It includes a daybed for you to relax on during the day.

If you opt for the pool villas, you will even get your own private courtyard entrance and a butler service!

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Song Saa Private Island – Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia

Song Saa southeast asia luxury resorts | Enjoy Travel Life

A private island is the epitome of luxury, and this resort in the Koh Rong Archipelago of Cambodia is where you would want to be if you are looking for some peace and serenity.

The Song Saa Private Island resort is located on the quaint islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong and is only accessible via boat ride. When you stay at this resort, nature will surround you, whether it is the beach or the jungle.

There will never be a moment where you will not feel soothe and relaxed.

Expect to just let loose and chill when you are at the Song Saa resort. You can go for a swim in the spectacular private pool that overlooks the sea, or just soak in the sunshine by the timber deck.

Each one of the accommodations at the resort features open living spaces and a gorgeous view of the ocean. 

Not only is the resort a stunning place to visit, but the resort has been proactive with their sustainability efforts, making it an eco-friendly destination as well.

Alongside the larger-scale rehabilitation and conservation projects, the resort also makes it a point to implement smaller eco-practices amongst the staff and the guests.

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Amanpuri – Phuket, Thailand

Amanpuri southeast asia luxury resorts | Enjoy Travel Life

For most people, Phuket is paradise, and this breathtaking resort shows you why. The Amanpuri resort in Phuket, Thailand started as a small luxury resort, but has since grown to become a captivating and tranquil resort.

When you step into this resort, you will discover a whole new world, with its luscious landscape and gorgeous villas. Nature’s stunning views greet you everywhere you walk in the resort.

The only thing that you would want to do here is to relax, so enjoy yourself on the beach, the pool, or even at one of the many on-site restaurants. The front desk can also arrange private yacht charters for you to island-hop around the archipelago.

The resort emphasizes health and wellness, as showcased at the spa and wellness center. You can indulge in a massages and facial, as well as keep your health in check with offerings of colon cleanses and IV nutrient infusions. 

While the rooms are rather small for a luxury resort, that does not mean it is not stunning. Every single amenity in the room has been added with care, from the sunken bathtubs to the comfortable King-size mattresses.

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Amansara – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Amansara southeast asia luxury resorts | Enjoy Travel Life

With a name that is derived from the Sanskrit word for peace, there is no doubt that this Cambodian resort is the place to visit when you want to unwind. The Amansara resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia marries the rich culture of the Siam Reap region with gorgeous landscaping and architecture, to bring you an astonishing vacation destination.

Every part of the resort is captivating, from the restaurants to the pool.

Tranquility is the highlight of this resort so the best thing that you can do here is to pamper yourself at one of the resort’s spa treatment rooms. When you are at this serene sanctuary, you will be at peace even while you are doing the most mundane task, like applying your body lotion after a shower.

You might discover the unique yoga space, where you can do some poses while surrounded by lush greenery. Other activities offered by the resort include trips on the Tonlé Sap Lake in the hotel’s boats, as well as a guide to the many temples at the site via Cambodian tuk-tuk. 

As for the accommodation, you will not be disappointed by how beautifully designed and decorated each room is. The elegant-style retro rooms combined a hint of modernity and feature a spacious living space with an integrated bathroom.

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Pimalai Resort & Spa – Koh Lanta, Thailand

Pimalai southeast asia luxury resorts | Enjoy Travel Life

You know you are in for a great time when the resort has a mantra of ‘peace, serenity, and solitude’. The Pimalai Resort and Spa in Koh Lanta, Thailand is a gorgeous island paradise that is set within a lush tropical forest and a vast sandy beach.

Everywhere you look, the breathtaking sights of the deep green forest and a glimmering turquoise sea will welcome you. This is a stunning place that you would just love to wake up in.

The Pimalai Resort and Spa offers tons of activities, both relaxing and exhilarating. If you enjoy sports and exercising, the sporting facilities at the resort include a gym, a Muay Thai academy, and a yoga studio. You can also enjoy water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing.

If you are looking for something rejuvenating, you can visit the brilliant therapist at the resort’s spa. The resort also offers a daily dive tour for guests to visit the marine life in the area, as well as nature and wildlife walks around the resort grounds.

Pimalai is another environmentally conscious destination and has implemented various eco-friendly projects for its service and facilities, like sugar cane straws and reusable ceramic bottles.

The rooms and the villas at the resort are also praiseworthy, with spacious balconies and a beautiful interior. The rooms also include easy access to the beach so that you can visit it as soon as you wake up.

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Final Thoughts on Luxury Hotels in Southeast Asia

Now that you know about what your stay will be like at these luxury hotels in Southeast Asia, you might be inspired to book one or more of these hotels and finish-up your travel planing as soon as possible. After all, paradise awaits.

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