Luxury Hiking Japan: Hike to This Sacred Summit, Tea Ceremony, Castle Views

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If you’ve ever thought of luxury hiking, Japan is the place to do it.

Especially now, since the launch of a new hiking experience that leads you to the sacred summit of Mt. Futabayama.

This trek offers incredible views over Hiroshima Castle, visits to hokora shrines, a tea ceremony, and more.

Learn more about how you can book this incredible experience for yourself, below.

luxury hiking Japan
Photo: MyJapan

CONTENTS – In this article, you’ll learn about a new experience for luxury hiking Japan, including:

  • Luxury Hiking Japan at Mt. Futaba, Hiroshima
  • What to Pack for The Hike
  • Final Thoughts on Luxury Hiking in Japan
  • How to Book This Experience
  • Additional Resources on Japan

Luxury Hiking: Japan’s Most Revitalizing Hiking Experience Launches 

Hiroshima’s most revitalizing experience is now open.

This amazing early morning trek to Mt. Futabayama featured by Asageshiki takes guests to the privileged sacred mountaintop that watches over Hiroshima Castle and the town below.

You’ll find this moderate hike in the Chūgoku Mountains of Japan, with a trail that leads about 102 feet (31 m) up to the prominence.

It’s truly a place of immense spiritual energy!

The trek begins at 8 AM Hiroshima Toshogu. This is the “entrance” to Mt. Futaba, built upon a stone wall.

Block off about 3 hours of your day to complete this itinerary.

There, you will meet your knowledgeable guide, and walk along path of red torii gates. This is similar to the iconic display Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto.

Next, stop to pray at the small hokora shrines dotting the path en route to the summit. 

Hokora shrines are small shrines dedicated to kami or deities.

Reaching the top is full of both transformational and visual rewards.

Plus, you’ll enjoy impossibly beautiful panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea and Miyajima, along with the cityscape of Hiroshima.

You’ll also enjoy a special outdoor tea ceremony (Nodate) as you gaze on this breathtaking sight. 

Sip matcha tea and luxuriate in the wonder and even add on breakfast made with local products if you wish for an extra decadent experience.

This curated lunch box changes seasonally, and offers a vegetarian and vegan option.

This hike will give you a whole new perspective of Hiroshima!

What to Pack for this Hike

Like any hike, you’ll want to bring along some necessities to make your journey easier. So, bring the following with you on this hike.

  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Long pants
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Towel
  • Bug Spray
  • Camera
  • Jacket, gloves, depending on the season

Final Thoughts on Luxury Hiking Japan

Like many destinations, Japan offers a wide range of experiences for travelers.

From beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring, ancient kabuki baths, a vibrant city life, and of course, outstanding cuisine — Japan has it all.

But no experience is quite like this luxury hiking tour to the sacred summit of Mt. Futaba.

How to Book this New Luxury Hiking Japan Experience

If this luxury hiking Japan experience sounds like something you would enjoy, book this trek by visiting MyJapan (@asageshiki) or

You can book this hiking experience up to 2 days before the hike.

For more information on Setouchi, visit  

It offers incredible scenery, cultural experiences, and a tranquil hike you won’t soon forget.

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