10 Most Photographed Cities in the World (and Why You’ll Love Them!)

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Shutter-bugs, where is the most photographed city in the world? With the earth speckled with millions of gorgeous destinations and vibrant cities, that might sound like a tough riddle.

We’ve done the hard work for you to showcase the 10 most photographed cities in the world, below. You’re going to love them – and you might even be a little surprised by what we reveal.

Check out our photography findings, below. 

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CONTENTS: In this article, you will learn which is the most photographed city in the world, along with the top ten contenders, and why you’ll love them. (We’ve listed them alphabetically here, so we don’t spoil the surprise!) 

The most photographed cities of the world include:

The Ten Most Photographed Cities in the World

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But which cities are most photographed and featured on social media? 

Keep reading and you’ll find out the top 10 photographed cities in today’s article.

10. Singapore

Super Trees Singapore | Enjoy Travel Life

Singapore has a charm that seduces every visitor. This lush island that is only 31 miles (50 km) from east to west, and is both a city and a country. 

Tropical climate, many tribes, outstanding cuisine and modern, almost futuristic architecture. You’ll find an array of beautiful gardens, landmarks, and artistry to capture while visiting.

From the Merlion Park’s back-lit mythical fountain, the super trees at Gardens by the Bay, to the iconic Marina Bay Sands on the waterfront, it’s no wonder Singapore is one of the most photographed cities in the world.

9. Chicago, USA

Chicago skyline lake Michigan | Enjoy Travel Life

You might be surprised to learn that Chicago, Illinois is one of the most photographed cities in the world. This impressive and densely populated city (2.7M in 2019) seated at the edge of Lake Michigan is the largest city in Illinois.

For starters, you’ll want to snap a photo of Cloud Gate, the famous silver bean sculpture at Millennium Park. Next, you’ll definitely want to capture the windy city’s stunning cityscape when you’re in Chicago.

In addition to the impressive sights, Chicago has a plethora of lovely restaurants ideal for Instagram photos. Just look at the 50+ million hashtag #chicago!

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8. London, United Kingdom

Big Ben London Autumn | Enjoy Travel Life

London is a metropolis of the world, a favorite travel destination, and a big city that seems to have it all. 

The photos in London depend on the mood, season, tastes, and even the traveller’s age to impart a different perspective. Some of the most photographed sites in London include:

  • Big Ben
  • Tower Bridge
  • The London Eye
  • Portobello Road
  • Churchill Arms

And that only scratches the surface of the incredible photo opportunities you’ll find in London. You’ll notice even more beautiful scenes to shoot when you take the time to explore London on foot.

Almost as a bonus, London is truly a safe choice for any traveler who happens to visit.

7. Sydney, Australia

Opera House Sydney Australia | Enjoy Travel Life

The heart of this state-of-the-art metropolis beats alongside buildings of colonial architecture in Australia.

Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales (NSW). It’s built on the country’s southeastern tip and is the largest and oldest city in Australia. 

Sydney has the reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It offers an extremely high level of quality of life to those who live there. It is also home to a wealth of museums, historic sites and world-renowned sites.

Among them are the Sydney Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The famous Opera House is a combination of ancient and modern influences and is a symbol of 20th-century architecture.

Any visitor will want to visit all the beautiful sights of Sydney and take amazing photos. 

To be able to visit all the fabulous sights of the city, it’s best to rent a car to save valuable time. You will also avoid the inconvenience of continuous touring. This will give you the independence and freedom to photograph your surroundings properly.

Just be sure to find a reputable Australian car rental service with affordable prices to minimize your expense. It will be worth it to traverse one of the most photographed cities in the world!

6. Havana, Cuba

Havana Cuba Colorful | Enjoy Travel Life

Havana has pretty much everything. Among other things, you’ll discover:

  • Beautiful people
  • Plenty of rum
  • Fragrant cigars
  • Antique cars
  • Vibrant music
  • A relaxed mood
  • A feast of colors, everywhere

For obvious reasons, a trip to Havana, Cuba’s folklore, is a dream come true for many photographers. It’s easy to see why this culturally rich and colorful city is one of the most photographed cities in the world.

It’s worth noting that Havana is the most expensive town in Cuba. But it’s still affordable for US travelers.

Budget travelers should plan to spend about $50-60US a day. Luxury travelers plan for $150US/day and up.  

That said, you’ll get some of the most incredible photos in Cuba for your travel album!

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Skyline and Burj al Arab | Enjoy Travel Life

Dubai has undergone an extraordinary transformation from a desert into a big, futuristic city! 

The cosmopolitan Dubai has the reputation of being a developed and modern city that will surely impress you here.

When you visit, you’ll discover substantial, impressive architectural works, like: 

  • The soaring Burg Khalifa, perhaps the tallest building in the world, topping off over 2700 feet (828 m) tall! 
  • An incredible palm-shaped coastal development, The Palm Islands – a feat of artistry and engineering
  • Modern, iconic hotels, like the beautiful Burj al Arab

Opposite the city bay, you will find the other, lesser-known side of Dubai. Here, shop traditional open-air markets where you can buy everything from spices and even gold.

Add to that list of photographic attractions the Dubai Mall. It hosts a number of free Dubai attractions (like a giant Aquarium tank!), so you better be sure to have an extra SD card for your camera. 

No doubt, in the future, Dubai will reveal many more surprises. Besides being one of the most photographed, Dubai might well be the most iconic city in the world. 

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4. Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia Fountains Istanbul Turkey | Enjoy Travel Life

It is not hard to believe that the Turkish city of Istanbul is one of the most photographed cities in the world. This incredible city is a mixture of all things, east and west. It is the meeting point of Europe and Asia. 

With that comes rich photography opportunities. You might:

  • Capture the rocket-like Hagia Sophia minarets with your camera as seen from Sultanahmet Arkeolojik Park
  • Tour the world-famous Grand Bazaar with its various detailed trinkets and colorful spices
  • Focus in on the pastel tiles of the Blue Mosque or the Roman pillars in the Basilica Cister
  • Visit the cheerfully painted Rainbow Stairs that link the art districts of Findikli and Cihangir 

And so much more!

If you’re looking for the most photographed city in the world, Istanbul tops the list, with good reason.

3. New York, USA

3rd most photographed city in the world - New York City

The city of dreams.

The Big Apple.


The city that never sleeps. 

No matter what you call it or whether you are a photographer, New York City is a unique experience in itself. But it is also one of the most photographed cities in the world.

If you’re looking for photography spots, be sure to capture the timeless charm of Brooklyn, the romantic boats of Central Park, and then head to the high top of the Empire State Building! (You could actually spend a whole day just photographing Central Park…)

In fact, there are so many things to see and do, photos of New York City truly reflect the photographer’s personal experience.

If you’re deciding whether to visit NYC, know that this happening city will leave you speechless at every turn. Not surprisingly, this makes New York City one of the top 3 photographed cities in the world.

The most popular spot for professional Instagrammers is, of course, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

2. Paris, France

2nd most photographed city in the world - Paris France

Ah, Paris.

It’s known for charming bistros, brasseries, street musicians, the lights on the Eiffel Tower, and much more.  

Paris is one of the most iconic and beloved cities globally. It is not difficult to understand why. 

This beautiful city overflows with romance, style and history. But there is a certain je ne sai quoi that makes it ideal for capturing the true essence of the Parisian way of life.

Whether it’s a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, the exhibit halls of the Louvre, the flowing fountains in the secluded neighborhood squares, or sunset on a Siene river cruise, it’s hard not to fall hard for Paris. 

That’s especially true for photographers! And we haven’t even touched upon the delectable food photo opps.

1. Tokyo, Japan – Most Photographed City in the World

most photographed city in the world - Tokyo Japan

Finally, here is the big reveal: Tokyo, Japan is the most photographed city in the world!

Ancient shrines, secular art exhibits, bright neon signs, and a fascinating culture are just a few of the things that make Tokyo a number 1 on Instagram. 

The bustling Japanese capital is also famous for its markets. These are ideal for capturing Tokyo’s essence of life. 

Street photography reigns supreme in Tokyo, an ever-changing urban landscape.

In addition, the city boasts over 6,000 different parks and gardens and the annual cherry blossoms festival held in late March to early April.

It’s easy to see why Tokyo appeals to so many when it comes to photography. There is something for everyone!

Just take a look at Instagram, and you will not believe it. You’ll find more than 53 million hashtags #tokyo. 

So, not only is Tokyo the most photographed city in the world, but this amazing city is the most Instagrammable place in the world!

Final Thoughts on the Most Photographed City in the World

The truth is, no matter where you travel around the world, you’re bound to find great photo opportunities.

All it takes is a great eye and some basic photography skills. But if you happen to find yourself in one of these 10 most photographed cities in the world, you’ll find yourself in good company.

And if you’re planning your next trip, you might just want to put one or more of these incredible, photogenic cities in focus.

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