Glam and Luxury Under the Sun: How to Travel Like Netflix’s Griselda

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Immerse yourself in the fashion and luxury of the Netflix Griselda miniseries, a captivating portrayal of Griselda Blanco’s life in the Miami underworld. You’ll discover how to recreate this luxurious ambiance for your upcoming travel.

Read on to learn about the locations, retro glam, and lavish luxury showcased in the series so you can make them your own.

netflix griselda bar scene
Griselda Blanco offers a glimpse into the world of dream escapes.
(Source: Official Netflix trailer)

CONTENTS—In this article, you will discover elements of Netflix’s Griselda series you can infuse into your getaway, including:

About the Griselda Blanco Netflix Mini-Series

Netflix’s Griselda miniseries was released in early 2024, inspired by the true life and story of Griselda Blanco, a notorious and influential figure in the Miami underworld.

While the series explored the gritty and dark drama of the time, it also made headlines for another reason.

Viewers were captivated by the show’s luxurious and glam aesthetics, from the lavish beach backdrops to the impactful styling of leading actress Sofia Vergara.

The crew wanted to replicate Miami life in the ’70s and ’80s when Griselda was at her most active. Though liberties were taken for locations and costuming, the show exudes retro glam and opulent luxury that can inspire your travels.

If you’re preparing for a getaway anytime soon, you can replicate the luxurious vibe of Netflix’s Griselda.

Here’s how.

1. Visit Filming Locations and Real-Life Spots From the Show

If you’re looking for a sunny beach getaway, start by heading to the filming locations in Netflix’s Griselda mini-series. You might be surprised to find they were shot in California and not Miami, where the show is set.

California Set Locations for Netflix Griselda Series

netflix griselda casa oceana
Casa Oceana in Long Beach, California.
(Source: Instagram)

Locations like Los Angeles allowed the crew to channel the look of the Sunshine State in the ’70s and ’80s. That’s because Miami has experienced a development boom since then.

The show was also shot in California’s Long Beach instead of Miami Beach. More specifically, Griselda’s happening party was filmed at Casa Oceana. You can catch a glimpse of Casa Oceana on the beach.

Club Ripples, now closed, also served as a backdrop for some scenes,

Famed Griselda Locations in Miami

While the show was shot mainly in California, the Miami locations depicted on the show are real-life places.

Griselda conducted most of her big deals in The Mutiny, a nightclub in Coconut Grove where drug lords and rock stars hung out. The show played up the excessive maximalism of the location since it was a private club, giving the crew more room to play around with the setting.

In the ’80s, the club underwent a huge revamping to rid itself of its more colorful past.

As of 2024, The Mutiny operates like a regular family hotel, featuring palm trees, a glittering pool, and a welcoming salmon exterior. It may not be the bustling club depicted on the show, but it’s a lovely spot for a more relaxed getaway in one of Miami’s most affluent spots.

2. Replicate Griselda’s Wardrobe

netflix griselda with sunglasses
Griselda’s retro-chic style featured earthy tones and bold patterns.
(Source: Official Netflix trailer)

Since the show takes place in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, Griselda’s looks often revolved around wrap dresses, pantsuits, and blazers, especially in earthy tones and bold patterns. It’s easy to work these items into your travel wardrobe for a touch of luxury.

If you want a more dressed-down approach, look to Griselda’s satin button-down blouses. They’re great for building a beach capsule wardrobe since you can pair them with various pieces. Think high-waisted and flared pants (which Griselda often wears) or other bottoms.

A shirt dress with a belt also adds a sophisticated measure of power and glam to your travel outfits. Aside from the clothes, your accessories can elevate any look.

For instance, Sofia Vergara even collaborated with eyewear brand Foster Grant to release a line of sunglasses inspired by the show.

You can try the affordable Ebony Bold model, which features a round cat-eye frame for an alluring vintage look. Or, go for the New Navigator model carrying the Sofia Vergara name, which adopts a timeless Aviator style. These shades are universally flattering.

So, wearing a pair of oversized ’70s sunglasses, like those seen on Griselda, can take your vacation outfits to a new level while protecting your eyes from the harsh sun.

The jewelry you choose for a vacation can also make you look more lavish. For instance, a gold choker style will give you bold glam, while a pendant style keeps things more subtle. Just remember to leave your valuable jewelry safely at home. Knock-offs do the trick when you’re traveling.

3. Seek Retro Experiences

astro family restaurant griselda | Enjoy Travel Life
The Astro Family Restaurant in Silverlake, LA: A vintage experience.
(Source: Instagram)

Another way to mimic scenes set in the Griselda show is by replicating some of the vintage experiences seen on the show.

For example, visit LA and stop by the Astro Family Restaurant, where Griselda meets the character Chucho. Enjoy a meal and enjoy a conversation in the classic diner setting as a way to immerse yourself in the vintage aesthetics the show depicts. 

Another way to replicate the vintage feel is by going on a tour in a vintage car. If you’re in Miami, book an American Dream Tour, where you can ride in a chauffeur-driven vintage car around the city. Or, ride shotgun with the top down and enjoy the view of the Art Deco Streets of Miami Beach.

You can also rent a vintage car for big occasions to live out old-school luxury, as seen on Griselda. 

Even though the show wasn’t shot in Miami, this is a great way to see what it might have been like in the ’70s and ’80s.

Final Thoughts on Inspo from Netflix Griselda Series

In conclusion, Netflix’s Griselda miniseries offers a glimpse into a world of opulence and intrigue. It’s an invitation to indulge in the retro glam and luxurious settings of Miami’s underworld—minus the danger and illegal dealings, of course!

By drawing travel and lifestyle inspiration from this captivating series, you can infuse your adventures with vintage allure and extravagant charm. Then, you can embrace the essence of Griselda’s era and elevate your getaway with retro sophistication.

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