Discover the Best 7 Savory Destinations and Must-Try Global Cuisine

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Enjoying global cuisine is an adventure that takes you beyond borders and into the heart of a country’s culture.

As a foodie traveler, you’ll be fascinated by the diversity of food and the unique flavors that each region in the world offers.

From street vendors to high-end restaurants, you can sample a range of dishes from across the globe and discover some of the best-kept culinary secrets.

But these 7 mustn’t be missed. Read more below to prepare for a splendid food adventure in these savory destinations!

Global cuisine
Enjoy the best global cuisine when you travel.

CONTENTS β€“ In this article, you’ll discover some famous and must-try global cuisine, including:

A Mouth Watering Journey of Global Cuisine

If you’re a foodie, you’ll find your love for trying different dishes will grow as a natural aspect of your international travel.

When you embark on the world’s greatest food expedition, you’ll want to travel to every nation in an effort to learn which ones have the best global cuisine.

Imagine indulging in countless tapas and tasty snacks across Europe, superb nibbles and slow-cooked meats in the Americas, and excellent stews in Africa.

These are all wonderful food destinations – but you’ll want to make sure to add the top 7 savory destinations to your bucket list.

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Top 7 Countries for Food + Travel Stuff

Eating with locals and experiencing global cuisine is a really intimate and dignified experience.

So, in order to help you plan your culinary delights vacations this year, you’ll find the short list of the top seven favorite eating destinations. Discover some favorite dishes from each you must try, too!

πŸ“7. Delicious Italy

Global cuisine
It’s no secret the foods from Italy are delicious!

When discussing a group of countries with excellent food, Italy is almost usually at the top of the list.

You might be skeptical, but when you go to Italy, you’ll surely agree.

The food is quite regional, and each city and possibly even each town has its own specialties.

High-quality ingredients and a lot of passion go into making Italian cuisine. While there are typically not many ingredients needed to make a dish, they are always of the best quality and freshest kind.

Best Dishes in Italy

Pizza: A journey to Italy would be incomplete without at least trying pizza. Italian pizza is of unrivaled quality, especially in Naples, the world’s pizza capital. It’s very different from other countries in terms of its simplicity and the freshness of its ingredients.

Abbacchio Alla Romana: One of the best Italian dishes that isn’t spaghetti or pizza. It is roast lamb prepared in the Roman style.

This is arguably the best Italian meal you may have. It’s an extremely juicy lamb that has been braised and roasted to give it a crispy skin and a fall-off-the-bone interior. The meat is served over potatoes and rocket that have absorbed the meat’s juices.

Typically served at Easter time, this tender dish has been served in Italy since ancient times!

Bucatini all’ Amatriciana: Durum wheat flour is used to make bucatini, a hollow noodle resembling spaghetti. The salt-cured hog jowl (guanciale) from Italy provides the amatriciana sauce its distinctive flavor.

It’s oh-so-delicious, rich, and velvety. You’ll love it!

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina: Only in Florence can the Florentine Steak be prepared properly, but don’t expect the chef to ask about your tastes.

There is only one way to prepare a steak in this part of Italy: rare.

Despite the fantastic food in Florence, the steak is best of all.

Italy Travel Tips

πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Euro
🍲 Daily Food Budget: $15 – 25
πŸ› Accommodation: $18 – 35 per day
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit Italy: $45 – 60 per day

πŸ“6. Flavorful Spain

Global cuisine
Spanish food offers flavors that will satisfy any foodie.

Every time someone visits Spain, they rave about the astounding dishes.

Like the Italians, the Spanish are masters of the culinary art of simplicity, where high-quality ingredients are extremely essential.

This, together with a good cooking technique, fresh herbs and spices, seafood, and loads of passion, greatly expands the variety of foods available.

Favorite Foods of Spain

Pintxos: The word “pintxos” is derived from the Spanish pincho, or spike.

These small bites are served on skewers and toothpicks, hence the name.

You’ll find pintxos appetizers made with a range of components, including meat, fresh fish, olives, peppers, and other delicious components.

Paella: The name of the rice dish from Valencia, “para ella,” which translates to “for her” in Spanish, is said to have originated from this remark, according to some.

This is so because Spanish men usually prepare paella on Sundays for their spouses.

But this is not your ordinary side dish of rice. Made with generous portions of fish and meat, it’s often the main attraction for a meal in Spain!

Tapas: Even if they are slightly larger and more well-known than pinchos, Spanish tapas are nonetheless great.

You may sample simple tapas that includes bread and meat. But you’ll also find a range of dishes such as fried squid, mussels with filling, ham, olives, and other vegetables.

Tapas is often served free alongside your beverage order in Spain.

Spain Travel Tips

πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Euro
🍲 Daily Food Budget: $10 – 20
πŸ› Accommodation: $13 – 25 per day
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit Spain: $35 – 40 per day

πŸ“5. Mexico Foods to Try

Global cuisine
Mexican food is much more than tacos and burritos.

One global cuisine in the world you must try is from Mexico.

You can’t really have a list of the best countries for cuisine without including authentic food from Mexico.

Mexican food is amazingly different, spicy, entertaining, colorful, and full of traditions.

You’re in for a big surprise if you think Mexican food only consists of tacos and burritos.

Try Tamales, Pozole, Tostadas, Enchiladas, and of course, Guacamole too!

Mexican food is full of very nutritious superfoods. All of those healthy ingredients, such as avocado, tomato, lime, and garlic, as well as beans, chocolate, and chilis, are high in antioxidants.

Must Try Authentic Mexican Food

Ceviche: It’s hardly surprising that Mexican cuisine uses a lot of fresh seafood given that Mexico has over 9,300 kilometers of coastline.

Mexican ceviche is among the greatest in the world!

It consists of little pieces of fish mixed with sliced onions, chilies, and lime juice.

Tacos El Pastor: You might be surprised to learn the popular Middle Eastern shawarma is a major influence on Tacos El Pastor.

This dish is a massive vertical pork rotisserie that becomes crisp on the outside as it roasts. Then, the meat is sliced into thin strips and served on a corn tortilla with a selection of toppings. So yummy!

Cochinita Pibil: This specialty from Yucatan is made of pulled pork shoulder stewed and marinated in an achiote paste, orange juice, and lime mixture.

Cochinita Pibil is traditionally cooked underground wrapped in banana leaves inside of a “pib”.

If you have the opportunity, delicious Cochinita Pibil is a must-try food in Mexico!

Mexico Travel Tips

🍲 Daily Food Budget: $6 – 10
πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Mexican Peso
πŸ› Accommodation: $10 – 25 per day
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit Mexico: $30 – 35 USD

πŸ“4. The Flavors of India

Global cuisine
The flavors of India are often layered in a way that make it absolutely mouth-watering!

With its smoky garlic butter-brushed naan bread, boiling curries, crispy samosas, packed parathas, masala dosa, tandoori chicken, and an abundance of desserts, Indian food is both appetizing and captivating.

One of the best things about visiting this vast country is how affordable the cuisine is.

For less than $1.50, you may sit down to an unlimited thali and sip on wonderful freshly squeezed lime juice and lassis (yogurt milkshakes) to satisfy your stomach.

Don’t let your wallet hold you back from experiencing all that India has to offer.

This affordable destination is perfect for budget travelers, and with a cell phone holster clips, you can keep your valuables safe while exploring.

Favorite Indian Dishes

Masala Dosa: The masala dosa is by far a favorite when it comes to South Indian food.

It is a crispy, flaky, and addictive rice and chickpea crepe loaded with a potato and onion curry. You’ll often find it served with a hot sambar (lentil stew) and coconut chutney.

Idli and Vada: Actually, these are two distinct snacks that are usually offered around breakfast.

The first is an idli, which is an unbelievably fluffy, soft steamed fermented rice cake.

The second is a crispy chickpea doughnut (vada). Both are a great way to start your day in India!

Malai Kofta: The Indian version of meatballs in sauce, malai kofta, is a decadent and delectable dish consisting of potato and paneer balls smothered in a smooth, thick, and creamy onion and tomato gravy.

Although the name isn’t particularly inventiveβ€”malai means cream and kofta means ballsβ€”it has an incredible flavor.

On many Indian menus, you’ll see this meal listed as a standard dish.

India Travel Tips

πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Indian Rupee
🍲 Daily Food Budget: $4 – 10
πŸ› Accommodation: $5 – 10 per day
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit India: $15 – 25 per day

πŸ“3. Japan’s Food Delicacies

Global cuisine
Japan has a food culture that dates back thousands of years.

Just thinking about Japanese cuisine in the list of best global cuisine might make your mouth water.

The care that goes into making, cooking, and delivering this exquisite food will be among the first things you’ll noticed as a foodie in Japan.

In fact, Japanese cuisine is one of the most adored food cultures in the world.

The more than 2,000-year history of culinary customs and preparation methods is intriguing.

And of course, eating it is the best part β€” it’s like watching a work of edible art come to life!

Delicious Foods to Try in Japan

Sushi: Sushi is must-try dish in Japan, and you’ll have many options to choose from. You should definitely try a variety of nigiri, including “toro” and “o-toro” (fattier) salmon and tuna, tako (octopus), Ika (squid), uni (sea urchin), and rotate (scallops).

Ramen: If you visit Tokyo, you must consume some mouthwatering ramen noodle soup.

Don’t worry: This is nothing like the raman you ate in college.

A ramen restaurant visit is a unique experience in and of itself. From the jam-packed, around-the-corner busiest train stations to the little, out-of-the-way eateries with one or two ramen cooks at the counter – you’ll find plenty of places to try this delicious dish.

And don’t be afraid to slurp. It’s customary, even encouraged!

Okonomiyaki: You might argue that other popular Japanese foods like tempura, yakitori, katsudon, or udon should be on this list. But okonomiyaki has earned it’s place.

This savory pancake features ingredients like squid, beef, shrimp, green onions, mochi, and cheese.

You absolutely must try it!

Japan Travel Tips

πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Japanese Yen
πŸ› Accommodation: $15 – 30 per day
🍲 Daily Food Budget: $15 – 30
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit Japan: $35 – 50 per day

πŸ“2. Greece: A Foodie Favorite

Global cuisine
Greek Delicacy

If you’ve visited Greek cities and islands, you know how important food is to the Greek culture. Greek cookery is hard to beat and the best dishes are prepared in the home.

But you’ll find a range of delicious delicacies at the local tavernas and elsewhere throughout this incredible country.

Since Greece is surrounded by water, it seems logical that some of the best dishes to try are made with fresh fish. But you’ll also find plenty of grilled meat and vegetarian options, too.

Popular Foods to Try in Greece

Appetizers: When visiting Greece, be sure not to miss out on the following snacks:

  • Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves)
  • Tzatziki (yogurt dip)
  • Feta cheese
  • Bread and the best olive oil
  • Creamy Greek yogurt
  • Greek salad
  • A variety of Olives
  • Spanakopita (spinach pie)
  • Strapatsada (egg scramble)
  • Keftedakia (Greek meatballs)
  • Lemon Potatoes – they are to die for

Souvlaki: You may already know this, but souvlaki is unquestionably one of the best foods to try in Greek – especially if you’re on a budget.

With a side of french fries, tzatziki sauce, and a slice of lemon, these delicious skewers of seasoned meat are arranged on thick, fluffy pita bread.

They are the perfect meal to take away, too!

Gyros: Gyros are a type of rotating shaved meat meal with Middle Eastern origins. They are similar to tacos al pastor in Mexico.

You’ll find gyros typically paired with French fries and served with tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion, and thick pita bread.

This is another great street food option – and so delicious.

Greece Travel Tips

πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Euro
πŸ› Accommodation: $10 – 30 per day
🍲 Daily Food Budget: $6 – 15
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit Greece: $35 – 40 per day

πŸ“1. What to Eat in Thailand

Global cuisine
Five flavors are typically found in Thai dishes, making it a favorite global cuisine!

Thailand ranks within the top three culinary nations, because as you can imagine,Thai food is quite good. Given the choice to eat only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life – you might opt for Thai food!

Why then is Thailand the finest nation for foodies?

Five flavors are typically found in a Thai dish:

  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • Sour
  • Spicy

The resulting dishes are pure bliss when these five components come together!

Thai food is varied, too. You’ll always find a new item to try, from stir-fries to barbecue, hot coconut curries and zingy salads, aromatic noodle soups packed with fresh herbs, steamed entrees, and luscious seafood.

Favorite Thai Dishes

Pad Thai: Pad Thai is the perfect example of the basics of what makes Thai food so tasty.

It covers all the flavors: salty, sweet, hot, and sour.

Given the garnishes of bean sprouts, peanuts, chives, and lime juice, it is easy to see why this delicious meal is the most well-known in Thailand.

Massaman Curry: This rich but pleasantly mild South Thai curry is a product of Thailand’s Muslim minority. It is one of the heaviest meals you can eat in Thailand and is now widely available all over the world.

With meat, sweet potatoes, and vegetables in a delicious sauce, it’s easy to understand why.

Tom Yum Goong: In this dish, shrimp are arranged in a spicy broth of tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal, chilies, kaffir lime leaves, and onions. It’s a famous spicy Thai soup!

For that reason, Tom Yum Goong is a familiar dish to most people, but eating a cup of it in Thailand is an entirely different – almost spiritual – experience!

Thailand is definitely a global cuisine you’ll enjoy!

Thailand Travel Tips

πŸ€‘ Local Currency: Thai Baht
🍲 Daily Food Budget: $4 – 10
πŸ› Accommodation: $4 – 20 per day
πŸ’° Estimated Budget to visit Thailand: $25 per day

Final Thoughts on the Best Global Cuisine

This list of the best countries for global cuisine might be highly subjective offers you seven of the best foodie destinations. But the truth is – you’ll find delicious food everywhere in the world.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to eating preferences as taste is a subjective experience that is likely to change with time.

While you’re traveling and dining, no doubt you’ll want to take plenty of photos to share on your social media or just to remember your culinary adventures. You can easily keep your phone secure and accessible with a phone holster from Hengwin.

That way, you’ll have it handy to snap a photo of every dish!

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