Vacation Planning Tips: Easy Steps to Plan Your Next Getaway or Trip

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These vacation planning tips will make it easier to plan your next trip. After all, it’s a lot of pressure to plan a perfect getaway, whether for yourself, partner, or family. Here are 5 important things to consider when you’re planning time away, so you don’t miss a step. That way, you can easily plan an awesome trip!

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CONTENTS – In this article, you will learn useful vacation planning tips so you can easily plan your next holiday. This includes:

Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Holiday

As the world starts to open up again after the pandemic, you may be dreaming of places to go and things to do as vacation time comes around. GlamourDMC helps you in finding and planning the best stay during your vacation.

Below you’ll find some helpful tips to consider when you are planning your next holiday. Following this step-by-step guidance will ensure you make the most of your vacation and are ready for every eventuality. 

TIP: For up to date travel advice, it is always best to check out the airlines, or for up-to-date information on restrictions, you can also check out the CDC Covid information.

What is The Best Time of Year to Travel?

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The first thing you’ll want to do is choose when you’ll travel.

Deciding on the time of year is essential, especially for specific destinations. For instance, you don’t want to go to a country when it’s monsoon season! That said, shoulder season, which is between the high tourism season and low season, is a great time to travel. You can learn more about traveling during the shoulder season by clicking here.

You should also keep in mind that the travel industry may be peaking for a while, since we’re all coming off of more than a year of lock-downs and limited travel.  

It’s also crucial to determine if you can get the time off work at that time, too. If you don’t have the vacation time but still have the luxury of working remotely, consider traveling and working from a faraway place. You might be able to schedule it so that you are available for local working hours, then explore your destination before, after, or weekends.

Being flexible about the timing of your vacation is important too. 

By researching the best time of year to visit a country or state, you will ensure you experience it without having to worry about rain or extreme heat. Read this post on the most beautiful cities in the world to give you some inspiration.

Deciding Your Length of Vacation Stay

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Once you decide where you’d like to vacation, you’ll need to decide how long you’ll stay. 

This depends on a couple of factors.

First, consider how much time you have off from work (or whether you can finagle some level of working remotely, if need be). From a weekend break to a 2-week stay, the decision is yours. 

Next, think about the destination you will be traveling to and how long expert travelers recommend spending there. For instance, if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Greece, a week may not be enough, especially if you love slow travel and add on the length of the flight. 

But, if you have a weekend trip to Martha’s Vineyard in mind and you’re already in New England, that’s more doable.

Finally, take into consideration your travel budget. The best thing to do here is to sit down and work out what budget you have, which may well determine your length of stay. It will also influence where you will go, which is the next step.

Key Vacation Experiences

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Do you already know what type of experience you are looking for in a vacation? Do you wish to relax and unwind, or maybe you want to climb mountains or visit cities? Always dreamed of taking a Caribbean getaway?

Knowing the types of places and experiences you want to have will help you decide where you want to go. The world is a big place! 

If you can’t narrow the choices down, it’s time to create a bucket list and then you can prioritize your travels as you work through it.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, do some online research or work with a travel agent to find out the best things to do there on vacation. Similarly, make a list and prioritize the activities so your you are certain to experience your most important ones first.

If you are going with a group of people and want someone else to organize the holiday for you, one good option is to check out, where they can take care of the preparations for you.

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Best Ways to Get Around While Traveling

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There are many ways to get around your destination, so the best way to get around will be the best way for you.

If you love to drive and it’s friendly to foreign motorists, then you could opt for a self-drive holiday. 

If you are a keen cyclist, you could opt for a cycling holiday. 

If you prefer to be shown around, you could look for guided tours.

Slow travelers or avid shoppers might prefer to go on foot, or take “hop-on hop-off” trolleys or public transport.

Jet-setters might love to island hop by chartering a private flight.

You could even travel overnight by trains. 

And don’t miss opportunities to see the coastline from the water, through ferries, sailing, or otherwise.

The fact is, there are so many transportation options to choose from when you’re traveling, you will most likely settle on a blend of them. 

Think it through. Map it out. Assign the budget. But whatever method(s) you choose, make it an adventure.

Preferred Style of Accommodation

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From apartments, hotels, villas, the types of accommodations available to you can seem endless. 

The choice can be too much at times, so have a think of what you want to do on holiday and whether you wish to cook or have your meals prepared for you. 

Decide on the vibe you want, such as a remote villa for the tranquillity or a city hotel for the hustle and bustle of the nightlight and shopping.

Try to envision yourself at that kind of place and evaluate whether it’s a good fit.

Then, go on a search for a more specific place to stay based on the type and your budget. Factor in a convenient location to the experiences you want to have to narrow it down.

Finally, make sure your dream accommodation is available for the dates you have in mind.

You can use any number of travel resources, booking engines, or travel advisors to refine your search.

Special Travel Requirements

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The last and perhaps most important thing you want to do when planning your vacation is to consider special travel requirements.

That might mean making sure your hotel room will have room darkening shades if you have trouble sleeping, or addressing limited mobility or chronic health issues you have to ensure you have a great time.

Or, it may mean making preparations for elderly parents or securing your home while you travel. As much as we’d love to be without responsibilities, you’ll feel better while you’re away if you know these things are well taken care of.

Additionally, you might find commercial travel on airlines restricted with the pandemic. So it is best to check out the requirements before deciding on your holiday.  

Research whether you’ll require a Visa to enter a certain country or go through a complex process to gain entry. 

It’s always best to check these requirements before you make a firm commitment on the location you wish to visit.

Final Thoughts on These Vacation Tips

We are all so ready to travel again. Now that you’ve walked through these vacation planning tips, you should have a better idea and some solid plans for your next holiday – and finally, something to look forward to!

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