Diving Course in Bali: Explore The Best Dive Spots in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

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Enrolling in a diving course in Bali is a must do thing if you are on a fabulous trip of Indonesia, the land of Islands.

Because of all the islands, beaches, and reefs, Nusa Lembongan an excellent place for scuba divers to see amazing underwater wildlife!

So, if you’ve ever considered scuba diving in Bali, you’ll definitely want to sign up for a diving course to maximize your experience.

To learn about taking a diving course in Bali, great diving spots, and helpful tips, continue reading, below.

diving course in Bali - Nusa Lembongan
Diving Course in Bali

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Things To Know Before Starting a Divemaster Course in Lembongan, Indonesia

If you are an underwater enthusiast, diving is definitely one of the best ways to explore the underwater biodiversity that lives in Lembongan.

But, before you go diving, it’s a good idea to take a diving course in Bali to become a certified underwater explorer.

If getting certified in Lembongan, Indonesia, there are things you need to know beforehand.

This article help guide you through it.

Why Lembongan is the Best for Divemaster Courses

If you’re not familiar with diving, “PADI” stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. B

ecoming a “divemaster” through a diving course in Bali is the first level of proficiency.

And since Nusa Lembongan one of the most spectacular islands in Bali, it a great place to get started.

Lembongan offers tens of stunning diving spots where you can enjoy the beauty of marine life as a diver.

If you consider taking a divemaster course Bali, it’s a great choice to choose a PADI center in Nusa Lembongan.

Then you’ll have more time to explore charming diving spots around the island. 

There are a hundred reasons why the Lembongan area is a popular diving destination.

One is that the water is warm and clear, making it ideal for diving.

There are also a variety of different dive sites to choose from, so there will always be something for everyone.

The Lembongan area is also home to a rich variety of marine life.

Divers can surely expect to see plenty of fish and other amazing marine creatures underwater.

Does Lembongan Have Dive Spots for Beginners?

You’ll find many great dive spots around Lembongan Island.

But three, in particular, stand out as ideal for beginners.

Keep reading to learn a bit about each and why they are great dive spots when you’re just learning.

1. House Reef

The House Reef is located just offshore from the Lembongan Dive Resort.

This reef is shallow and has plenty of fish and other marine life to see.

It’s also a great place to practice your diving skills.

2. Batu Bolong Reef

This reef is a short boat ride from the Lembongan Dive Resort.

The Batu Bolong Reef is a bit deeper than the House Reef.

However, it still has plenty of marine life and is a great place to learn more about diving.

3. Nasu Penida Reef

The third dive spot for beginners is the Nusa Penida Reef.

This reef is also just a short boat ride from Lembongan Island.

It is the deepest of the three reefs.

That makes it a great place to see a wide variety of fish and other marine life while improving your diving skills.

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How Much is the Lembongan Divemaster Course Fee Compared to Other Sites?

The Lembongan Divemaster course fee is very reasonable compared to other divemaster courses offered in the area.

It only costs about $685 US to take this diving course in Bali.

In comparison, other locations offer a divemaster course for as much as $1600 US.

The course includes all the necessary training and materials, as well as accommodations and meals.

So, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

You can also be sure that you are getting quality training since the staff is experienced and knowledgeable in diving matters.

How to Prepare for Your PADI Divemaster Course in Lembongan

Before you start your Divemaster course in Lembongan, Indonesia, here are some things to consider.

First, the PADI Divemaster course is a demanding one.

So, it requires more than just physical strength. You will have to be mentally fit and be able to work well under pressure for this diving course in Bali.

You also need to have great communication skills.

This is because you will be interacting with different divers and instructors who may be of different nationalities and use different languages.

Finally, you must also possess a good level of fitness. You will need to train on a daily basis to stay fit for diving activities, and not just during the training sessions.

 What Does the Lembongan Divemaster Course Cover?

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There are many types of dive courses in Lembongan, Indonesia you can choose from.

But here are the most popular.

1. Open Water Diver (OWD) Course

The OWD Course is for those who enjoy underwater activities and aspire to be scuba divers.

This includes a complete training and certification process,

You’ll learn everything from how to dive, to practical diving skills and safety procedures, to learning about marine life and conservation.

The OWD course also includes an open water certification from a recognized agency.

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2. Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) Course.

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is for those who have already completed their open water certification.

In it, you will experience or gain additional knowledge before moving on to further dives or recreational diving.

This course can be taken online or in person at a dive training facility.

3. Deep Diving Instructor (DDI) Course.

The Deep Diving Instructor Course is an advanced-level dive course.

It will teach you how to teach others about safe diving under specialized conditions, such as night diving or deep-sea diving.

4. Rescue Diver Course

The Rescue Diver Course teaches emergency first-aid procedures in the water.

This includes CPR and emergency treatment of trauma injuries.

It also teaches you how to rescue people from drowning, unconsciousness, or unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen.

What Other Outdoor Activities Can You Try While in Lembongan?

Aside from diving, Lembongan has many other outdoor activities on offer.

If you want to get some exercise and explore the area at the same time, hiking is your best option.

Lembongan offers many trails you can choose from depending on how experienced a hiker you are.

Another way to enjoy the great outdoors is camping.

You’ll find several campgrounds in the area, and you can choose which one fits your preference.

Lembongan also boasts beautiful lakes and streams where you can go fishing or laze by the water, if you want a more relaxed outdoor experience.

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Where to Stay in Nusa Lembongan?

You’ll want to find a home base for your adventure, and will have some good options in Nusa Lembongan that fit your budget. Be sure to check the popular booking platforms, like booking.com, hotels.com, and expedia.com, to compare accommodations and get the best rate.

Or, use this handy interactive map to visually compare places to stay in Nusa Lembongan. You can filter the results for your dates and preferred locations, below.

Final Thoughts on Taking A Diving Course in Bali

Though learning to be a Divemaster is not an easy task, the perks of becoming one are fantastic.

Aside from the monetary rewards, you get to lead people on an incredible underwater journey and have fun all at the same time!

You get to experience nature first hand!

From beautiful ocean dives and awesome landscapes to spectacular marine life, this region will create travel memories for a lifetime.

Now if you’re already thinking of becoming a Divemaster in Lembongan, go for it and start your Divemaster course.

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