Why A US Road Trip From Miami, Florida is the Best Starting Point

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If you are planning an adventure, a road trip from Miami is a fantastic option you’ll want to consider.

You can expect beautiful sunsets, joyfully warm weather, gorgeous beaches, and an incredible culinary scene when you begin in this beautiful Florida city.

Miami is a must-visit place for anyone’s bucket list. But it’s an especially ideal place to begin your road trip.

Learn more about Miami in this article, and why you should start your road trip here, below.

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Take a road trip From Miami, Florida

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Miami: The Ideal Place to Begin Your US Road Trip

The US is a very big landmass with a diverse range of climates, cultures, and landscapes. This makes it the ultimate place for a road trip, but where do we start?

Picking your base is important because you don’t want to be engulfed by the sheer size of the country. That might lead you to end up overdriving and without direction.

For this reason, we have chosen Miami as a great candidate to begin any US road trip with.

Follow our reasoning, below.

Proximity and Transport in Miami

One key reason Miami is a great starting point is its location.

The city is situated in the southernmost part of Florida, which is the southernmost state in the continental United States.

This means that Miami is the closest major city to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Since it’s on the eastern seaboard, it’s also good for Europeans flying in.

Plus, upon landing, it’s incredibly easy to find hotels at Miami airport.

Miami makes a great base to figure out how you will rent, buy, or pick up your rental car.

But, if the vehicle is not in Miami specifically, don’t worry: Miami has got great transportation options. For example, you can also make your way up to Jacksonville, FLA via bus.

The city has a well-developed transportation system, including:

  • A metro rail system
  • Buses
  • A trolley system

These transportation options in Miami make it easy for you to get around and explore the city.

Additionally, there are many bike rental and bike-sharing services available. They are a great, active way to explore the city and its many parks and beaches.

Weather in Miami and Great FLA Experiences

Miami provides easy access to warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Miami is also within close proximity to other popular destinations in Florida you might want to experience such as:

  • The Everglades
  • Key West
  • The Florida Keys

This makes Miami an accessible and fun way to begin a trip.

There’s lots to explore within Florida itself, and it’s often dubbed as being it’s own mini country. No doubt it’s a highly unique place in the US which is great to tick off the list early on in your road trip.

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And, it goes without saying, the weather is wonderful.

November to March is Miami’s high season because it’s warm and dry. But you’ll find the best deals in February to May, which is considered the low season because of cooler weather. If you’re looking to avoid hurricane season, that’s June to November.

And yes, summers are hot and humid.

But really, any time you visit Miami, you are more likely to enjoy great weather than not. It all depends on the experience you want to have.

Miami is also within a short drive of other popular destinations in the Southeast.

Consider visiting Orlando, Florida which is home to Walt Disney World. Or, check out Savannah, Georgia, known for its historic architecture and charming squares.

You essentially have 3 good options when you leave on a road trip from Miami: 

  1. Head north along the east coast by some of the most modern, urbanized parts of the US with rich colonial history and coastal beauty. 
  2. Drive across the southern states through Alabama, eventually getting to New Orleans, where Jazz and Blues were born. Be forewarned: this is where gun-wielding, hot-weathered territory is as republican as it is working class.
  3. Venture northwest through the flyover states, where you will find true small-town American places that are authentic, friendly, and some set in their ways. Plus, this option takes you to the natural beauty of the US where most national parks are located, like the Rocky Mountains.

Final Thoughts on Road Trip From Miami

To conclude, the US is a vast place, so it’s good to know where to start. Miami will set the tone nicely for the trip.

Either you will embrace the vibrancy of the place and head north, further towards the large, culturally rich cities like New York or New England, or you can head west or northwest for a different experience.

Either way, there are some great transport links to use along with exploring the unique experiences of Florida. And, you’ll want to spend a few days enjoying beautiful Miami before you embark.

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