Best Apps for Traveling Europe (& Beyond) Guaranteed to Improve Your Trip

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When you download the best apps for traveling Europe and elsewhere, it will help ensure your trip goes more smoothly.

But don’t wait until your feet are on the ground at your travel destination. You’ll want to make sure you have them on your smart device well before take-off.

Below, you’ll discover the 5 types of travel apps you should always download before you head off for vacation. They’ll make a world of difference in improving your travel experience, wherever you go.

So, get ready, download, and go!

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CONTENTS — In this article, you’ll learn about the best apps for traveling Europe, or anywhere, that will make your trip go more smoothly, including:

5 Kinds of Apps for Traveling Europe—and Elsewhere

Embarking on a multi-destination holiday in Europe is a beautiful way to travel, giving you the experience of seeing numerous places on one vacation. 

While it’s popular to do, it’s not without an increase in both planning and preparation. 

As you move from place to place, it helps if you have a few tools and tricks that will help you along the way. 

Whether you’re planning a trip to Europe or anywhere else in the world, you’ll want to have a good selection of entertainment, navigation, currency, translation, and retail platforms. 

Not only do some of these apps for traveling Europe offer you introductory and new joiner offers, but they’ll also help make your travel smoother, more enjoyable—and possibly even more affordable.

5 Types of Apps Every Traveler Should Have

Every traveler should have an arsenal of travel apps on their smart device. Over time, they will become the trusted tools you look to that will help guide your trips.

To start, let’s look at the 5 types of “must-have” apps for traveling Europe, below.

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1. Entertainment and Gaming Platforms on the Go

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When you’re stuck at the airport, on a long train ride, or simply looking to unwind in your hotel room, it helps to have some good entertainment options at the ready.

That could mean you’ve downloaded made your favorite Netflix show, Podcasts, and Audiobooks available offline. Then you can binge watch and listen on their respective apps while you travel.

You could also make sure you have a copy of an ebook you’d like to read stored on your e-reader app, such as Kindle

Or maybe, you’ll want to look to something lighter like digital games to pass the time, for instance, CandyCrush or Scrabble with Friends.

Gaming platforms are another option that offer a fun and engaging way to shift your focus away from the detail and stress of traveling.

In fact, the global mobile gaming market is expected to hit $200 billion in 2024, which is a demonstration of the growing popularity of gaming on mobile devices. 

Many gaming platforms provide attractive introductory offers and bonuses for new players too, so you won’t even need to shell out to find some entertainment. Some gaming platforms won’t even ask for a deposit and only require a Wi-Fi connection to play.

If you have an interest in gaming but you’re unsure where to start, you can read of this post from about free spins and other exciting gaming promotions. 

As you move from one place to another, taking occasional breaks to unwind and relax is essential to avoid travel fatigue and potential mishaps. 

Having the right entertainment apps during busy travel periods will help ease any delays or unexpected downtime. 

So, choose a few good entertainment apps for traveling Europe or wherever your travels are taking you. They will help pass the time.

2. Navigation Apps to Simplify Your Journey

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Navigating through unfamiliar territories can be daunting, especially during a multi-destination holiday. 

According to Statista, over 800 million people worldwide use navigation apps on their smartphones on a daily basis. 

It’s even more important when you’re planning apps for traveling Europe or other unfamiliar territories.

That’s because navigation apps provide real-time maps, directions, and helpful information to ensure you reach your destinations smoothly. And, they can help you get around at your destination, as well.

At minimum, you’ll want some kind of GPS guidance that you can use offline, whether you’re driving or walking. Think: Waze, Google Maps, Rome2Rio, and the likes.

Navigation tools top the list of essential apps for traveling Europe.

It’s also a good idea to download apps for different modes of transportation.

For example, when you have the apps for your airline, train and public transportation, and ride sharing, you’ll have an easier time getting from place to place. You may even be able to make payment online rather than fumbling with the local currency.

Some apps offer premium subscriptions, which might include embedded ticket purchasing functions, offline maps, saved journeys and real-time traffic alerts. Others are free.

You’ll find there are a lot of apps from which to choose, so check out this ranking from  Even if you’re budget-conscious, consider those with free trials. The free trial period might just suit you perfectly while you’re away, giving you an elite navigation tool for support while you travel! 

3. Know Your Worth with Money Apps

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When you’re traveling to a country that does not share your domestic currency, the price of things can get a bit confusing.

For instance, an activity or item that sounds expensive at 8,000 Indian Rupees (₹ 8,000) translates to about 97 US dollars ($97*). That’s a modest amount for many travelers.

But 8,000 Euro (€8,000) is about the equivalent of 8,857 US dollars ($8,857*) – which is expensive to the every day traveler!

Not only is is hard to gauge the amounts in your native currency, but the rates of exchange change daily.

So, it’s smart to have a currency conversion app on your phone. That way, you can determine fair prices when you’re on the road. Thankfully, you can look to apps like Xe or Currency Converter Plus to navigate the local currency.

While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to get a metric conversion tool, as well a sizer app for clothing and shoes. That way, you can make estimations based on a system you’re more familiar with.

Finally, download the apps for your financial institutions, if you do not already have them on your smartphone. 

You’ll want to be sure to check with your bank and credit cards to understand any additional fees you will incur for foreign transactions. 

Some, like CapitalOne, offer no foreign transaction fees. This means you can make purchases and withdraw local currency from the ATM without additional charges on the US side. (You may be charged a fee locally, though.)

ApplePay is also accepted at many countries in Europe and worldwide, making it among the best apps for traveling Europe.

*Currency conversion rates are based on the time of this writing.

4. Retail Platforms for Souvenirs and Travel Essentials

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Speaking of money…No multi-destination holiday is complete without picking up souvenirs and travel essentials along the way. 

Retail platforms offer a wide range of regional products, from local crafts to travel gear. They will help you remember your journey with something special, or make your travels more comfortable.

As a new customer, you can keep your eye out for eligibility for special discounts, free shipping, or exclusive access to limited-time deals on retail platforms. You’ll also have the opportunity to pay online with these apps rather than handling the local currency.

So, take advantage of these introductory offers to save money while you shop. If you can have your purchases delivered to your home, even better. 

Then, you don’t have to squeeze it into your luggage!

5. Translation Apps for Seamless Communication

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Don’t let language barriers pose a challenge. 

Translation apps offer a practical solution to bridge the gap. 

The best apps can translate spoken or written language in real time. This allows you to communicate with locals, read signs, menus, and even navigate public transportation more easily. 

Others will translate the written word into your native language – even if it uses a different alphabet than your own.

Some apps even have offline capabilities.

If so, it ensures you remain connected in areas with limited internet access. This is perfect if you like to go off the beaten path when you’re on vacation.

The simplest, free app is Google Translate.

But before your travels, you’ll want to explore different translation apps available for your smartphone. did a great job in its article of boiling down the criteria you should look for. 

As with any apps you download for your trip, check if they offer any free trial periods or introductory offers for new users. 

By equipping yourself with a reliable translation app, you’ll gain confidence in communicating with locals, “reading” signage, immersing yourself more deeply in the culture, and making the most of your time away.

You might even want to get a jumpstart by learning a few phrases for yourself using apps like Duolingo or Babbel.

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Final Thoughts on Apps for Traveling Europe

Each of these tools can reduce the chance of mishaps, which can really affect your enjoyment of your time abroad. So take some time in your travel planning to get the best apps for traveling Europe and beyond.

To recap, cover the essential apps for entertainment, navigation, currency conversion, shopping, and language. Look for free apps that will fit your needs, and take advantage of a few trial periods and retail platforms with special discounts that can further enhance your travel experience.

When you have the right tools in hand, you’re more likely to have safe and happy travels right at your fingertips.

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