5 of The Most Beautiful Places in Greece You Should Visit in 2022

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In such an incredible country, how do you decide on the most beautiful places in Greece you should visit? Let’s just say it’s hard to go wrong. But there are some definite “must see” places in Greece to put on your Greek bucket list! To start, add these five insanely gorgeous destinations to your itinerary when you visit Greece. It’s an understatement to say you won’t be disappointed. Keep reading for more details, below.

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Gorgeous Greece – Why Visit?

Greece is a wonderful travel destination whose reputation precedes it. If you have a bucket list, chances are Greece is already on it.

One reason may be that this ancient country has around 300 days of sunshine a year, mild winters, and long hot summers.

If that’s not enticing enough, what about the 8,500 miles (1,300+ km) of coastline beaches, the highest wildlife diversity in Europe, and hundreds of beautiful islands to explore?

Now, add the rich culture and tradition, amazing people, and incredible food…need I say more?

So, hop on a plane or choose a Greece group tour and visit some of these Greek beauty spots.

Athens, Greece | Capital of Greece

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You’ll find Athens, the capital of Greece, located in the south of Greece’s mainland within in the central plains of Attica.

Named after the Greek goddess of Wisdom (Athena), Athens is known as the oldest capital city in Europe. It is believed that Athen’s first inhabitants lived there somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC. It’s estimated to have been continuously inhabited for as many as 5,000 years!

Additionally, Athens is the largest city in Greece.

When you visit Athens, you’ll discover it’s home to some of the world’s most famous ancient landmarks. A few of the most popular tourist stops in Athens are:

Historic Attractions in Athens

  • The Parthenon – Temple in the Acropolis dedicated to the goddess Athena, the patroness of Greece
  • Temple of Hephaestus – Best preserved temple of its kind in Greece
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus – Known also as the Olympieion, these ruins honor the chief of the gods (Zeus)
  • Acropolis Museum – Holds the findings of the Athenian Acropolis, and is one of the best museums in the world

Rest assured, you will never be short of places to visit in Athens. After a long day of sightseeing, you can sit down at one of the many tavernas and enjoy Greek delicacies such as:

  • Moussaka – layered ground lamp, eggplant slices, tomato sauce andn cheese, seasoned with a hint of cinnamon and topped with a thick layer of rich bechemel (cream) sauce
  • Dolmades – grape leaves rolled into cigars and stuffed with rice, dill, green onion, and sometimes ground meat
  • Olives – all kinds of brined olives in salads and other dishes, especially Kalamata; Greece is the third largest producer of olives in the world
  • Souvlaki – meat on skewers (kebab), usually lamb or chicken, marinated in lemon juice, oregano, and other seasonings; often served in pita bread with a yogurt/cucumber based tzatziki sauce
  • Stifado – atraditional beef stew with onions and tomato base

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Santorini | Greek Island for Romance

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Santorini is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea and perhaps the most famous island in Greece. It’s part of the Cyclades islands southeast of the mainland. It’s also one of the best places in Greece for couples.

A perfect way to see this stunning place is to rent a bareboat (which means you’re the captain!) or yacht and sail up to its beaches of red and black sand.

An enormous volcanic eruption destroyed what was once a single island around 1620 BC. Now, the caldera forms a giant lagoon with steep cliffs on three sides.

This island is renowned for its cube-shaped whitewashed buildings and blue-roofed church. Many of the buildings are built on the edge of the incredible cliffs with amazing views of the sea.

The Island of Santorini and its archipelago is about 35 square miles (~90 km2). It’s made up of a variety of towns and villages, including:

  • Akrotiri
  • Ammoudi
  • Athinios
  • Armeni
  • Fira
  • Firastephani
  • Emporio
  • Exo Gonia
  • Finikia
  • Firostefani
  • Imerovigli
  • Kamari
  • Karterados
  • Megalochori
  • Messaria
  • Oia
  • Perissa
  • Perivelos
  • Pyrgos Kallistis
  • Vothonas
  • Vourvoulos

The most popular towns in Santorini are Oia, Fira, Perissa, Kamari, Imerovigli, Akrotiri, and Pyrgos. Honeymooners and couples flock here in their thousands to enjoy the fabulous cuisine, luxury hotels, and tangerine sunsets.

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Corfu / Kerkyra in Greece

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Corfu is situated off the northwest coast of mainland Greece and is the greenest of the Greek isles due to it having over 2 million olive trees. It’s on the Ionian sea and is one of Greece’s Ionian islands.

Don’t be surprised when you hear the island of Corfu referred to by the locals as “Kerkyra.” It’s named after the nymph daughter of the river-god Asopos, Korkyra.

Greek and Italian traditions influence the cuisine in Corfu—Corfiot cuisine. It is well worth a taste! A specialty of the island is Sofrito which is a meat dish made with garlic and wine. The fresh olives, feta cheese, and wine are outstanding, too.

The Old Fortress Lighthouse is a must-see in Corfu. The Venetians built it in 1546, and it provides spectacular views across the sea towards Albania.

Kerasia Beach Corfu is another attraction that’s a bit off the beaten path. There, you’ll find fewer tourists and calm, crystal clear water on this secluded pebble beach. You’ll find it in the northeast corner of Corfu.

And if you like museums and gardens, check out the Achilleion. This 18th century royal palace, built for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, offers stunning views of the sea and a lovely castle garden.

Mykonos – Best Party Places in Greece

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For party animals, Mykonos is a paradise with its beach bars with exotic cocktails, international DJs, and pumping music. In fact, it’s one of the best party places in Greece.

This beautiful island is referred to as the ‘Greek equivalent of San Tropez’ due to its luxury villas, boutique hotels, and shops selling designer labels.

You’ll find delicious Mediterranean cuisine in Mykonos, complete with fresh seafood and a mezze (small plates) dining culture. Give some of these local dishes a try while you’re there:

  • Kopanist – A spicy aromatic cheese, sometimes called “Greek Roquefort”
  • Kremidopita – An onion pie made with tirovolia cheese, dill, and other spices; often made at Easter throughout Greece, but in Mykonos, made only with 2 sheets of phyllo.
  • Louza – Thinly sliced pieces of cooked, spicy pork or “Myconian prosciutto”
  • Amygdalota – A rose and almond sweet, traditional in Greece but baked in Mykonos, which gives them a hard exterior, and soft inside.

One of the prettiest areas of the island is the town district of Little Venice, where the ancient waterfront properties look pretty as a picture against the Aegean Sea with their whitewashed walls and colorful balconies.

You’ll also want to check out the iconic Mikonos Windmills in Chora.

Zakynthos and Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)

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Zakynthos, one of the largest islands in Greece, is a popular island for holidaymakers because it has such beautiful beaches with sugar-soft, white sand, and crystal clear azure waters – the most famous beach being Navagio Beach. You may have also heard it called “Shipwreck Beach.”

Water sports enthusiasts and divers flock to the island to explore the reefs and take part in diving trips organized by one of the island’s many diving centers.

One of the most interesting features of these tours is the caves of Keri, which extend for over 18 kilometers along the southwestern coast of Zakynthos.

Final Thoughts on Gorgeous Greece

So, with just this small sampling of the most beautiful places in Greece, it’s easy to understand why it’s on so many people’s bucket list. Hopefully, you can now pare your itinerary down to include these five must see destinations in Greece—or perhaps extend it if they were missing.

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