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Best Vacations for Foodies in the US: Visit These 8 Tasty States!

Some of the most drool-worthy vacations for foodies are right here in the United States.

But which states top the list for food-lovers?

You might guess a few of the contenders, but other US foodie destinations on this list might truly surprise you!

To find out which are the best states for foodies, continue reading.

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Best Riverboat Cruises on The Mississippi [New Orleans]

Louisiana is a culturally unique place to visit. From its music to its food, to life along the river, you’ll find a rich and diverse culture that has been well-preserved. For instance, steamboat, paddleboat, and riverboat tours still cruise up and down the mighty Mississippi River each day. Read on to learn more about these amazing riverboat cruises on the Mississippi. You won’t want to miss this experience, especially if you’re planning a visit to New Orleans.

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