Spain and Morocco Trip? Discover Both Sides of the Strait of Gibraltar

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A Spain and Morocco trip is a fulfilling way to to enjoy the rich cultural and natural beauty on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Read this article below to prepared yourself for a super exciting trip to Southern Spain and Northern Morocco!

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Southern Spain and Northern Morocco are separated only by the Strait of Gibralter

CONTENTS – In this article you will learn what you need to know about planning an awesome Spain and Morocco trip, including:

Discover Both Sides of the Strait of Gibraltar | The Wonderful Cultures of a Southern Spain and Morocco Trip

As you plan your trip to Southern Spain an Morocco, you’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Among the highlights, you’ll discover architecture and culture, great-tasting food, and picturesque scenes you wouldn’t believe exist unless you saw them in person.

The best way to plan this trip is by visiting Spain and Morocco in one eye-opening vacation.

Sure, holidays are a time to unwind and relax.

But while you’re abroad, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local cultures and communities’ hustle and bustle.

In this article, you will explore all the magic of must-see sites and attractions when planning a trip to Southern Spain and Northern Morocco.

It will give you a better idea on what you can expect while vacationing on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Enjoy the Spanish Sunshine

When you think of Spain, you might think of top football teams, paella cooked to perfection by the locals, and a language that is as flirtatious as it is effective and which just rolls off the tongue.

But there is so much more to discover.

Southern Spain is a top tourist destination with a rich culture and historical influence that is not given the credit it deserves.

Be assured that you will enjoy a life-changing experience once you are there.

The appeal about Spain for many people is not only its welcoming nature, but that there is something for everyone to enjoy no matter their age or demographic.

This may be why so many people flock here each year to get a glimpse of the magic and enjoy the Spanish sunshine.

If Southern Spain is where you’re headed you are in for a treat.

Curated below, you’ll find some of the top attractions and locations, by category, that you can enjoy while soaking up the Spanish sun. (After all, the “Costa del Sol” means the “Sun Coast”!)

It’s the first part of your Spain and Morocco trip.

Historical Attractions in Southern Spain

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Spain and Morocco Trip – The Alhambra in Granada

Spain, and especially Southern Spain, has a long and fascinating history. It’s agriculture and complex society date as far back in time to 4000 BCE!

This region has been home to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and and modern-day Spaniards.

While you’re in the area, you’ll not want to miss these historic places:

1. Andalucía: The Beautiful Region of Southern Spain

The Andalucian area is well-known for its rolling mountainous hillsides, elegant beaches, and Moorish architecture. The scenery is a perfect option for a road trip with great weather year-round.

Pack a picnic, turn the music to full volume, and head up the coast with beauty on both sides of the strip.You can easily take several days exploring its eight provinces.

The provinces of Andalusia include Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga and Seville. If you don’t have the time to explore each of them in depth, focus on the 3 below.

2. Granada: Ancient Fortresses of the Nasrid Kingdom

The vibrant University City and capitol of Andalucia has an energetic atmosphere, and it’s a top spot if you are looking to dance the night away.

The locals are friendly and you’ll have a great time getting lost in the music and sparkly lights!

The next morning, be sure to head to the top attraction in the area, the Alhambra.

The Alhambra is an ancient fortress and last stronghold of the Nasrid Kingdom, symbolizing its power and wealth. It’s a must-see tourist site.

Just be sure to buy tickets to the Alhambra in advance.

You’ll want to take a moment of quiet to sit and revel at its architecture and beauty, which will inspire you and overwhelm you with awe. It’s almost a spiritual experience to behold!

And don’t miss the expansive gardens, either. Bring plenty of water for the walk, which is bright, sunny, and full of gorgeous flower and vegetable gardens that supported the kingdom in long ago times.

3. Seville: The Capitol City of Andalucia and Home to Flamenco!

Seville is a classic stop on your Spanish vacation itinerary, and it is not something you want to leave out.

By night, you can catch mesmerizing Flamenco dance shows, which some say were born out of this city.

You’ll also enjoy visiting the amazing Cathedral and Royal Chapel. This is resting place for King Ferdinand the second and Queen Isabel the first.

It’s A lovely piece of history to include in your trip.

4. Banos De La Encina: Ancient Castle in Jaén

Here you will find the famous castle, Banos De La Encina, renowned for its 14 iconic and picturesque towers.

They have been preserved since the 12th century, and will delight anyone who appreciates ancient sites.

Not-to-Miss Spanish Nature Preserves

Spain has many national parks filled with lush indigenous and exotic flora and fauna.

Walks around the parks are tranquil and restorative, especially when you have an ambitious itinerary to Spain planned.

You’ll definitely want to explore the beauty of nature here.

But there’s one place you won’t want to miss.

Donana National Park

The Doñana National Park site in Huelva has been considered one of the best in Europe.

In fact, it’s a UNESCO National Heritage Center!

With a mosaic of thriving ecosystems that have a buzzing energy of biodiversity, it’s easy to see why.

You’ll discover plants of all varieties and colors, almost as though you’re walking through a picture book.

It’s a truly wonderful experience, and great stop for photo opportunities, too. 

Best Spanish Beaches

Beach-lovers, rejoice!

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches in Spain.

Here are two worth planning a trip to visit.

1. Playa De Los Muertos Beach

Playa De Los Muertos is a half-mile-long strip of soft sand between Carboneras and Agua Amarga on the coast of Almeria.

Here, crystalline waters lap on its edge to one side and the other is flanked by mountain hills.

This is heaven on earth when you just need to get away.

You can laze on this beautiful Spanish beach for hours, undisturbed, in the utopia of nature.

All you need is a picnic basket, towels, and sunscreen, and the occasional dip in the clear waters was everything we needed to unwind.

2. Bolonia Beach

Another spot if Los Muertos was not enough is Bolonia Beach in Cadiz.

With white dunes as far as the eye can see, this wild and rustic spot is one of nature’s true, natural beauties you should not miss out on.

If you’re fortunate to visit here, you’ll discover the crystal clear waters alone make it a perfect Spanish beach destination. 

Must-See Sightseeing in Andalusia

While there are so many must-see destinations when you’re in Andalusia, here is one you should definitely get on your itinerary.

Torcal de Antequera Natural Area

A UNESCO world heritage site since 2016, the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area is a must-see.

Here, you’ll find architectural-inspired limestone structures dating back almost 2 million years!

It’s a magnificent stop to include in your trip. Just imagine yourself appreciating the feat that went into these structures from ancient times.

There’s More Across the Strait of Gibraltar!

Once you have enjoyed the beauty of the Spanish world, you can complete your trip on a high.

But by taking a quick, one-hour ferry to Morocco that connects Tarifa with Tangier you can experience the sister culture tucked away on the desert’s edge that is Northern Morocco.

What to See in Northern Morocco

caves of hercules morocco | Enjoy Travel Life
The Caves of Hercules – Northern Morocco

Northern Morocco is a gem filled with excitement and dazzling diversity.

It offers rolling desert dunes, ancient cities, deserted beaches for endless walks, and rugged mountains for adventurers.

These are some of the top sites you should see while you’re in the region. Plus, we recommend them for a well-rounded excursion.

Of course, there’s loads to see here, too. But if you want to narrow it down, be sure to visit these sites in Morocco.

1. Asilah

Asilah is top spot for artists and lovers of art.

You’ll find public murals are planned and painted during the International Cultural Festival each year.

That makes for a great stop to take for photos of these colorful expressions of creativity.

2. Tangier

Tangier is the city host to the Tan jazz festival for music lovers (7-9 July 2023) this year.

But even if you’re visiting at a different time of year, be sure to also visit the Contemporary Art museum. There, you’ll view some of the best exhibits of Moroccan art.

You might even want to make a small purchase to take home with you by which to remember the trip.

3. Caves of Hercules

Many people love the stories of Hercules the great.

It’s only one great reason to visit this site filled with history, mysteries, and natural beauty.

The stories will come to life as you venture through the caves.

The best part is, it’s only a 15-minute drive from Tangier. 

Take Your Trip Now

There is no time like the present and enjoying life to the fullest means taking that leap of faith and experiencing something new, and even better when it’s in a foreign country.

Make Spain and Morocco your next destination for an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime.

You’re only regret will be that you’ll wish you discovered it sooner.

Final Thoughts on Spain and Morocco Trip

In conclusion, a Spain and Morocco trip offers you a unique blend of cultures, history, and stunning landscapes. You can plan a wonderful trip that covers both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar.

From the mountainous hillsides, elegant beaches, and Moorish architecture of Andalucía to the tranquil beaches of the Bolonia, Spain offers a diverse array of experiences.

In Morocco, visitors can explore the Cities of Asilah, Tangier and Caves of Hercules.

Whether you’re interested in history, art, food, or adventure, a Spain and Morocco trip is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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