5 Refreshing Pool Activities You Need to Try This Summer

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Refreshing pool activities are the key to elevating your poolside experience and maximizing your summer enjoyment. These five easy ideas will transform your time by the water, whether it’s at home or away.

Continue reading to learn how to make the most of your pool days and create lasting memories in the sun. Let’s dive in!

pool activities
Make a splash this summer with 5 refreshing pool activities.

CONTENTS—In this article, you will discover 5 interesting pool activities to enhance your poolside experience this summer, including:

5 Things to Do While You Lay Out by the Pool This Summer

Get ready to soak up the sun and relax by the pool this summer!

Whether you have a pool in your backyard or have poolside vacation plans, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the warm weather.

But don’t just lay there mindlessly scrolling on your phone. Make the most of your pool time with these five fun and relaxing activities.

From sipping on refreshing drinks to playing engaging games, here are some ideas to enhance your pool experience and make it even more enjoyable.

1. Dive Into the World of Books and Podcasts

Embrace the tranquility of your poolside oasis to catch up on your reading list or explore new podcasts.

If you’ll be reading, select a book from your stack that matches your mood. That might be a thrilling mystery, a heartwarming romance, or an enlightening self-help book.

Alternatively, podcasts are a great way to feed your brain and learn something new. They’re also a great entertainment option you can enjoy without looking at a screen.

Whether it’s comedy, history, or science, find a podcast that piques your interest. Immersing yourself in a podcast by the pool will entertain and enrich your mind as you relax under the sun.

2. Get Creative With Journaling

poolside journaling
Experience the tranquility with poolside journaling.

Another way to advantage of the peaceful environment by the pool is by delving into the world of journaling.

Journaling by the pool is a therapeutic way to express your thoughts, dreams, and reflections.

The serene setting is perfect for inspiring creativity and introspection. Consider using a Duncan & Stone travel journal for your poolside musings. You’ll find their series of quality, heirloom quality journals with prompts to be addictive! These journals are stylish and durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. 

Begin by jotting down what you see and how the water’s tranquility makes you feel. Or, draft a short story inspired by your surroundings. You can also sketch the picturesque view of the vibrant summer flora.

Writing or drawing allows you to disconnect from digital distractions and connect more deeply with your inner self. Plus, looking back on these entries can transport you to these moments of relaxation and warmth long after summer has ended.

Let the calmness of the pool inspire you to fill your Duncan & Stone travel journal with memories and musings from this summer and beyond.

3. Practice Mindful Relaxation and Meditation

Use your poolside retreat as an opportunity to practice mindful relaxation and meditation.

The rhythmic sounds of water and gentle warmth from the sun provide a perfect backdrop for deep relaxation. Focus on your breath, allowing each inhale and exhale to draw you deeper into a calm state.

Try guided meditation apps or let your mind wander freely, observing your thoughts without judgment.

Mediation and mindful practice by the pool can help reduce stress, enhance emotional health, and improve overall well-being. This makes it a truly rejuvenating summer activity by the pool!

4. Engage in Low-Intensity Pool Exercises

pool exercises
Dive into refreshing pool workouts in summer.

How about engaging your body in gentle, low-intensity exercises perfect for the pool setting?

Water aerobics, for instance, offers a unique way to work out with minimal stress on your joints. You can also try pool yoga, which adapts poses for shallow water. They can enhance your balance and flexibility.

These activities will not only help keep you fit, but also add an element of fun to your pool time.

Even simple exercises like leg kicks, water walking, or even treading water can significantly increase your heart rate while keeping you cool.

When you incorporate these exercises into your pool day, you’ll experience a refreshing and healthful twist on your pool activities.

5. Enjoy Refreshing Snacks and Hydrating Drinks

Instead of a bowl of chips or cheesy crackers, elevate your poolside experience with a selection of refreshing snacks and hydrating drinks.

Cut up some crisp fruits like watermelon, pineapple, or cucumber for a quick, hydrating treat. Frozen berries and juices are another delicious and fruity choice.

For drinks, consider making a batch of iced tea or lemonade, adding a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon for an extra zing.

If you are feeling adventurous, blend a fruit smoothie or concoct your mocktails.

If you prefer indulging in adult beverages by the pool, be sure to rehydrate with refreshing, flavored ice waters. (As tasty as cocktails are, the alcohol can dehydrate you.)

These delicious refreshments will keep you cool and satisfied under the summer sun, making your pool day even more delightful and revitalizing.

Final Thoughts on Pool Activities

Spending time by the pool is a quintessential summer experience. It offers relaxation and opportunities for personal growth, fitness, and enjoyment.

To recap, You’ll enrich your experience when you incorporate poolside activities like reading, journaling, practicing mindfulness, engaging in water exercises, and savoring refreshing snacks and drinks. These activities make for a memorable summer and contribute to your well-being.

So, remember these suggestions next time you find yourself by the pool. Embrace the summer spirit, and make every pool day count!

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