Camping Safety Equipment You Can’t Afford to Forget [7 Essential Safety Items]

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Essential camping safety equipment is something you’ll want to bring along on your next outdoor adventure.

That’s because they will ensure you’re prepared for emergencies!

Not only will these items help you feel much better, but a few of these essential pieces of camping safety equipment that could even save your life.

Of course, there is a lot of camping safety equipment you might bring with you, but you’ll find the most vital of them listed below.

Read on to discover 7 camping safety equipment essentials you must have while you are in a sea, in the desert or on the mountains.

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Safety Equipment for Camping

Camping in the USA? it’s essential to be prepared.

Here are 7 important things to carry while camping in America.

The key to a successful camping trip in America is having the right equipment.

If you have all the everyday carry gear you need, you can cope with almost anything you encounter in the mountains.

But choosing the right gear for a camping trip is no easy task.

In this article, we’ll talk about seven of the top critical things to carry camping, irrespective of whether you’re going to the Assateague Island Seashore in Maryland or the Great Smoky Mountains in California. 

1. First Aid Kit

The first item on our list of important things to carry while camping in America is the humble first aid kit.

A first aid kit is one of those things one will never hope to use. But, you should always have on hand in case an emergency arises on the adventures.

First aid kits for camping come in many different forms. It’s up to you to decide what to bring on your next trip.

At the very least, you should have supplies for cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites, burns, allergic reactions, and sports injuries (such as sprains and strains).

camping safety equipment

2. Sun Protection

Summer camps in the USA can be very harsh on your skin.

That makes it extremely essential for a camper to carry a high SPF Sun Protection and/or sun-protective clothing.

Imagine camping under the California sun and returning with damaged skin. That’s no fun!

Worse, it’s dangerous in the long term.

Many campers use hats, sun gloves & shirts to protect themselves.

When you add sunscreen to the mix, it easily qualifies as one of the important things to carry while camping in the US.

3. Tent & Sleeping Gear

Always take the time to determine what kind of shelter you’ll need while tenting early in your planning.

Most campers have a tent with them.

However, you could alternatively opt for other kinds of shelters consisting of bivy sacks and tarps. 

If you’re dozing in an RV or caravan in campsites like Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, you already have protection from the elements.

Wherever you will be camping, a good night’s sleep starts with a cushy sleep system.

This consists of:

  • Sleep-precise clothing
  • A heated and relaxed sleeping bag
  • A sleeping pad that insulates you from the cold and difficult ground

At the very least, your shelter needs to shield you from precipitation, wind, and bugs.

Without that, you’re left out in the elements – and that can be dangerous.

4. Energy Foods

It’s always a good idea to pack plenty of energy snacks and water on a camping trip in the US.

This is especially true if you will spend a lot of time doing strenuous physical activity.

Even if you’re not, you want to make sure you have enough physical energy, so plan to snack.

To prevent perishable food from spoiling, you can bring a cool box.

Snacks that make you feel your best while traveling include whole grains and proteins. Things like nuts are a good and easy option.

If you have a gas stove with you or in the RV, carrying food items to cook is a good idea.

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5. Map & Navigation Tools

When camping in the USA, you’ll want to have navigation aids at the ready.

A map, compass, and GPS device will come in handy.

Navigation gadgets are vital if you’re backpacking on their own. They can help you find your way through the mountains or just back to the start of your trail.

If you’re camping someplace that has wi-fi service, you can always resort to smart phone apps to direct you. But, if the service drops, you’ll be out of luck.

In such situations, a map, compass, and GPS, could be the difference between getting lost and safely returning home.

6. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are another of the most vital camping safety equipment you must have while traveling to mountainous destinations.

When you purchase hiking boots, you should consider what will serve you best on your camping trip, not what looks the most fashionable. (Okay, they can be fashionable, too. But first, they should be utilitarian.) 

A good pair of hiking boots is useful, even if you do not plan to hike. They will protect your feet and are unlikely to wear out.

Here’s a tip.

It’s always a good idea to break in your new shoes a few days or weeks before you leave.

This will help your feet get used to the new shoes and prevent blisters.

7. Satellite Phone

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If you’re an adventurer who loves to discover new terrain in faraway areas, carry a satellite phone.

If you decide upon trails that take you better and farther, then you will realize the blessings of Satellite phones

How many times have you heard that a hiker got lost?

You might think that with trail map software, getting lost while hiking would be a thing of the past.

But that’s not the case.

Electronic devices break down now and then the batteries die.

The cell phone provider is unavailable.

Without a spare paper map, you can only rely on the trail.

And even with a map, it can be easy to get disoriented.

One wrong turn in the Grand Canyon can get you misplaced.

It’s time like that when a Satellite phone comes in super handy.

It can also help you call for emergency services when you need it (but we hope you don’t)!

The regular phone’s network stops working in untapped regions – a satellite phone does not.

Final Thoughts on Camping Safety Equipment

In short, you should always put these life saving camping safety equipment in your bag while traveling to different destinations.

When you have camping safety equipment at the ready, you fully enjoy your camping tours knowing you’re well-prepared for any emergency.

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