Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

An Italian Memoire by Frances Mayes

If you’ve seen the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, you’ll know that recently divorced, middle-aged Frances Mayes meets Marcello, a handsome Italian who takes her from a villa in Tuscany to Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. They eat with his family on the beach, drink homemade limoncello, and have a short-lived love affair. (I’ll leave it at that to avoid a spoiler!) Read more

An Embarrassment of Mangoes

A Caribbean Interlude

I enjoyed being an invisible stowaway on this couple’s two-year sailboat adventure from Canada down to the Caribbean. I learned a lot about sailing (of which I knew nothing), US waterways, procedures, risks, weather, islands’ culture and people.

I also loved the food, fishing and recipe elements covered in the book. The notion of this couple leaving daily responsibilities behind for a two year adventure was very appealing to me, especially as Jim and I are also freelancers. No doubt we would choose very similar off-the-beaten paths toward getting to know the “real” island life.

These two made it happen and reaped big-time personal growth (and no doubt, creative) benefits. Kudos! Reading this book was an excellent getaway from the daily grind, and I am so happy this couple successfully achieved one of their dreams and captured it so well. Thank you for sharing a most interesting and entertaining story. Very inspiring, indeed!

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Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams

An Artistic Memoire

If you’ve ever been to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, you know it’s a very special place. Being from Massachusetts myself and only about an hour’s drive from the ferry, I’ve dreamed about making a permanent move. Well, that’s just what author Susan Branch considered in her book, Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.

This unique book offers so much to absorb! First, it is well-written autobiography of an independent Creative (Susan Branch) who left a failing marriage in California to return to her New England roots. On a whim, she bought an old cottage on Martha’s Vineyard and spent the months ahead making it her own as she simultaneously carved out a new life for herself on the island. I mean, what’s not to love?

Second, the book itself appears as though it’s hand-written throughout, making it all the more personal. It’s as though it were penned by the artist’s own hand — no Times New Roman here. One glance through the pages, and you will recognize this is a totally different type of book.

Finally, each page┬áspread is full of the author’s beautiful watercolor illustrations, recipes, photos, and hand-lettered sayings. It almost reads a bit like a scrapbook. It definitely took me longer to get through it because each page was truly a feast to the eyes and I wanted to absorb every detail. I never knew what the next page would offer, creatively. And, therein lies the beauty.

What I loved most was the author’s free-thinking nature, unorthodox projects, and her outside-the-box approach to just about everything she did. This book perfectly encapsulates those qualities. In a world of cookie-cutter products and formula stories, I cheered her every, unconventional success! Yeah!

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