24 Hours in Venice During “Carnevale”

24 Hours in Venice During “Carnevale”

Visiting Venice, Italy During the Carnival

We were delighted to learn our trip to Italy coincided with Carnevale di Venezia. In addition to romantic gondolas navigating waterways of the Grand Canal and Italian baroque architecture, we were truly enchanted by costumed Carnevale guests. The weather at this time of year was cool and damp, but it was a small price to pay for the opportunity to experience the surreal world of Carnevale.

Gondolas, Gondolas, Everywhere

Beautiful Venice, Italy. Even an overcast day is picturesque.
The simple curves of the gondola are reminiscent of the waves themselves.
Along the piers, a row of gondolas await.
This gold and red gondola seems suitable for royalty. Now that’s traveling in style!
A dapper gondolier ushers one of many flat-bottomed boats through the Canal Grande with ease.
Seriously, what’s more romantic than a gondola ride through Venice, Italy?

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Baroque Architecture

There is no shortage of architectural beauty along the Grand Canal or throughout Venice.
Behold, the beautiful baroque exterior of Santa Maria della Salute (Our Lady of Health) as seen from the waterways the Grand Canal. Salute!
Layers of paint and resurfaced walls erode to reveal beautiful textures from years gone by. If only walls could talk…

Saint Mark’s Square

Saint Mark’s Cathedral is as ornate as cake frosting…amazing craftsmanship!
The Lion of Saint Mark overlooks the Piazza San Marco from high upon the clock tower, a renaissance artifact filled with meaningful symbols.
Friendly pigeons surprise a visitor to St. Mark’s Square!

Delicious Things to Taste

This is the best kind of window-shopping as far as I’m concerned…decisions, decisions. I’ll take one of each, please!
Al fresco dining is a welcome option after a touring the area by foot.
Delicious sandwich combinations on fresh-made ciabatta make a satisfying lunch. This on is pancetta, pickles, and provolone. Yum!

Wonderful Costumes

Colorful masks are everywhere in Venice. This one’s a bit sinister! Ready for Carnevale? It’s a great souvenir, too.
This mysterious woman wears an ornate mask and jewels that compliment her beauty.
An interesting character at Carnevale di Venezia is guarding…his heart?
Completely hidden beneath gold and white, this masquerader remains an elegant mystery!
These two colorful Carnevale enthusiasts remind me of Mad Hatters! Wonderful costumes!
Butterflies in whimsical motion adorn this colorful costume. Fun!
Finally, the woman in blue. She’s just stunning! Carnevale in Venice Italy…it’s surreal.

Which is Your Favorite?

We’d love to know which costume is your favorite. Let us know in the comments, below.

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