A Beach Lover’s Getaway to Cat Island, Bahamas

A Beach Lover’s Getaway to Cat Island, Bahamas

Cat Island, My Island Paradise

I celebrated a certain “big” birthday in the Caribbean. Cat Island, Bahamas is a dreamy place. It’s one of the six Bahamas Out Islands, which also include The Abacos, Acklins, Andros, The Berry Islands, and Bimini. It truly is my island paradise.

There are no high-rise hotels, five-star restaurants, shopping malls or casinos here. If that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend you opt for more popular Bahamas destinations, like Nassau or Grand Bahama.

Cat Island was right up our alley: Long stretches of powdery pink sand to ourselves, al fresco dining along the tranquil, aqua sea, unsurpassed Bahamian hospitality, and one incredible sunset after another. Read more

An Embarrassment of Mangoes

A Caribbean Interlude

I enjoyed being an invisible stowaway on this couple’s two-year sailboat adventure from Canada down to the Caribbean. I learned a lot about sailing (of which I knew nothing), US waterways, procedures, risks, weather, islands’ culture and people.

I also loved the food, fishing and recipe elements covered in the book. The notion of this couple leaving daily responsibilities behind for a two year adventure was very appealing to me, especially as Jim and I are also freelancers. No doubt we would choose very similar off-the-beaten paths toward getting to know the “real” island life.

These two made it happen and reaped big-time personal growth (and no doubt, creative) benefits. Kudos! Reading this book was an excellent getaway from the daily grind, and I am so happy this couple successfully achieved one of their dreams and captured it so well. Thank you for sharing a most interesting and entertaining story. Very inspiring, indeed!

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