Road Trip to Nova Scotia: 5 Great Places to Stay (and Eat)

Road Trip to Nova Scotia: 5 Great Places to Stay (and Eat)

A 10-Day Itinerary Between Boston and Nova Scotia

Best Casual Luxury and Boutique Hotels in NS, PEI, and Maine

My mother Georgi, Jim and I packed our bags for a ten-day road trip to Nova Scotia. It was a reunion of sorts; my parents spent summers on Canada’s Northumberland Strait to escape the heat and stay connected to my father’s family heritage. Scenes filled with country life and ocean views spoke of a simpler time.

The drive to Antigonish, Nova Scotia took eleven hours by car from our home south of Boston. There are quicker ways to get there. There’s the high-speed ferry (the CAT) from Portland Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and another from St. John, New Brunswick. And, a flight from Boston to Halifax only takes about two hours.

However, driving offered an opportunity to more thoroughly enjoy the journey through two countries and four provinces. So many picturesque places materialized as stopping points along the way during our road trip to Nova Scotia and back.

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